Nations Cup Websites and ENSL Public Server!

Firstly, a swarm of clans has already signed up for the Nations Cup which now also have little websites. Thanks to Mike for the small graph work and yeh, it resembles Night Cup website but I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel. The system for the cup will be a plain cup with no loser bracket, because one-two week cup was favored and loser bracket delays it hugely, not to mention that some clans might have to play 8 games in 2 weeks, which would probably turn out badly.

Secondly, news which might be even more interesting. We are going to organize a public ENSL server. It could bring new faces to competitive scene and would be a good place to go ask for new members, but moreover it would be a nice, well more or less, place for us all to play on. The rules would be fine-tuned for competitive player wishes and listening to all reasoned opinions, but still keeping in mind the public reality.

We will use as our server hoster, which has to my experience provided a quality server for FRP, with relatively good pings to all European players. The server would cost about 105 euros per 3 months, though Sharpi suspected that it might cost around 10 euros more. The server would be run by donations from the community, but part of it would be paid by admins (10-15e each), which we also are seeking but there are certain requirements for them.

After the admin amount is subtracted, donators would pay the rest, which will be about 45-75 euros. That amount will be divided by the amount of donator, which means.. well about 4-7 euros per donator with 11 donators. So if you would like to contribute, contact me by mail (jiriki at or over IRC (nick jiriki in Quakenet). The payment will be done over paypal.

Those willing to donate will receive an icon on the server.

In a nutshell: If you are ready to donate up to 7 euros, contact me and you will pay later when we have enough donators.


Q: How do I know you don't take the money and move to hawaii etc?

A: Well you don't - but I promise you I have no intentions of doing that. For the record, I have been handling server payment of NSFI for 1.5 years and still haven't snatched any of it (ok, Peach's and Naxu's lollipops don't count).

jiriki on 12 April 07 04:34



Gb sublime | Spastic Colon



12 April 2007, 06:08


Kp Talis | Quaxy

How about advertising the cup in, might help to get more teams in

12 April 2007, 07:59


Eu scratchie


12 April 2007, 12:14


Fi weezer

hey hey its fucking vappen that weekend, do you seriously think finns will play ns then? ok invasion might but thats cause hes a huge geek

12 April 2007, 16:03



yes lets advertize on and not play the cup

12 April 2007, 16:52


Fi jiriki | old people

Well most of the matches will be played during the first and second day probably, its basically a night cup with national teams.

And no, vappen is the next tuesday. But meh, doesn't make much difference.

We will still consider if we would move the last two days a bit later. Or do you have some other ideas?

b1, that is one reason I'm not so eager to do that.

12 April 2007, 16:53


Ie Prefix | Anonym Anti Anti A.

At last a good server to play on,
good job =D

12 April 2007, 20:23


Us P3anut

i want to play for a spanish team!

13 April 2007, 05:08


Fi Sharpi

someone terminate and iceland peanut from ensl

13 April 2007, 06:55


Us P3anut

thats is impossible because i pwnt the euros and
i will donate if u tell me how much money that is in american money

14 April 2007, 15:35


Ie Admirable | coolclan


get my mommy to give me her credit card

14 April 2007, 15:54


Us P3anut

more like my bro ows me money

14 April 2007, 20:12


Ie Admirable | coolclan


14 April 2007, 20:47


Us P3anut

I always win agaisnt dirty euros that play in ansl

15 April 2007, 03:48


Us P3anut

ill donate 50$ if u unbann me from ensl.

16 April 2007, 16:59


Fi jiriki | old people

You were only banned from the shoutbox so its not an ensl general ban. I guess it has been there long enough, be good now. Anyways, if you wan't to donate (and yes we still need about 5 donators minimum), drop me a pm.

And don't get it like you can buy your bans away. The ban was meant to be shorter, but longer the ban - the better! Anyways I still forgot it there. So no I don't want any money in exchange of removing that.

16 April 2007, 20:49


Fi weezer

whos this pea nut guy hes fun ny lolz

17 April 2007, 03:01


Us P3anut

ummz the pro playa

18 April 2007, 00:39


Fi weezer

rly?:OIhavnt seen u rouund muchh :o r u sure ur at the rite game forumz:E. or meby its my mistake:o :D :E

18 April 2007, 05:13


Uk pathy

p3anub DOWN!

18 April 2007, 13:56


Fi NsN


19 April 2007, 00:46


Us P3anut

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i love u all except the frp newbs and the admins and hmmm i dont know who else i hate probably someone i dont even know but they still hate me

20 April 2007, 05:30


Fi SoLa | Kaamos

You don't have friends do you?

20 April 2007, 14:35

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