Little Situation Update

Hi guys,

There're no big news to tell you about but I figured these would be still worth mentioning.

First one is that prem ENSL Finals between Saunamen and Nine Legends were partly played last sunday, if you didn't know already, resulting in score 3-3. Demos are here and part of are the shoutcast is downloadable here. Demos miss 5min of the tanith beginning, and shoutcast goes wacko after 75mins, sorry about those. Rest of the game will be played as soon as teams have scheduled the game.

Second one is Nations Cup related. Inital brackets and schedules have now been published, but they are ought to change. 5th May and 6th May were added to the list of gamedates, in case teams do "ENSL Prem Finals" or Team Finland has games near May Day which means very likely Team Finland won't be participating. That might sound a bit biased since I'm Finnish but I'm also open to any other similiar national festival days. We wouldn't be arranging games on christmas anyway. You can still contact me or lastly cancel your signup if these won't work for you.

Last one is donation related. The icon donator value is now constant 7 euros, which doesn't change depending on the number of donators. You can donate less, but you don't get an icon. Also you can donate more but it doesn't give you any more privileges. There are many reasons this is better than the last system. Mainly that its more equal, we can accept donators between due dates and one dropped donator won't mess up the whole thing. We are still lookin for donators, so contact me if you are interested.

Also a guy called Malte from Germany asked me to link to his site in exchange of 5e per month donated for the server, which is like cheap GoogleAd except we might actually get some money. So his site is google powered search engine for ns sites, which might come handy sometimes.

EDIT: There was news about Team Australia game times but I need to contact some teams first.

jiriki on 20 April 07 17:33

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By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 20/Apr/07 19:10
By: Milo on 21/Apr/07 03:09
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/Apr/07 03:59
shoutcast was a good listen

this one was won by my mate the doc for his "do they sell china food in euroland?" comment.

By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 21/Apr/07 05:36
You missed the chance to hear me take questions.

By: sublime ( Perfect Peckers ) on 21/Apr/07 06:36
You never miss the chance to take cock in your arse.

I'm implying you're a homosexual.
By: Milo on 21/Apr/07 20:50
that was me sherherpes. i was eating some kick ass chicken with chinese vegetables at the time.
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 22/Apr/07 03:24
yea milo... they missed the suhawna men and the HAYCHemgees and the sHUHerpes comments -.- :<

By: Tweadle on 23/Apr/07 03:10
kisses are for faggots
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 23/Apr/07 13:24
no, i didnt miss the HAYCHemgees etc thing because it really wasn;t funny!!

milo is my new ns hero.

oh and the reason i had 85 res on origin is because i was waiting for a 2nd hive to free up, nibz!

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