Announcing Tenth Night Cup & Server Payment


As The Eighth ENSL Season is over, we are announcing the next Nigth Cup. We decided to go for it instead of Nations Cup for many reasons, the first would be that its christmas, the second that low-level teams have had not much of activity because of finals stuff, the third is the poll.

Signups have been opened for this Night Cup. You can sign up your team here. Please read the sticky topic and rules before signing up. The signups will close the following friday after 8 teams have signed up, and games will begin the next day. We won't have loser bracket but there will be a Bronze Match instead. The matches will be played according to the following schedule:

Saturday 18CET
(Saturday 20CET): Used with >8 teams
Sunday 18CET
Sunday 20CET: Finals / Bronze-Match

So go go, gather up teams. If we get 8 teams before this Saturday, we will play this Night Cup this weekend.

Also new invoice for the ENSL server arrived, and we need community contributed money to pay it. The minimum amount of 7e gives an icon. Click here for instructions.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus *<(O,o)
jiriki on 25 December 07 23:03



Sl GibbZ | 9L

your santa claus is awful... why is his hat on the side of his head?

26 December 2007, 00:43


De M

Coca Cola is the xmas drink ffs

26 December 2007, 00:58


De wodKa | Flatline-Ns

wodKa is o/

26 December 2007, 01:17


Fi jiriki | old people

its modern art.


26 December 2007, 01:18


Eu enigmatic | 9L

no.. lets not play it this weekend. I'm going to the countryside on sunday =/

26 December 2007, 06:39


Za Tweadle

everyone wait for enig

26 December 2007, 07:27


Eu enigmatic | 9L

and where the hell have u gone mr eagle?

26 December 2007, 07:39


Aq der_husky

nice. Nightcup at that weekend, where i am going for a spectecular ride on the fine powdersnow at home... So shit, next time take care about the smart Austrians fragile timetables Get a LIFE!!

28 December 2007, 16:37


Sl GibbZ | 9L

who's that guy?

28 December 2007, 20:04


Nl kurze | Velvet Coat Squad

that "guy" is actually ur mum gibbz

28 December 2007, 21:50


Sl GibbZ | 9L

so when u and Alty getting married kurze?

28 December 2007, 22:10


Nl kurze | Velvet Coat Squad

im married to TJABO, fuck alty he's broke for the rest of his life...

2 January 2008, 21:57

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