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As former head admin frG (Sander Sander Van Tilburg), made a contribution by settings up 5 servers for the euro competitive ns, Mike (Michaël Colicchia) also decided to donate the his Insane server for us. For you the practical difference is minimum, only the server name will change and management will be done by ENSL Staff now while Mike will pay atleast for the moment. Thanks Mike!

The next due date of ENSL Server #1 payment is in next month. This time I will pay the server for 6 months so donating minimum of 15 euros will give you an icon. In case you don't like our current donator icon and you have some artistic talent, please feel free to make a new one.

Check bottom of this page howto donate.

ENSL Servers

Server 1: IP: DNS: s1.ensl.org
Server 2: IP: DNS: s2.ensl.org

ENSL Staff
jiriki on 10 May 08 23:29



Ie Admirable | coolclan

frG and Mike... we salute you! :D

11 May 2008, 02:51


Uk howdeh | minions

how loving :]

11 May 2008, 06:00


Sl GibbZ | 9L

ENSL will keep living!!!

11 May 2008, 10:12


Dk atman

this is the beginning of the end

11 May 2008, 13:41


Gb mu

i know what must be done.

we have to move the island.......................................

11 May 2008, 13:42


Nl Arj | Ant

n1 frG and M1ke :)

13 May 2008, 06:04

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