Compmod Council Rules/guidelines/Structure

Compmod council guidelines:


While considering any changes that can/will be made to the competitive mod, take the following into account:

  • Prioritize high skill play. where possible, tweak play at lower skill levels so long as its repercussions do not adjust overall balance at the top.

  • Remain as unbiased as possible.

  • Avoid altering movement to an extent that the game feels unfamiliar to newer players.

  • Consult over concerns raised by the public and respond via the forums where appropriate.

  • Revisit previous changes at regular intervals to ensure the changes remain relevant. (Seasonal downtime is the ideal time to look back)

  • Encourage diverse play without drastically reshaping the overall meta that has evolved so far.

  • Engage and involve the public in discussions regarding upcoming changes.


Compmod council rules:


Rules and regulations that members of the compmod council agree to adhere to:

  • Utilize a democratic voting system to make decisions regarding potential changes to the Compmod.

  • Use provided communication tools to discuss pros/cons of potential changes.

  • Put aside conflicts (personal or otherwise) to ensure proper discourse and inclusion occurs throughout the council.

  • Do not hold grudges or encourage disregard of another member’s opinions.

  • Report any issues or grievances to the compmod representative (current rep: Deck)

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