Season 13

Season 13 will start next week, with signups closing this Friday (13th xdd).

If you have not yet found a team, feel free to make a post on the recruitment forums:

Seedings can be discussed here:

Season 13 rules are still be improved with your feedback here:


Comp Mod

Comp Mod is pretty much in it's finished state. Any changes made from now until the season starts will just be value changes. The two biggest changes from vanilla are as follows:

  1. Neurotoxin: Replaces focus with an ability that adds a stacking damage over time to primary attacks. The more bites you land, the more dps the toxic damage over time will do to the marine. The damage value is lifeform dependent, and in terms of percent dps increase is most effective on fades and gorges.
  2. Medpack Tech: Added 2 researchable tech options on the CC that improves the instant heal of medpacks, and therefore the overall power of medpacks in engagements. Medpack Tech 1 requires an armory to research, and Medpack Tech 2 requires an advanced armory.

The full changelog can be found here:


New Gather Admin

Please welcome asdfg as your new gather admin.


NS1 Gathers

Welcome back ye olde ns1 players. If anyone would care to join them for ns1 gathers, here is how:

starcreature on 10 April 18 18:39



Blank asdfg | HECKHOUNDS 2

i want to die

11 April 2018, 18:02


Blank ryssk | No Brain No Skill

asdfg says

i want to die

How can you die when you're not even alive in the first place?

24 April 2018, 13:18


Blank Mega | res biters

Season 13 Division 1 Matches
Season 13 Division 2 Matches
Season 13 Division 3 A Matches
Season 13 Division 3 B Matches


24 April 2018, 22:16


Blank Drey | Gorge University

Someone give me a time machine. Half of the matches are 3 days ago

25 April 2018, 00:21



Yes, was thinking what Drey said. I assume from what I talked with an Admin that match dates are a general guideline and that what matters is that they are completed before the next phase.

25 April 2018, 19:14

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