Skulks with Shotguns - Saturday March 16th

Skulks with Shotgun Tournament

We are pleased to announce to you our next tournament: Skulks with Shotguns!

(you can still share what you want next in our past article)

We’ve chosen a format that allows players to sign up without a need to be on a pre-existing team. Teams will be established during the tournament and will be composed of 4 or 5 players depending on the number of players that register.

We will be nominating leaders for each team that will, as in gathers, pick players from the list of people who signed up and showed up.

If you‘re not aware of how Skulks with Shotguns(SwS) works already, the classic mode is Capture the Gorge. Each match will be played on the three functional maps. Each round lasts 10 minutes, but you can also win by scoring 5 points. A final round may be played with the Deathmatch mode, but only for fun!

Click here to sign up!

Date: Saturday March 16th

Time: 10am PST • 1pm EST • 19 CET

Where: on Teamspeak 3

If you want to train your skills before the tournament starts, you can join the ENSL | FR Comp #1 server, maps and mods are up and running. Due to the mod not being compatible with most of the other competitive mods, those are not installed on the server, same for NS2Plus (so deal with the skulk viewmodels).

The winners may get their name on a plaque in the Ready Room of some of the SwS maps.

Lots of thanks to Katzenfleisch for fixing the most annoying bugs and to Flaterectomy for the reward plaques! You’re awesome!

SwS Reward Plaque

Regarding S15, we have decided to postpone S15 until we have enough teams. We will officially announce the start of the season when we have 8-10 teams with 6 unique players on each team. Please stay tuned and join up! We will be facilitating the creation of teams through biweekly night-cups with badge rewards to compensate participants.

Pelargir on 08 March 19 08:09



Blank lebra | REFORMED

winning so much i forgot we won this as well

9 March 2019, 13:29


Blank Pelargir | No Brain No Skill

lebra says

winning so much i forgot we won this as well

Lambo was a good guy. I'm not sure about Lebra though.

9 March 2019, 15:29


Blank loMe | MoreMoralThanPhoen

Sooooo much!

feels shit on

9 March 2019, 19:41


Blank Spring

winning so much i forgot we won this as well

10 March 2019, 18:09


Blank Mega | res biters

one can only win to what he signs up i recommand signing up

10 March 2019, 22:24


Blank Gung-Ho | ZAER'S ROCKS

- Dalai Lama

12 March 2019, 16:21


Blank Fr3d0x


15 March 2019, 02:30

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