Tibe's NS school for noobs, part 1

Written purely with the future of public NS gaming in mind and for therapeutic purposes.

Current public NS servers house a fair bunch of new players who don't seem to know a whole lot of NS. For their and everyone's benefit I'll be conducting a few short lessons, hoping that everyone who needs, finds his way around here and learns something.

So let's get the basics started.


Lesson no 1 (also part 1)

Object A is called an Armory. It's a cylinder shaped structure that gives you free ammo when you are running low. Object A belongs to category 'marine buildings'.


Object B is called Victoria Silvstedt. Object B is categorized as 'sexy blonds'


Object B is a big-boobed, well built sexy woman who gives something nicer than ammo and whose screwing, humping and all sort of banging is totally fine, allowed and understandable - regardless of the surrounding situation.

Object A is a green metal can, doesn't have boobs, good butt or let alone - a vagina; hence, not sexy. Object A must under no circumstances be subject to a) unnecessary screwing b) unnecessary humping or c) unnecessary banging. This is especially true during a PG-rush (see part 2).

Passing criteria: Student recognizes armory apart from sexy blondes and stops treating it as such.


Lesson 2 (also part 2)

Next we'll be covering a PG+siege rush. Commander (player who sits in the command chair, has his name written on the upper screen) builds a PG (phasegate, round flat thing that moves you across the map by using it -> pressing +use button, which is E by default) to the base (base, starting place of marines in the beginning). After that, commander builds another PG somewhere near alien hive, where marines teleport to and start building a TF (turret factory, four-cornered bulky building that lets marines build siege turrets(bigger turrets that only shoot alien buildings)).

The basis of this strategy is that marines can warp straight into hive area after re-spawning. This is essential as aliens normally tend to keep pressure on that remote base, aiming to destroy it before those sieges are done. Even though marines will die faster due to constant waves of aliens, they'll have immediate access back to the fighting area. This does not require truckloads of ammo(see part 1) but instead a little bit of survivability and full attendance. PG rush without sieges works alike; just shooting the hive without the siege support.

Passing criteria: Student enters the fucking PG.

Thank you for attending the first lesson. More is to follow once my nerves can no longer take it with you guys on the public.

Original author: Tiberius
Translated to english by: Qin
qin on 04 September 09 03:29



Blank Miglecz++

lől :D noobs read it! put in some pictures of TF, PG, turret, siege

5 September 2009, 16:31

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