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2017/06/24 22:35 Deck how bout a closer 3rd person view
2017/06/24 22:35 Deck I still don't think you want overhead
2017/06/24 22:29 lebra Now Full: Fade Training with asdfg and Tyrwing
2017/06/24 21:12 GorgeHound Well please make sure you do, im sure im not the only one that would probably benefit
2017/06/24 16:41 Kmacg we're looking to get both 1st person and overview recorded
2017/06/24 16:41 Kmacg probably not GorgeHound, sorry - there'll be vods to learn from though
2017/06/24 14:25 GorgeHound can marine training be rescheduled Im busy all day july 1st D:
2017/06/24 11:26 Rammler Noice. Training sessions are awesome
2017/06/23 21:29 Ololoi New marine training session with Herakles just added! See 'schedule' above, as usual
2017/06/23 15:00 Sacrifice
2017/06/23 14:57 Malware adimins
2017/06/23 14:48 Sacrifice these adimins mmmh
2017/06/23 14:36 Roland Great work everyone.
2017/06/23 13:01 Mephilles who needs newsposts if you have forum threads
2017/06/23 12:46 Absurdon two trainings... still no newspost about it... gj friends
2017/06/23 10:51 infamous Very good ideas Ololoi!
2017/06/23 10:39 Sacrifice rofl
2017/06/23 09:59 Mephilles ADHD is a lerk?
2017/06/23 05:25 Ololoi New lerk training session added! See 'match schedule' above.
2017/06/23 01:35 Absurdon loool expecting a newspost in 2017? u mad?
2017/06/22 20:38 Ololoi The training sessions are established incrementally, so for now I have made a forum post
2017/06/22 20:08 DCDarkling Its nice its announced at discord and all, but I suggest to like.. make a news post about trainings
2017/06/22 18:14 Sacrifice YAY
2017/06/22 17:53 Malware I need lessons
2017/06/22 17:53 Malware When is the lerk edition of this?
2017/06/22 03:31 Ololoi New skills development series, pls see under 'match schedule' above for link to first session
2017/06/22 00:14 lebra 3rd gather!!!1
2017/06/21 23:32 Mega Join the 3RD Gather for an good Game:
2017/06/21 22:59 Golden Damn, the censorship is back
2017/06/20 17:50 loMe
2017/06/20 00:37 herakles :DDD
2017/06/19 23:07 lebra nice sound files
2017/06/19 19:35 herakles
2017/06/19 19:35 herakles walker fades hunt
2017/06/19 17:03 herakles
2017/06/19 17:03 herakles Bowie's faggotness
2017/06/19 17:00 herakles
2017/06/19 16:54 herakles actual action in video
2017/06/19 16:54 herakles actual action in video
2017/06/19 16:53 herakles
2017/06/19 16:53 herakles Frame by frame shots on paddy's fade yesterday
2017/06/19 14:50 Sacrifice Lyria 0:0:22442021 Leader 15 May 17
2017/06/19 01:19 Deck Comp Mod has also reverted the vanilla onos speed changes.
2017/06/18 19:44 Knox Div 2 Semi-Finals being played now:
2017/06/18 17:56 Deck Hopefully gorge movement is still similar in comp mod to how it's been.
2017/06/18 17:56 Deck There were also changes to gorge movement in vanilla.
2017/06/18 17:54 Deck Comp Mod has reverted fade pres cost, build time for structures without a drifter, and boneshield
2017/06/18 17:54 Deck Latest changes to comp mod in last day:
2017/06/18 17:44 Keats will my badge show up automatically or do i fill out a form?
2017/06/18 16:52 Kmacg draft tourney went pretty well tbh, thanks to everyone who showed up last night
2017/06/17 18:09 Mega Join the ENSL TS3 Server for the Draft Tournament
2017/06/17 17:12 Sacrifice Lmao
2017/06/16 20:06 carnage pcw
2017/06/16 19:56 Ololoi
2017/06/16 18:32 herakles
2017/06/16 12:42 Mega any date recommandations ? beside why dont we try on satuday and just do a 2nd one ?
2017/06/16 11:11 Sacrifice Roland 01:29 Can we change the draft tournament date, can't do this saturday :/ +1
2017/06/16 06:46 Absurdon look at all these fancy newsposts
2017/06/16 06:29 Deck Since it has been that way for this season, I will attempt to keep boneshield as is for this season
2017/06/16 06:28 Deck I want to let people know, so boneshield is not working as intended
2017/06/16 06:27 Deck Comp mod boneshield information update: boneshield has been bugged and does a 25 percent reduction
2017/06/16 03:16 Mega It got announced the 5TH June too short noticed ? if it works well we can do more :)
2017/06/16 01:29 Roland Can we change the draft tournament date, can't do this saturday :/
2017/06/15 23:34 Mega Gather up for the 3RD TIME TODAY PPL:
2017/06/15 21:53 Malware
2017/06/15 20:21 BauerJankins wow
2017/06/15 18:41 Keats that's ironic coming from you
2017/06/15 18:41 Keats BauerJankins 17:51 when are you gonna learn that nobody cares to listen to music links
2017/06/15 01:48 Starcetereus yo tinydancer looks HELLA gay
2017/06/14 23:51 BauerJankins when are you gonna learn that nobody cares to listen to music links
2017/06/14 21:34 openyafaceup
2017/06/14 21:34 openyafaceup This how AUS....... JOKE !
2017/06/14 21:29 openyafaceup thats for star btw
2017/06/14 21:28 openyafaceup cant even 1-v-1 respectively
2017/06/14 21:27 openyafaceup
2017/06/14 07:07 Absurdon wut is this madness?
2017/06/13 23:40 Mega LETS get this 2nd Gather going:
2017/06/13 15:12 Myx ha, nice! this example is funny too and more similar to mine
2017/06/13 05:04 radionaut Study up:
2017/06/13 04:37 ADHD Ur enrgrish was bad.
2017/06/13 00:49 Myx
2017/06/13 00:49 Myx Is the sentence "The gorge gorge a gorge of another gorge in a gorge" correctly describes this image
2017/06/13 00:49 Myx Hey guys, I'm learning english and I need your help.
2017/06/12 20:12 Ololoi megaaaa
2017/06/12 20:04 phonee hello ensl please remind this team to scheudle their match thank you
2017/06/12 20:04 phonee
2017/06/11 17:22 Ypsi newspostwillfixeverything
2017/06/11 00:34 Knox NA server is up
2017/06/10 11:47 Absurdon so much newsposts in so few days... more than the whole fkn last season and offseason 2gether
2017/06/10 09:06 Malware omg admins actually got roles for once
2017/06/10 06:41 Kmacg dad for breakfast admin
2017/06/10 06:31 Hobbeson quiet you
2017/06/10 06:19 Nooblar IMO hobbes for gather admin,
2017/06/10 05:26 Hobbeson make nooblar gather admin
2017/06/10 04:28 Keats ixian for media admin
2017/06/09 20:45 Malware Ololoi: even tho i am noob
2017/06/09 05:13 Golden looooooooommmmmeeee
2017/06/09 02:29 Tyr - Herakles
2017/06/09 02:29 Tyr looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome
2017/06/09 02:29 Tyr lome
2017/06/09 02:24 loMe
2017/06/09 02:01 loMe if bauer hadn't started the vote i wouldn't have vote kicked
2017/06/09 02:01 loMe much disrespect very wow
2017/06/09 02:01 loMe much disrespect very wow
2017/06/09 02:00 BauerJankins if i hadnt started the vote
2017/06/09 02:00 BauerJankins if i hadnt started the vote
2017/06/09 02:00 BauerJankins if i hadnt started the vote
2017/06/09 02:00 BauerJankins dont you get it lome, im the evil one here for showing you the path to the dark side
2017/06/09 01:59 loMe nice joke league
2017/06/09 01:55 BauerJankins ing
2017/06/09 01:55 BauerJankins son
2017/06/09 01:55 BauerJankins rea
2017/06/09 01:55 BauerJankins nice
2017/06/09 01:55 BauerJankins Had you not started the voting process, the ref would not have been kicked.
2017/06/08 19:12 Ololoi It's cabooble!
2017/06/08 18:35 Stormbell so any streamer for the match tonight 21 cest
2017/06/08 03:43 LuchoG ok Ololoi, thx ;D you will be our ref? :D
2017/06/08 03:37 LuchoG can we have a caster for our official today?
2017/06/08 01:54 Hobbeson what do you think this is, Canada?
2017/06/07 23:14 Ololoi cant we all just get along :D
2017/06/07 23:04 Keats
2017/06/07 23:04 Keats kashilles is OUTTA CONTROL
2017/06/07 22:33 Golden
2017/06/07 22:32 Golden kashilles is OUTTA CONTROL
2017/06/07 20:44 infamous #MEGA
2017/06/07 20:44 infamous #FreeBubba #MakeENSLGreatAgain
2017/06/07 20:42 infamous If Bubba was head admin none of this would have happened
2017/06/07 20:04 BauerJankins [quote=Mephilles]gladly ask[/quote]
2017/06/07 01:15 Knox it'll be corrected
2017/06/07 01:14 Golden I'd like my 26 points please, thanks
2017/06/07 00:47 Hobbeson you guys have some further editing to do...
2017/06/06 22:22 lebra I think whoever did our weekly match results got it a bit wrong, we 4-0'd everything.
2017/06/06 22:18 Kmacg tfw no news post
2017/06/06 08:56 herakles lome looooooooommmmmme
2017/06/06 06:48 Hobbeson I vote Keats' cat for head admin
2017/06/06 06:09 Keats please send all questions, comments, and concerns to nomail (at)
2017/06/06 05:42 phonee Consider this our apology: please welcome Deck, Mephilles, Mega,and Knox as your new admins! (+kash)
2017/06/06 05:41 phonee Consider this our apology: please welcome Deck, Mephilles, Mega,and Knox as your new admins!
2017/06/06 04:12 loMe can someone ts3 sound clip hera calling for me?
2017/06/06 01:19 asdfg WTB next news post
2017/06/06 00:51 Simba WTMerc for finals pst
2017/06/05 17:13 BestProfileName Then Bubba said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."
2017/06/05 17:08 Tyr Hi
2017/06/05 12:25 Katzenfleisch Hi
2017/06/05 06:31 loMe I've seen worse:
2017/06/05 05:53 Golden
2017/06/05 02:35 Kmacg 05:18 Deck Hold up a second
2017/06/05 02:12 Hobbeson so what's the final decision on disqualification?
2017/06/05 01:10 BauerJankins 2017/06/04 05:18 Deck Hold up a second
2017/06/04 23:48 WhySoSerious So when are u gonna undisqualify s&d and CMFF?
2017/06/04 17:46 loMe Na more like Have2Merc4Finals now
2017/06/04 17:31 ellm Can'tMercForFinals
2017/06/04 14:35 Myx lol, if I'll be an admin, it become even more joke than it is now
2017/06/04 14:22 Tyr No sarcasm intended
2017/06/04 14:20 Myx I found your sarcasm pretty offensive :c
2017/06/04 13:25 Tyr I would suggest Myx for admin
2017/06/04 11:57 Myx Bubba for admin
2017/06/04 05:30 Hobbeson but the admins also acted poorly in hastily disqualifying two teams
2017/06/04 05:29 Hobbeson there seems to be general agreement that some players acted poorly
2017/06/04 05:29 Hobbeson mesh didn't have any business being in the map pool, but I agree that's irrelevant
2017/06/04 05:23 Deck Up the rules. The ref is trying to uphold the rules and you guys kick him. Really lame
2017/06/04 05:22 Deck Just play the maps that are given, that's the rule. It's not even the playoffs, and you don't make
2017/06/04 05:21 Deck On a map, doesn't make it right. And you had a month or more to know the maps.
2017/06/04 05:21 Deck There's plenty of maps you can pick apart in this game. Just because you guys all group up to hate
2017/06/04 05:20 Deck It's part of the season. It's a map, you play the map. Why does it matter if you don't like a map?
2017/06/04 05:20 Deck You can play as many matches for fun whenever you want. The league match is fun because
2017/06/04 05:19 Deck You guys can't play a league match and then not follow league rules. What is the point?
2017/06/04 05:19 Deck Teams should not be disqualified without discussing with all the admins
2017/06/04 05:18 Deck Hold up a second
2017/06/04 04:43 herakles LOL
2017/06/04 04:26 Starcetereus
2017/06/04 04:04 Starcetereus Star, Kmac, and Knox admins
2017/06/04 04:04 Starcetereus Make ENSL Great Again
2017/06/04 04:04 loMe No worries: the NSL is in GREAT hands
2017/06/04 03:55 Knox to be fair deck is away for a week
2017/06/04 03:42 Hobbeson it would be nice if one of the (non-secret) admins would step up to answer questions and concerns
2017/06/04 03:39 loMe Keep them to the pubs where they belong
2017/06/04 03:38 loMe Mephilles your maps are not good competive maps. We played them for 2 seasons and they were awful
2017/06/04 03:37 Tyr ADHD: He spelled mongoloid wrong
2017/06/04 03:37 loMe Themselves and seek advice from div 4 trash that knows nothing about sportmanship or competive ns2
2017/06/04 03:35 loMe Why did we even decide to play another season when it's being run by people that can't think for
2017/06/04 03:34 loMe The fact that Mephilles is taking advice from an inbred mongaloid like Kash is reprimandable. FFS
2017/06/04 03:08 BauerJankins like you've been telling everyone about your macro K A P P A
2017/06/04 03:08 BauerJankins i bet you did for sure
2017/06/04 03:08 Kash and i've been saying that to meph for a long time too.
2017/06/04 03:07 Kash Honestly bauer, I'd be happy to see a new admin team.
2017/06/04 03:05 BauerJankins about how he dreams about cutting of your bodyparts... what a great admin
2017/06/04 03:04 BauerJankins but only meph is fine with it as long as he can tell kash about his dreams
2017/06/04 03:03 BauerJankins he's just a puppet of the worst snake the nsl has ever seen
2017/06/04 03:03 BauerJankins this is exactly why he cant be tasked with responsibility
2017/06/04 03:03 BauerJankins meph just so has to go
2017/06/04 03:02 asdfg rofl
2017/06/04 03:02 asdfg but you're totally not an admin and not involved
2017/06/04 03:02 asdfg and influencing decisions
2017/06/04 03:02 asdfg just consulting with them
2017/06/04 03:02 asdfg so you're not an admin
2017/06/04 03:00 Kash asked what i'd do... I said I'd punish both teams.
2017/06/04 03:00 Kash Yes, Me and meph talked while we watched the match, at the end meph said about the situation and
2017/06/04 02:55 Kmacg the new secret admin removed the old one
2017/06/04 02:55 Hobbeson kash did you offer any input to the admins about today's events?
2017/06/04 02:53 ydy no way for us to know that
2017/06/04 02:53 Kash @hobbes... I'm not an admin, and haven't been for a while.
2017/06/04 02:48 Starcetereus #KmacAndStar4Admin
2017/06/04 02:48 Starcetereus its time to Make ENSL Great Again
2017/06/04 02:46 Hobbeson seems like a pretty legit moment to be angry with the nsl leadership
2017/06/04 02:46 Hobbeson and now I learn that they have a secret admin who hates someone on my team
2017/06/04 02:45 Hobbeson but in this case, the admins disqualified my team for something relatively minor
2017/06/04 02:45 Hobbeson *is
2017/06/04 02:45 Hobbeson normally I'm of the opinion that the comp community are overdramatic, obsessing over minor things
2017/06/04 02:39 Kash I've made that clear for a long time.
2017/06/04 02:39 Kash and hobbes, the only person on your team I have any disliking towards is Bauer.
2017/06/04 02:39 Kash that was a good 2 weeks after I left.
2017/06/04 02:39 Kash lol, I wasn't an admin when my "macro" was talked about.
2017/06/04 02:38 Starcetereus we wont enforce a 1 merc rule on half the league
2017/06/04 02:38 Starcetereus #KmacAndStar4Admin
2017/06/04 02:36 BauerJankins oh wait you were an admin when someone decided to remove you
2017/06/04 02:36 BauerJankins i would have loved to see the pathetic usage of a parasite macro punished
2017/06/04 02:36 Hobbeson I think we deserve an explanation of how you came to be an admin, secret or not
2017/06/04 02:36 Hobbeson not to mention plenty of other nsl players
2017/06/04 02:35 Hobbeson in that sense, you are biased
2017/06/04 02:35 Hobbeson it's obvious that you have personal issues with people on my team
2017/06/04 02:34 Kash I said below that I agree that DQ i OTT.
2017/06/04 02:34 Starcetereus we'll bring back knox, the last admin with integrity
2017/06/04 02:34 Starcetereus #KmacAndStar4Admin
2017/06/04 02:34 Kash Hobbes, I'm biased in the sense that I want to see breaking rules being punished.
2017/06/04 02:32 BauerJankins kash- "I don't like drama at all" -illes going for the biggest drama catch he can get
2017/06/04 02:32 Kmacg Knox drove him out, never forget
2017/06/04 02:31 Hobbeson but you really shouldn't be in any sort of admin position
2017/06/04 02:31 Hobbeson I'm not even really sure why
2017/06/04 02:30 Hobbeson all jokes aside, kash you are clearly biased
2017/06/04 02:29 Kash mmhmm, aren't you sweet.
2017/06/04 02:29 BauerJankins i dont think you can go any lower at this point my man
2017/06/04 02:28 Starcetereus we'll get a server that has decent reg for once available for gathers
2017/06/04 02:28 Kash Bauer, the day I care what you think of me, it'll be the lowest day of my life.
2017/06/04 02:28 BauerJankins or maybe you'll get run over by a car
2017/06/04 02:28 Starcetereus #KmacAndStar4Admin
2017/06/04 02:28 BauerJankins and trying to manipulate people
2017/06/04 02:28 BauerJankins maybe you'll find what life has to offer other than going behind people's backs
2017/06/04 02:28 BauerJankins youre a miserable little pile of filth kash, maybe you should go outside
2017/06/04 02:28 Kmacg HE'S THE TED CRUZ OF THE NSL
2017/06/04 02:28 Kash Haha, good luck with that ;)
2017/06/04 02:27 Starcetereus we need to depose the serial killer admin
2017/06/04 02:27 Tyr Meph hasen't been able to think for himself for years
2017/06/04 02:26 Starcetereus i heard all about his dreams
2017/06/04 02:26 Kash tbh star, Meph has some really fucking twisted thoughts....
2017/06/04 02:26 Kash yeah, DQ me from the season then.
2017/06/04 02:25 BauerJankins 2017/06/04 02:23 Kash I left before Abs did... but for some reason, people think meph can't think
2017/06/04 02:25 Starcetereus ive heard meph thinks scary thoughts when he thinks for himself
2017/06/04 02:25 Hobbeson clearly disrespecting deck
2017/06/04 02:25 Hobbeson ...just a few more inches for you."
2017/06/04 02:25 Hobbeson Kash: "Don't worry @BJankins your pocket-pussy Deck will be along soon enough to bend the NSL over
2017/06/04 02:24 Starcetereus we'll peramban bollox for constantly trolling gathers
2017/06/04 02:24 Starcetereus #KmacAndStar4Admin
2017/06/04 02:24 Hobbeson I'd like to charge kash with disrespecting an nsl official
2017/06/04 02:24 Kmacg community has ever seen
2017/06/04 02:24 Kmacg BJankins - 03/20/2017 Youre always going around being the most toxic, most worthless person the nsl
2017/06/04 02:23 Kmacg BJankins - 04/03/2017 tfw thugs passing judgement onto thugs
2017/06/04 02:23 Kash I left before Abs did... but for some reason, people think meph can't think for himself.
2017/06/04 02:23 Kash was*
2017/06/04 02:22 Hobbeson so kash is a secret nsl admin
2017/06/04 02:19 Kash I'm fine with that.
2017/06/04 02:19 Kash
2017/06/04 02:18 BauerJankins rofl youre pretty ugly dude
2017/06/04 02:17 Kash
2017/06/04 02:17 Kash lets get this shit out in the open for all to see shall we?
2017/06/04 02:17 Hobbeson let's put ololoi and knox in charge
2017/06/04 02:17 BauerJankins i might end up saiyng it to a secret admin if i dont control myself
2017/06/04 02:17 BauerJankins i've never in my life even considered telliing someone to kill fucking hang themself but god forbid
2017/06/04 02:16 Tyr Shadowadmin: pls trust my words
2017/06/04 02:16 BauerJankins youre literally the most disgusting human being ive ever encoutnered on the internet
2017/06/04 02:15 BauerJankins sure thats what a fucking leeching cancer would say if he doesnt want to get kicked out yet
2017/06/04 02:12 Kash Were a thing* past tense star... past tense.
2017/06/04 02:11 Starcetereus its time to Make ENSL Great Again
2017/06/04 02:11 Starcetereus the ENSL has degenerated to the point where secret admins are a thing, its time to make a change
2017/06/04 02:09 Kash What was that link bauer?
2017/06/04 02:08 Starcetereus we're bringing back s9 comp mod
2017/06/04 02:08 Starcetereus first order of business: CompMod Classic
2017/06/04 02:08 BauerJankins way to go telling hoaxing mephilles into making a rushes decision ;]
2017/06/04 02:08 Starcetereus make it happen mega
2017/06/04 02:08 BauerJankins 2017/06/04 01:18 Kash Believe it or not wob, I don't like drama at all,
2017/06/04 02:07 Starcetereus im not even kidding btw, kmac and i want to be the admins
2017/06/04 02:07 Starcetereus its time to Make ENSL Great Again
2017/06/04 02:06 Kmacg @mega GO
2017/06/04 02:06 Starcetereus we'll fix this hot mess
2017/06/04 02:06 Starcetereus just make me and kmac admins
2017/06/04 02:06 BauerJankins hmmmmmmmmm
2017/06/04 02:06 BauerJankins looks like someone is secretly controlling admins again
2017/06/04 02:05 BauerJankins 2017/06/04 01:49 Kash[..................]
2017/06/04 02:04 Kmacg Mega -05/07/2017 have to follow these rules otherwise you still get punished. (i will think of ways)
2017/06/04 02:02 Kash Haven't been an admin for a while, Surely knox told you that too?
2017/06/04 02:01 Hobbeson so that's one admin
2017/06/04 02:01 Hobbeson Kash: " So DQ is too severe, but I still believe punishment is necessary."
2017/06/04 01:56 Locklear I don't think anyone would disagree with that, punishment is due for bad behavior, w/e.
2017/06/04 01:56 Kmacg I told them I'd take the head admin, HIT ME UP
2017/06/04 01:56 Kmacg 00:27 Hoeloe ppl complaining about others doing a job that nobody wants to do
2017/06/04 01:53 Kash So DQ is too severe, but I still believe punishment is necessary.
2017/06/04 01:53 Locklear N A B R A I N S
2017/06/04 01:52 Locklear r e t a r d e d
2017/06/04 01:52 Kash There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current season
2017/06/04 01:52 Kash I do agree with you on the other rule you keep quoting though.
2017/06/04 01:51 Wob *hands up* my bad
2017/06/04 01:49 Kash
2017/06/04 01:47 Wob That's not how indices work kash...
2017/06/04 01:46 Hoeloe It's all written down, black on white.
2017/06/04 01:46 Kash it is literally right next to it...
2017/06/04 01:46 Myx Polls, wiped results. Pure comedy! Love it.
2017/06/04 01:46 Hoeloe And thats something I'm asking myself? Why do we discuss this?
2017/06/04 01:46 Myx LOL, I love ENSL in this year. It's got a lots of good fun that is funny!
2017/06/04 01:46 Wob Sequence without reference to each other is meaningless
2017/06/04 01:46 Hoeloe It's known, rules are here to be broken.
2017/06/04 01:45 Kash the following steps ((v)-(vii)) are performed in sequence:
2017/06/04 01:45 Wob There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current season
2017/06/04 01:45 Wob back to #badmins
2017/06/04 01:45 Wob Higher seeded team can pick map
2017/06/04 01:45 Rautapalli (g) An admin’s interpretation of the rules and decision is final. Kappa
2017/06/04 01:45 Wob I don't know - I didn't write it. I can only interpret it in the most literal way
2017/06/04 01:44 Kash i'm pretty sure the intention is inferred... otherwise whats the point in the match page
2017/06/04 01:44 Wob There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current season
2017/06/04 01:43 Hobbeson granting (ftsoa) that the rules were violated, isn't this punishment over the top?
2017/06/04 01:43 Wob #followtherules
2017/06/04 01:43 Wob Playoffs rule is a separate clause
2017/06/04 01:43 Wob It's doesn't mention playoffs
2017/06/04 01:43 Wob Yeah thing is it's a separate clause under match procedures
2017/06/04 01:41 Kash that is for the playoffs wob... this was group phase.
2017/06/04 01:41 Wob Higher seeded team can choose side or map
2017/06/04 01:40 Hoeloe so it's actually several breaches of rules
2017/06/04 01:40 Wob There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current season
2017/06/04 01:40 Hoeloe Maprotation is also fixed within the rules
2017/06/04 01:39 Hoeloe a. Before teams play their first matches, ALL players must read and completely understand the rules.
2017/06/04 01:39 Hobbeson that way the alleged disrespect is punished, but you're not kicking out half of the division
2017/06/04 01:39 Hobbeson why not scale it back from disqualification to forfeiture
2017/06/04 01:38 Hobbeson look, admins rushed to judgment on this one
2017/06/04 01:37 Kash Disrespect official - punish for breach of rules.
2017/06/04 01:37 Wob Late game? Forfeit to the team with best scheduling or void match
2017/06/04 01:37 Wob Kicked official - make it unofficial match
2017/06/04 01:37 Hoeloe Next time, check schedule, and request. Dont do it 5mins after matchstart.
2017/06/04 01:36 Kash I'll admit, My reactions are often heavy handed yes.
2017/06/04 01:36 Wob you throw your judgements in with heavy weight with little thought of compromise
2017/06/04 01:36 Hoeloe You still don't get it? You kicked an official...
2017/06/04 01:35 Kash I don't care if its a DQ, I just want to see you guys punished for breaking the rules.
2017/06/04 01:35 Wob often in a devils advocate position
2017/06/04 01:35 Wob often in a devils advocate position
2017/06/04 01:35 Wob You wade in on all types of shit which doesn't concern you
2017/06/04 01:35 Hobbeson it feels like you think we should be disqualified in order to bring cosmic justice to the nsl
2017/06/04 01:35 Kash yeah, you do wob, because my ability to write is inherently flawed.
2017/06/04 01:34 Hobbeson or, well, that's my guess - I wasn't even present for this
2017/06/04 01:34 Wob I don't need to speak to you and know you on a personal level
2017/06/04 01:34 Hobbeson we just didn't want to play the map
2017/06/04 01:33 Hobbeson you're turning this into some weird issue about power dynamics
2017/06/04 01:33 Hobbeson Kash: " you're basically taking the piss out of the admins, because they let you take the piss."
2017/06/04 01:33 Kash I know why I chose to remain secret.
2017/06/04 01:33 Hoeloe Sleep well, don't salt too much, snow is gone.
2017/06/04 01:33 Starcetereus do you think that being a secret admin has anything to do with 90% of the community not liking you?
2017/06/04 01:32 Kash Wob, you don't know me at all, if you'd actually talk to me, you'd see differently.
2017/06/04 01:31 Starcetereus nice league
2017/06/04 01:31 Kash because 90% of the "community" doesn't like me.
2017/06/04 01:31 Starcetereus "you all would have hated me as an admin, so i became a secret admin"
2017/06/04 01:31 Wob Cause you're a fucking bellend when it comes to moderation in moderation
2017/06/04 01:31 Wob Do you know why it would have been drama if you announced it?
2017/06/04 01:30 Kash but lets be honest, who wouldn't have caused chaos if it were openly known.
2017/06/04 01:30 Kash I didn't want drama... I'd happily do it again openly.
2017/06/04 01:29 Starcetereus certainly not when you keep it secret from everyone else because you dont want accountability
2017/06/04 01:29 Kash Yeah, that doesn't go down too well Hoeloe
2017/06/04 01:29 Starcetereus #Kashwasadmin
2017/06/04 01:28 Hoeloe #Kashforadmin
2017/06/04 01:28 Hoeloe But I will go sleep now, good night. #nicecommunity
2017/06/04 01:28 Kash honestly I don't care who is admin, I just want them to do their jobs properly.
2017/06/04 01:27 Hoeloe ppl complaining about others doing a job that nobody wants to do
2017/06/04 01:25 Starcetereus have fun with 3 teams maybe in season 12
2017/06/04 01:25 Starcetereus not ruining the communities opinion of the league
2017/06/04 01:25 Hoeloe #Wobforbadmin or #talktomyhand
2017/06/04 01:25 Wob Just take a measured approach and void the match or the one map which was incorrectly played
2017/06/04 01:24 Starcetereus you would think those who run a dying league would be more interested in keeping it alive
2017/06/04 01:24 Hoeloe Does not work in a community.
2017/06/04 01:24 Wob so you often get dumb admins
2017/06/04 01:24 Wob Because the community is toxic and dumb, but the admins come from the community
2017/06/04 01:24 Hoeloe Because everybody wants to do his own thing.
2017/06/04 01:23 Hoeloe Actually the admins are getting cut down by the league. Why do admins change every season?
2017/06/04 01:21 Hoeloe Thats why I would accept it. IDC if PremDiv ppl think they need to do their own thing & get punished
2017/06/04 01:21 Wob Not that it actually matters
2017/06/04 01:20 Wob Just void the match
2017/06/04 01:20 Wob There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current season
2017/06/04 01:20 Starcetereus and that includes admins who prefer to remain anonymous and unaccountable
2017/06/04 01:19 Knox you can't fix stupid
2017/06/04 01:19 Starcetereus the league is a rotting tree the admins are trying to cut down
2017/06/04 01:18 Kash rules are not enforced
2017/06/04 01:18 Starcetereus reversing the decision wont make a difference, this is a stain on the league
2017/06/04 01:18 Kash Believe it or not wob, I don't like drama at all, I just think the NSL has become a joke because the
2017/06/04 01:17 Hoeloe Since everybody will blame badmins the decision will probably be withdrawn
2017/06/04 01:17 Wob You care about drama
2017/06/04 01:17 Wob Sure because you don't care about ns2
2017/06/04 01:16 Kash But i'd support the decision to DQ everyone involved... to serve as an example.
2017/06/04 01:16 Wob You idealogue fuck
2017/06/04 01:16 Kash I don't care, as long as there is a punishment.
2017/06/04 01:16 Wob Both teams agreed. Sounds very sporting to me
2017/06/04 01:15 Wob Oh please, it would have been a void result at most
2017/06/04 01:15 Wob Oh please, it would have been a void result at most
2017/06/04 01:15 Kash there is a vod if you're like to see a replay wob ;)
2017/06/04 01:15 Hoeloe Is it realy a league if unsportsman behavour and disrespect of an official does not get punished?
2017/06/04 01:14 Kash we did get to see it.. on mineral and veil.
2017/06/04 01:13 Wob Is it really a season if we don't get to see the best people play against each other?
2017/06/04 01:13 Kash so why should you here?
2017/06/04 01:13 Kash would you get away with the shit you pulled? fuck no.
2017/06/04 01:13 Kash imagine you were in any other competitive league in any other game...
2017/06/04 01:13 Hoeloe I mean without any of those people taking the admin job there would have nerver been a S11
2017/06/04 01:11 Kash lol
2017/06/04 01:11 Kash then you kick a ref and expect to NOT be punished.
2017/06/04 01:11 Kash you're basically taking the piss out of the admins, because they let you take the piss.
2017/06/04 01:11 Hoeloe Would there be a season without badmins?
2017/06/04 01:11 Wob dsq is totally disproportionate
2017/06/04 01:10 Kash changing the map lineup, meaning you're not even playing the same week one match as every other team
2017/06/04 01:10 Kash then you guys didn't even bother to stick to the match rules.
2017/06/04 01:10 Wob who is the season for? players or badmins to flex egos?
2017/06/04 01:09 Kash they bent the rules to make sure the match would happen.
2017/06/04 01:09 Wob And delaying a game so people can play and entertain is grounds for total dsq?
2017/06/04 01:09 Wob Summer is coming and there isn't a season traditionally so who cares
2017/06/04 01:09 Kash I'm bringing it up because the admins were kind enough to LET you do it...
2017/06/04 01:08 Hobbeson I'm not sure why you even bring it up
2017/06/04 01:08 Hobbeson the fact that we were allowed to play our games late shouldn't have any bearing on this
2017/06/04 01:08 Kash make sense so far?
2017/06/04 01:08 Kash days
2017/06/04 01:08 Kash therefore the admins were lenient, considering the rules say the match should be played withing 10
2017/06/04 01:07 Kash season got delayed because you guys couldn't schedule a week 1 match.
2017/06/04 01:06 Spring nothing you just said makes sense, keep it to yourself
2017/06/04 01:05 Kash and the season was delayed for a week one match...
2017/06/04 01:05 infamous "A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just." -Bubba
2017/06/04 01:04 Kash for nothing. delayed the end of a season just so you guys could be overly entitled.
2017/06/04 01:04 infamous "Nobody thinks that they're evil or bad, they think that they're doing the right thing." -Bubba
2017/06/04 01:04 Kash and it should reflect the fact that the admins have been so lenient so far and it was essentially
2017/06/04 01:03 Kash but there should be a punishment.
2017/06/04 01:03 Kash honestly, I have nothing against most of the people that were playing at all.
2017/06/04 01:03 Kash be punishment.
2017/06/04 01:03 Kash I'm not salty, I just think that rules should be followed... if they aren't followed there should
2017/06/04 01:02 Spring Kash why are you so salty, i don't understand.
2017/06/04 01:01 Kash Kash - Hasn't been a shadowadmin for a long time.
2017/06/04 01:01 Wob Kash #shadowbadmin
2017/06/04 01:01 Kash Shame its another attempt to break rules though ;)
2017/06/04 01:00 Starcetereus damn thats a good one
2017/06/04 01:00 Starcetereus damn thats a good one
2017/06/04 01:00 Spring Whoever is in finals, get whole canmercforfinals team to merc for you.
2017/06/04 01:00 infamous "If thou suffer injustice, console thyself; the true unhappiness is in doing it." -Bubba
2017/06/04 00:59 infamous "The highest reach of injustice is to be deemed just when you are not." -Bubba
2017/06/04 00:59 Kash Wall of text CRITS for over 9000!, Its super effective.
2017/06/04 00:58 Kash Wall of text CRITS for over 9000!, Its super effective.
2017/06/04 00:56 Wob gg #badmins
2017/06/04 00:55 Wob gotta make the season all about "me me me"
2017/06/04 00:55 Wob gotta get dat attention #badmins
2017/06/04 00:55 Wob but nah, lets get out dicks out and instead of letting the players be the stars
2017/06/04 00:55 Wob could allow the best players to play for the finals
2017/06/04 00:55 Wob could fix it with a rematch, or 0-0
2017/06/04 00:51 Wob season’s play.
2017/06/04 00:51 Wob needed There will be a strong attempt to keep this to a minimum as to not interfere with the current
2017/06/04 00:51 Wob (d) If at any point during the season, a situation arises where a rule or format of play revision is
2017/06/04 00:49 Wob ns2 badmins strike again
2017/06/04 00:49 Wob lol what is ns2 without drama
2017/06/04 00:49 Wob lol what is ns2 without drama
2017/06/04 00:39 Tyr A WIZARD?
2017/06/04 00:38 loMe Strong 7-0 performance by ELOgain this season. Gotta give credit where credit due
2017/06/04 00:34 infamous star is a math WIZARD
2017/06/04 00:32 asdfg #math
2017/06/04 00:32 Kash Haha, good luck with that ;)
2017/06/04 00:31 Starcetereus before we forfeited*
2017/06/04 00:31 Starcetereus ez finals win, our plan all along
2017/06/04 00:31 Starcetereus the 8 points we had before we unforfeited, and 2 forfeit wins = 16 pts = more points than HS would
2017/06/04 00:30 Starcetereus the 8 points we had before we unforfeited, and 2 forfeit wins = 16 pts = more points than HS would
2017/06/04 00:30 Starcetereus the 8 points we had before we unforfeited, and 2 forfeit wins = 16 pts = more points than HS would
2017/06/04 00:29 Kash Lol star, even if you could unforfeit, you'd be at 0 score, so wouldn't qualify XD
2017/06/04 00:28 loMe Is this a ploy to get us to actually have to Merc 4 Finals?
2017/06/04 00:27 Hobbeson I'll be joining star's team
2017/06/04 00:22 Spring v my bind, noone steal it
2017/06/04 00:22 Starcetereus my team is unforfeiting, see you in the finals
2017/06/03 23:53 Starcetereus its no MMM finalist badge, but a s11 finalist badge is almost as good right home and rammler?
2017/06/03 23:45 Tyr 23:44 - WhySoSerious: so looks like Im might be able to snatch some badges
2017/06/03 23:39 Tyr HBZ in playoffs #hype
2017/06/03 23:38 infamous the fuck
2017/06/03 23:37 Tyr Disqualified
2017/06/03 23:37 infamous seize forefit?
2017/06/03 23:36 BauerJankins i bet he would have kapp
2017/06/03 23:32 Kash #AbsWouldHaveDoneTheSame<3
2017/06/03 23:26 Hobbeson nice
2017/06/03 23:21 Tyr #bringbackabsurdon
2017/06/03 23:19 asdfg #BRINGBACKZEFRAM
2017/06/03 23:19 asdfg MAKE OUR PLANET GREAT AGAIN
2017/06/03 12:58 Absurdon thats y im tellin u
2017/06/03 04:32 Mega m2 hbz gonna win :D
2017/06/03 04:09 Golden I'm so excited for this match
2017/06/02 06:13 radionaut Despite the constant negative scheduling covfefe,
2017/06/02 01:09 Kash grace period from the date posted on the NSL website.
2017/06/02 01:09 Kash (v) Matches are to be played weekly. A match must occur within a ten (10) day (2 weekend)
2017/06/02 01:09 Kash where does it say that? I can only see this -
2017/06/01 22:08 Absurdon @kash that date always marks the start of the week not the end so its +7 days & then +2 more weeks
2017/06/01 13:28 Tyr same
2017/06/01 05:41 radionaut same
2017/06/01 05:40 jope post peak premadonnas keeping the whole league hostage. 2xforfeit, decide in playoffs
2017/06/01 05:35 jope more concerned with what team a div 1 player went to than to follow the other rules of scheduling
2017/06/01 04:09 Golden s&d rode the forfeit train to 2nd place
2017/06/01 02:59 Tyr ololoi: can i have u all
2017/05/31 18:23 crowbar looking for a pcw tonight
2017/05/31 18:04 Kash by may 17th... the post on the 22ND clears up "my mistake".. almost as if that was the first delay.
2017/05/31 18:03 Kash coupled with the rule that you have 10 days leeway, made me think that group should have ended