S15 Format Possibilities

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28 September 2009
25 February 2019 - 17:31 CET
More details and concepts here:

S14 Ladder Setup:
Ladder Season Specifics
(a) We did a elo based seeding list with each team in the beginning of the ladder season with only 1 division (that is sorted with points from (1 point for last place +1 point on each rank till 1st rank) on the ensl page).
(b) The group season will end 16 december 2018
(c) There will be 5 matches each Match has 1 Week from monday to monday to be played each team picks 1 map in the comments on each match.
(Lower seeded team picks first server and side)
(d) On each match its: rank1 plays rank2, rank3 vs rank4, etc.
(e) In case of bothteams not finding a match-time to agree the team with more match suggestions wins if no/similar effort has been done lower ranked team wins.
(f) Each player can only play twice (2 times) in 1 Weeks (in 1 phase) including matches+mercing/substituting.
(g) New teams can join every monday (till 1 week before it ends 3 December 2018) at the bottom Rank with 1 Point less bottom scored team that played last week.
(h) If its a uneven Team-count the last Team thats not playing will get their score adjusted to have exactly 1 more point then the team with the lowest points that has been playing till monday. (like this the Team that sits plays for sure in the next week)
(i) You get 4 Points for playing even if you don't win a single round more then if you would forfeit (then you get 0).

Bleus suggestion:
Regarding point 4, S15 and system changes:
- Ladder is fine, enforcement was good, keep it up
"- Adjust points so that winning gives more points than drawing twice, like in football, and only use rounds won as a tie breaker.
(more on this: Nismen didnt actually ""win"" a single match. we won ROUNDS or tied, and yet by luck of the draw and the moment the season ended we placed fourth)"
- Consider two divisions if most of the teams remain. Im certain that theres a clear break between the bottom and top teams
"- IF divisions are implemented again, because of their size, just consider reverting to the old everyone vs everyone and then playoffs system,
while still keeping the ""winning has to be better than drawing twice"" thing. From my understanding the ladder was adopted because of the sheer number of teams.
If there are like 4-5-6 teams per division then a ladder isn't only not needed, but worse than the traditional format

Simple etc Pointless system:
Win is moving up 1-2 rank UP
lose is moving down 1-2 rank DOWN
forfeiting is moving down 1 rank
draw keeping your rank if the match below was a draw too
not playing match 2 times in a row and no schedule try on even 1 match move to last place

Pelas System:
You get mandatory matches every week + the ability to challenge any other higher team every two weeks?
Wining gives you the points resulting from the match (so 3 or 4 points)
"Same for a loss (1 or 0 point)
Forfeiting is giving you - 2 points
Drawing doesn't give you any point, nor lose any (instead of 2, you get 0)
You don't get any sanction for not playing for a long time, you will automatically move down since the other teams will be playing and get points and you will lose some by forfeiting. If that team disbands, it'll be removed from the season.

You can deny a challenge if you have good reasons: a challenge has been accepted already OR the challenger has a rank too low
"You can't challenge a team twice in row and any challenge denied for no reason may result in an auto win for the challenger, 4 points? (at the discretion of the admins)
Winning a challenge gives you an extra 2 points for the challenger (+ the points you get from the match), losing it doesn't do anything for the defender nor the challenger (a team can even get 1 point if it takes a round)

lome suggested divisions how they used to be

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