[Player][EU][~400h][Skulk|Gorge|Onos] PixelMaster

Gorge University
13 October 2018
25 May 2019 - 13:35 EDT
=== UPDATE ===
I'm currently not looking for a team anymore. If I do decide to participate in the next season, I'll do so with the team I played in during the newcomer tournament.

- https://steamcommunity.com/id/pixelmaster98/
- Discord PixelMaster#4189

- German (native)
- English (very good; CEFR language level C1 last I checked, but that was like 3-4 years ago, so maybe C2 by now)

NS2 experience:
- game purchased Dec 2015
- lifeform skills: good skulk, average gorge, average onos, bad lerk, bad fade (I simply don't really play the latter two because I enjoy playing skulk too much and at some point, I suddenly have onos res ^^)
- marine skills: average; ~20% accuracy
- commander skills: average; I'm not particularly good with "advanced commanding", so I sometimes forget/neglect stuff like medding while I'm arcing, or echoing out upgrades during a siege.
- ELO: right now 1252, tier 3 / squad leader
- I have not played competitive or gathers before (although I'm waiting on a gather as I'm writing this. How long can this damn thing be stuck at 6/12 players? ._.)

General FPS experience:
- I have played the following games extensively (= 100+ hours): Killing Floor 2, Team Fortress 2, NS2 (duh)
- Also the following, but I'm not sure about the hour count and/or relevance: Overwatch, Destiny 2, Fallout series

About me:
- 20 years old
- dual studying applied computer science, starting my bachelor thesis soon
- hobbies: gaming (duh), D&D, Netflix / YouTube / etc, singing, black humour, shitty puns

Play times:
- as part of my dual study, I'm currently working, so I'm not available earlier than 18:00 CET.
- Tuesdays and Fridays are often tricky. Weekend availability varies.

I'm primarily looking for a team for the newcomer tournament. I'd probably suck in a real competitive game ^^
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