Skulks with Shotguns and Season Finale

Skulks with Shotguns Tournament Rescheduled

First things first:

We've moved the Skulks with Shotguns Tournament to one week later. It's now happening on Saturday 11th, 19 CEST.

There are several reasons for this. One of them is that teams and players prefer Sundays for their PCWs and Ladder-Games. So we'll keep those clear for you.

Remember, the registration for the SwS Tournament is open. Also, you can use the recruitment forum to search for players and temporary teams for this event.

The staff is currently getting in contact with server-admins to get some more servers running with the mod. This is to provide some places to train and experience this awesome mod.

Division 1 Finals Upcoming

There is one last game of Season 6 to be played: The Division 1 Finale! Currently the teams are in the process of scheduling the game. We will update this post as soon as we know about their plans.

Draft Tournament

The first Draft Tournament of the Summer Break happened on Saturday. We had signups of around 50 people from the EU, US and AUS and were able to form 6 teams in the end. The 6 hour competition culminated in a Bo3 final between Breadfruit (CrazyCat's team) and Safou (loMe's team). In the end Breadfruit had the edge and decided the finals 2-0 for themselves. Congratulations!

A remark regarding the Draft Tournament: We had problems with people not showing up (in time or at all), which hurt some teams a lot. Hence, if we go for another Draft Tournament, teams will be picked at the start of the tournament. This includes some waiting time for the players, but it should lead to less trouble overall.

Custom Map Cup

Temperatures rise, but we keep going: After you've figured out your strategies for the SwS-Tournament you can immediately move on to the next training camp. The Custom Map Cup advances upon us! Two weeks after the SwS-Tournament on the 25th of July, 19 CEST you'll have your next chance to prove your versatility in NS2.

Stay tuned for more information about the Custom Map Cup, which is organised by Yaluzan. You can already sign up for it here!

Let's keep the ball rolling! :)

tudy on 01 July 15 10:28

The Draft Teams! And Winner of Div2 Determined!

The Winner of Division 2 in Season 6 is...

Natural Erection_

In a Best of 7 struggle, they got the edge against element. Vindaloo has casted the whole 4.5+ hours madness and you can see it over there!


Draft Tournament

The teams for tomorrow's Draft got picked. Due to a massive increase of signups in the last 24 hours we have a nice turnout of 6 teams!

Remember that the tournament starts 19 CEST (Saturday). With 6 teams we will play a Round-Robin of 1 map (two rounds) each. This will still most likely bring us to 0 CEST at least for the last rounds.

The tournament will be concluded with a final between the top 2 teams of the group stage. Depending on time and availability of the affected players, we will decide, if this final will be played right afterwards or a week later (Sunday 5th for example).

I advise each team-member to get in contact with their teamleader beforehand, so you have no hustle finding your team 5 minutes before the games. When doing so, you might also sent him your wishes, when to play. Some of you might prefer the later or the earlier games. Tell your captain, so he can manage you accordingly.

And now, without further ado: the teams!

Team Cherimoya

Captain: Rollie Pollie

Team Platonia

Captain: MV

Team Breadfruit

Captain: CrazyCat

Team Duku

Captain: KingCovert

Team Safou

Captain: loMe

Team Salak

Captain: Zäföd


You can find the schedule and an overview of on the teams here. This will also be the document we update during the tournament, so you can check your standings.

GL & HF to everybody!

tudy on 27 June 15 00:17

Congrats to GIEF ROBOT and the next Things

GIEF ROBOT wins finals!

Congratulations towards GIEF ROBOT for winning the playoffs of Division 3! While the other Divisions are still scheduling their playoff-games, the ENSL keeps moving. Our summer activities come closer, so here some details.

Ladder Started

The ladder has started on Monday! It is nice to see, that the first challenges are flying around already. We will try to announce any scheduled matches as early as possible under the "Match Schedule" tab, here on Remember to plan your matches early, so that potential casters can pick up those games.

A few words about how a Ladder-Game looks like - they do not look much different from a "usual" PCW:

Remember: as this is a Ladder you can still sign in and take part in this event - at any time. All new teams will start at the bottom of the ladder, fighting their way up.

Even if you "silently" agree via Steam upon a date, post and confirm that match in the team-page! This allows admins to add it to the calendar and the casters can sign in for it as well. Speaking of which: casters reserve, by making a corresponding post in the team-thread under the challenge. The admins will pick it up and post the links into the calendar.

Draft Tournament June 27th

The first - of possibly more - Drafts starts in less than 10 days. Registration is still open. Currently we have enough players to comfortably build 3 teams. With a few more we can push that to 4 teams easily. If you havn't registered, yet, you can do so here:

Registration Draft June 27th

Teamcaptains will be informed in the next days to arrange for picking the teams. After that the registration is effectively closed!

Skulks with Shotguns Moved

I got informed that there is a "thing" on 4th of July in the USA. Hence, we move the Skulks with Shotgun tournament to the Sunday 5th of July instead. Starting time is dependent on the amount of signups, but likely be 19 CEST.

The SwS modding-crew is currently working on a more tournament friendly version of the Capture-the-Gorge mode.

Register your Skulks with Shotguns team!

The teamsize for the SwS-Tournament is five. Go to the corresponding thread to ask more questions about this event.

Stay tuned for more information on the SwS-Tournament and further competitions!


tudy on 17 June 15 11:04

Div 3, FINAL: RadicaL vs. GIEF ROBOT

Okay, real joke aside. Not gonna happen often however but we thought about bringing the most people possible onto this place since it's Finals time. Of course, it may not be interpreted as fun for a few of you but at the very least, it brought back on this website more people than it did the last couple of weeks. I reassure you to say it was a troll and we're not that stupid to switch the international competitive league to something more restrained. It also had to purpose to give us more time before the next Final banner as you can see right below this message. In the end, it allowed to find out who's really a passionate in here and who's not.

On the another hand, expect another news post right after the Div 3 Final ends. As you might know, the Off-Season Ladder has officially started yesterday. You can already schedule your matches on the forums.



PS: GIEF ROBOT, love your logo!

Pelargir on 16 June 15 06:48

Un retour aux origines / Back to the origins!

EDIT: the following article is a troll.


For those who may have noticed this already, the NSL is going to get back to what it used to be at the very beginning: FNSL (French Natural Selection League). For this very reason, you are reading at the moment the last news published in full english. Next news posted on the front page will all be written down in French from now on.

Of course, we're aware of some of you not being able to fully understand our language but Google Translate can help you. You might be wondering why such a big change all of a sudden? That's quite easy to figure out in fact. Some of the admins and major players in the league are sick of what has become the NSL that, as said previously used to be French (website and TS server already hosted in France somehow). You can see the solution as it is now. For that purpose, we are going to switch to another staff, including people able to speak French at least, if not French themselves. You can contact me through website PMs if willing to help out.

This aside, have a great week and enjoy the remaining finals!


Pour ceux qui l'ont déjà remarqué, la NSL retourne à ce qu'elle était à ses origines : la FNSL (French Natural Selection League). A cet effet, vous lisez en ce moment-même la dernière nouvelles publiée en Anglais. Les nouvelles qui suivront seront ainsi postées intégralement en Français à partir de maintenant.

Bien sûr, nous sommes conscients que certains d'entre vous ne sont ne sont pas en mesure de comprendre pleinement notre langue, mais Google Translate peut vous aider. Peut-être vous demandez-vous pourquoi un tel grand changement tout d'un coup ? C'est en fait très simple à comprendre. Certains des administrateurs et des principaux joueurs de la ligue sont devenus malades de ce qui est devenu la NSL qui, comme dit précédemment avait pour habitude d'être Français (site web et le serveur TS déjà hostés en France de toute manière). Vous pouvez dès lors voir la solution dès à présent. Pour ce faire, nous allons passer à un nouveau staff, incluant des personnes capables de parler le Français au minimum pour ceux qui ne seraient pas eux-mêmes d'origine française. Vous pouvez me contacter par MP sur le site pour ceux prêts à nous aider.

Ceci mis à part, je vous souhaite une très bonne semaine et profitez des dernières finales !

Pelargir on 15 June 15 19:02