Falling Back, Weeks 4 and 5

Clock Changes

Please be mindful of the seasonal turning back of the clocks and be more careful about planning and confirming your match times. Players in Australian and Europe have already turned their clocks one hour back, while North Americans will change their clocks next week. In the meantime, please be kind and patient with one another. There are bounds to be miscomunications and mistakes.

Week 4 (October 18th - Tram marine bottom/Descent) Matches

Here are the replays for Week 4. Thanks Pelargir.

Titus Gaming vs 2ez.

el'pheer vs Singularity

Gnarcolepsy Lite vs Yggdrasil

Intent. vs Over.Extension

PowerUp! vs iSwear!

HBZ vs DoctorsWithoutGorges

Spastic Colon vs The Leftovers

Destiny's Child vs Whipped ./' *

TAWific vs Lucky Fkers

A Certain Vermin vs Combo Breaker

NanoBytes vs AustrianDeathMachine

calamity Gaming vs Alliance FrancoBelge

Battle Gorge Royale vs GIEF ROBOT

The MATCH DEADLINE for Week 4s is October 28th.

Week 5 (October 25th - Biodome/Summit) Matches

2ez. vs Godar

Singularity vs Yggdrasil

el'pheer vs Gnarcolepsy Lite

onFire vs Over.Extension

iSwear ! vs DoctorsWithoutGorges

PowerUp! vs HBZ

Starke Fischerboot vs The Leftovers

Destiny's Child vs TAWific

Diamond Gamers vs Combo Breaker

calamity Gaming vs AustrianDeathMachine

Shards of Chaos vs Alliance FrancoBelge

Battle Gorge Royale vs TAWsome

GIEF ROBOT vs Shrek's Haircut

The MATCH DEADLINE for Week 5s is November 4th.

Zefram on 20 October 14 16:56

1, 2, Week 3


Kaneh's been given access to the NSL servers and will be admining them. As of yesterday, all the NSL servers are running with the correct and working mods, maps, and stats. Wasabi has also put up his NSL East servers, so they should be available for this weekend's matches too! Good for those EU vs NA matches. You can find a list of our servers and other community provided ones here. Thanks again to UWE, Vindaloo, and the NS2-Fr guys for hosting servers for teams to use.

Week 3 (October 11th - Jambi/Biodome) Matches

Here are the replays for Week 3. Thanks Pelargir.

Saunamen vs Godar

Virtual Dejection vs 2ez.

Singularity vs onFire

Intent. vs Gnarcolepsy Lite

Over.Extension vs Yggdrasil

iSwear vs Starke Fischerboot

Spastic Colon vs HBZ

The Leftovers vs DoctorsWithoutGorges

Whipped ./' * vs Diamond Gamers

A Certain Vermin vs TAWific

Combo Breakers vs Lucky Fkers

Alliance FrancoBelge vs AustrianDeathMachine

NanoBytes vs TAWsome

calamity Gaming vs Shrek's Haircut


Shards of Chaos vs Battle Gorge Royale


The MATCH DEADLINE for Week 3s is October 21st. Almost all of Week 1 and half of Week 2 have been scheduled. Let's get them played! With the volume of matches that may need to be played in the next week and a half, if you experience problems scheduling, especially international matches, please let me know and we'll figure a way to get games played. It's always better to play than to forfeit.

Zefram on 10 October 14 16:37

Season 5 Finally Begins

Just a few things and the kitchen sink...


Please makes sure you read the League Rules. Also remember that the rules don't address every possible permutation of a situation. The spirit of the rule and fair play will always be adhered to as best as possible.

Note: Although, not yet reflected in the rules, this season's schedule was made with teams starting as a particular race in mind. The team listed first in a match will start as marines for both maps. This was a feature desired by a few players.

Casters & Referees

A part of the NSL that doesn't receive much praise is our dozens of volunteers who dedicate time out of their lives to help matches run smoothly for the players involved and broadcast them so the rest of the community can enjoy the games too. Without these people, part of the NSL NS2 experience is lost.

The staff sign up google doc for the season is ready. If you were an active caster or referee from last season, don't worry, an invitation has already been sent. If you're new and haven't received access to the internal forums or the google doc, send me a message with your NSL user name and email address. Thanks for helping out!

NSL Servers

NSL servers are up! Another big thanks to UWE for sponsoring 5 servers for us to use this season. Like all the other NSL servers, the password is ns2nsl. If you experience any issues or improper configurations, please message me on Steam or PM through the NSL site and I'll do my best to take care of it. Thanks a lot to Vindaloo and Kaneh for helping out to set them up.

Multiplay :: NSL Match - London #1 - IP:

Multiplay :: NSL Match - London #2 - IP:

Multiplay :: NSL Match - Paris - IP:

Multiplay :: NSL Match - Los Angeles - IP:

Multiplay :: NSL Match - Singapore - IP:

Week 1 (September 27th - Tram marine top/Summit) Matches

Here's a compilation of Week 1's replays. Thanks, Pelargir.

Titus Gaming vs Godar

2eZ. vs Saunamen

Singularity vs Gnarcolepsy Lite

Intent. vs onFire

Yggdrasil vs el'pheer

She said she was 18 vs HBZ

Spastic Colon vs Starke Fischerboot

DoctorsWithoutGorges vs PowerUp!

Whipped ./' * vs TAWific

A Certain Vermin vs Diamond Gamers

Lucky Fkers vs Destiny's Child

Shrek's Haircut vs AustrianDeathMachine


Alliance FrancoBelge vs Battle Gorge Royale

NanoBytes vs Shards of Chaos

calamity Gaming vs Egg

Week 2 (October 4th - Descent/Veil) Matches

Titus Gaming vs Saunamen

Virtual Dejection vs Godar

Intent. vs Singularity

Gnarcolepsy Lite vs onFire

el'pheer vs Over.Extension

Spastic Colon vs She said she was 18

HBZ vs Starke Fischerboot

PowerUp! vs The Leftovers

A Certain Vermin vs Whipped ./' *

TAWific vs Diamond Gamers

Destiny's Child vs Combo Breakers

TAWsome vs AustrianDeathMachine

Alliance FrancoBelge vs Shrek's Haircut

NanoBytes vs GIEF ROBOT

calamity Gaming vs Battle Gorge Royale

Egg vs Shards of Chaos

Since the schedule was released a week ago, but technically not announced, MATCH DEADLINES FOR WEEK 1 AND 2 MATCHES WILL BE OCTOBER 19TH. Please have ALL of these matches completed by then. The following weeks, 3 (October 11th) and beyond, will follow the normal 10 day grace period. If you have issues with contacting teams or confirming times, please let me or another admin know and we'll try to help you arrange something. As always, please leave comments on your match pages to document the communication stream.

Great job, Div 4 teams! Almost all their Week 1 matches are scheduled.

Let's play some games.

Zefram on 29 September 14 18:23

Season 5 Seedings Refined & Other Topics


Season 5 Seedings have been refined and these are the divisions that we'll be going with. If your team is listed in a division you think is unfair or out of your league, please message me on Steam and we can discuss arranging seeding matches or why you were seeded in a particular division.


Many thanks to Cr4zy and all those who made comments in the previous post when the original sign ups were starting.

Season 5 Delayed

Matches of Week 1 for Season 5 was originally intended to start the coming weekend. From my understanding, there is a growing wave of discontentment within the competitive community and a subsection of the community is going to propose "changes" or solutions they think will make for a better league.

Season 5 will be indefinitely delayed until we address these concerns and determine an appropriate solution.

Zefram on 22 September 14 09:29

Season 5 Seedings

Like at the start of last season, please discuss in the comments section below. They are subject to change as the discussion warrants.



We've got less than a week before sign ups are closed. Let's register teams as soon as possible. Week 1 starts September 27th.

Also, for teams participating in the Nations Cup, be sure to schedule and play your matches before Season 5 begins.

Zefram on 15 September 14 12:56