A Future To Believe In

Good news, everyone! The torched has been passed on to Zavaro and I. Our goal is to hopefully steer the NSL community back from its current downward spiral. Natural Selection has always suffered from an issue of split communities. Natural Selection splintered with the creation of Combat, and NS2 suffered a similar fate with various modes of play including spin off games and Comp Mod. The barrier for entry was extremely low, but regardless, these slight changes between modes created a distinct dissonance for players keen on the complexities of the game. So, for the future: instead of relying on heavily modified builds of NS2 we will be playing with vanilla balance as we have before, coupled with NSL mod, and NS2+.


Since game balance is in swing due to Unknown World’s experimentations with the game, we will be postponing any seasonal based leagues for the time being. In the meantime, the NSL will be hosting a Newcomer’s Tournament within the upcoming weeks to both fill the ranks and repopularize competitive Natural Selection 2. More details and signups will be available in the next few days for this event.


Gathers are still available to be played, but the servers are stretched thin. We’ve requested access to a few which have been kindly donated by WasabiOne (Chicago), Kaneh (Toronto), and others. We hope that in the next few days we can hammer out the server deficit and have clearer areas of play for European players as well as more localized nodes for Oceania (you are not forgotten Ausland and Asia!).


In addition to Natural Selection 2 Gathers, there is the possible intent to add Overwatch gathers due to popular appeal. It does not mean that we will be making a league or ladder for this, and in the meantime please refrain from utilizing the current gather system for Overwatch based play.


I pray this provides hope and new beginnings for the future of Natural Selection 2 competitive, and puts many fears and league-related disappointments to rest. Let’s continue as a community to bite res and flash fades.

gg lets re?

Tico on 23 May 16 07:54


Public discord to hang out and stuff: https://discord.gg/011ECnBa6HoPAYNIX


Season Canceled.

With what remains of the Admin team and the current state of the game, we have decided to cancel the remainder of Season 9. With even more shakeups in how NS2 will be played around the corner we have determined that it would be unrealistic to expect the competitive community to embrace the changes. We will NOT be setting a date for when a new season might start. For that to realistically happen we would first need some stability in gameplay and the expectation that we could make it through a season without disruptions to the mods we currently rely on. We’ve been working to get some key Comp mechanics integrated into Vanilla but truthfully we are far from not having to rely on it for the gameplay balances that this community needs. Also, if you read Dragon's comments on the UWE forums, even if reliable individuals stepped up, it just isn't logistical to continue balancing or un-doing the changes being brought into the game week after week.


The Future of League Play?

Furthermore, much of the remaining Admin team has lost the motivation needed to continue running the NSL effectively (as I’m sure you’ve figured). We’re not quite calling it quits, but something dramatic would need to occur to breathe life into this league. Yaluzan does not plan to continue his position as Head Admin due to his university studies, and we don’t have anyone motivated to fill in those shoes and fan the fires. Neither Simba, Sephy, nor I plan to have a role within the future of the NSL Admin team, but if new blood came in and were motivated, we would help transition the leadership. We’ve always said that if people want to keep playing this game competitively, the NSL would be that place. Perhaps the best that we can offer these days is a place where people can play Pugs/Gathers, but for now the future of the league is unclear. In the meantime, if you think you can step in and reignite the NSL, speak now or forever hold your peace.

loMe on 17 May 16 22:07

Season 9 Paused

Important NSL Balance Merge to vanilla

Season 9

Season 9 is paused until further notice. As of this posting (May 6th, 2016), comp mod and NSL mod do not operate properly with vanilla NS2. Dragon is busy at the moment and unable to resolve the issues the mods have with the base game. There are also more changes coming next week (pending) that will further cause compatability issues. Therefore, even if the immediate issues are resolved, they are only going to happen again next week and the week after. UWE/PDT is going to continue to make changes like these, and we don't have the resources to keep up with it and maintain comp-mod. 

Any matches that are scheduled can still be played if both teams agree beforehand and understand that the game may be imbalanced or buggy. 

The admins are going to see what happens in the short term with comp-mod and vanilla NS2, and we will determine what will ultimately happen with season 9. Options include:

  1. Season 9 resuming after balance changes settle. This is only realistic if the balance changes by PDT/UWE settle soon, and there are no game-breaking issues.
  2. Mod owners are able to resolve compatibility issues for the remainder of the season, and are willing to revert broken balance changes in vanilla until the season is able to conclude. 
  3. Season 9 resumes without comp-mod. Teams are expected to adjust to the new balance, and play within the rules with the new changes. 
  4. Season 9 is terminated without completion.

A final decision will be provided on the status of season 9 by no later than May 15th (CEST).

Regarding Season-9 NS2 release branch

Using this will be very difficult to do and coordinate. As such, we have decided that it is not a realistic option. Reasons:

  1. Coordinating 150 players to switch to a separate branch of NS2 is annoying and painful for each person to do. Some people will refuse to do this, and might force match forfeits as a result. Some may have technical difficulties. 
  2. Coordinating modders to have versions of their mod that is compatible with our branch is going to be difficult. We would have to get versions of comp-mod, nsl mod, and ns2+ working at the minimum. 
  3. Coordinating server operators to switch to use the right branch of NS2 and the right branch of mods will be a logistical nightmare. Any technical difficulties are going to take a lot of time to resolve, and we're all volunteers here. 

Visions for Comp-Mod

Over the next few months, UWE and PDT are going to be changing balance and a relatively large scale that will directly conflict with the comp-mod. Some comp-mod changes are going to need to be phased out as a result. 

The NSL has become very dependent on our modders, and this puts us in a bad place when modders choose to stop working on their projects. As a result, it's logical that the NSL try to move away from it's dependence on modders. This will be a slow process, obviously. 

For the short term, the NSL is going to stop looking at new features or changes to comp-mod. If we manage to get support on development of comp-mod, the NSL is also going to start looking at features of comp mod that will likely never make it into vanilla, and remove them (phase them out). Certain changes in comp-mod that are fundamental to balance of NS2 will be pressed to UWE and PDT to implement or address in vanilla. PDT and UWE have already committed to working with us on certain issues that can be shown to be game-breaking. The end-goal being the complete phasing out of comp-mod. 

Balance Changes in NS2

There are a large series of balance changes coming to NS2. Most of them are going to completely shake up how NS2 is fundamentally played. PDT and UWE have reached out to the NSL with these changes, and we are included on the discussion. It is apparent that these changes are going to conflict majorly with the comp-mod. We cannot stop this from happening, but we can be a part of the shaping of the future on NS2. We encourage constructive discussion and feedback of ideas and issues, and we will be soon looking for a select few volunteers to participate directly in those discussions. These volunteers will have direct channels of communication with the developers about balance issues. Further details will come. 

Simba on 06 May 16 21:44

Gathers : Invitational Gather


Well hello there,

I guess a simple picture would suffice to announce what you all were waiting for. We added a new feature to the Gather section named the “Invitational Gather “.

The principle is really easy to understand. If you are part of this team : http://www.ensl.org/teams/949/ , you can join the “Invitational Gather.“

To apply to join the team click this button:

(then click Request to Join button).

Once you've applied, you will need to wait for a Leader, Gather Moderator or Admin to evaluate and either accept or reject your application to the team. As it says in it's name, this is an invitational gather group and not everyone will be let in.

Membership Guidelines:

  1. You need to have participated in one regular ENSL season. (ex: If you have played the Season 1 or 5, it's fine!)
  2. Invitation to the group will be determined by individual skill. Members will be ultimately evaluated by their previous experience and current skill level by the Leaders, Admins, and Moderators. As a rule of thumb, the cutoff point for skill will be marked at the upper bracket of Division 2. Keep in mind, we are rating skill individually and not directly based on what team they are currently on.
  3. Follow the same rules as normal Gathers.
  4. Membership can and will be revoked when rules are broke and stretched.

This is a premium gather section, we consider everyone in this group to know the guidelines. If abuses are spotted you will lose your access to this group.

Keep in mind this new section is a temporary fix for a greater project to improve the gather area. We are still thinking and working to improve the system to let you have the best possible experience. You can also thank Chris for his continued hard work in improving our ability to enjoy this game at a highly competitive level.

I also want to remind you one thing:

Make sure you set your actual team as your primary team in "My Agenda" after requesting to join. Even if you're not accepted, you still need to change your primary team back to your actual team.


That's all !




Sephy on 17 April 16 20:30

Medpacks, Playtesting, and Feedback


UWE/PDT has recently changed how Medpacks work. This change was made in collaboration with the NSL, and we have anticipated minimal impact on how the League operates. We know this change will require tweaks, but we are optimistic that changes like this and future changes can be made in a constructive manner. We are asking for feedback on this change, ESPECIALLY from commanders here!

If we discover this change, or any others severely break competitive ns2, we have a fallback option as well. UWE has provided a stable branch from build 292 that we can potentially switch to if something goes terribly wrong. The NSL is able to fall back on that option for match play if necessary. 


NS2 needs more playtesters. Rantology has informed me that the PDT is going to be focusing and testing out a lot of balance related changes and they NEED experienced players who understand the high level state of the game to provide feedback on this topic. This is a sincere request to the NSL community to sign up and participate in playtesting. 

Please apply at that link if you are able and willing to help out. The NSL community is under-represented in playtesting. Playtesting is generally done on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the week in the evening (for both US and EU).

The more active we are here, the better we can prevent broken changes from coming into the game!

Trello Feedback

We have a new forum: PDT Trello Discussion. We want to be proactive on bugs and changes that PDT/UWE is making. We will have threads launched to go over major changes that impact the NSL (positively or negatively). We request that everyone participate in these threads in a constructive manner. 

Simba on 14 April 16 20:20