TAW Newcome Tournament Week 1 Schedule

In a live stream, Hefty & Tudy announced more details about this weekend's TAW Newcomer Tournament. They revealed the format, rules, maps to be played, team groupings, schedule, and much more.

Teams that are participating, please read the rules carefully. The tournament will be using much of the normal NSL Rules in addition to rules that are specific for this event. Please read both sets to have the smoothest possible experience. The addition rules emphasize promptness and readiness to play. Rounds may be loss for tardiness.

The standings for each group can be found at the bottom of the current contests page.

The schedule is as follows on Sunday, February 1st:

11 AM EST / 17 CET - Summit & Tram

PreAlpha vs TAWtaly New casted by DC Darkling

No Frenchies vs Third World Internet casted by Hefty

Urban Myth vs Insert Team Here  casted by Vindaloo

United Lowbob vs FunnyBubblers casted by Robby & Jason

Angry Cats vs RAWR casted by Ixian

Swipey's Walkerfades vs NAllStars casted by Zafod

1 PM EST / 19 CET -  Veil & Biodome

No Frenchies vs PreAlpha casted by Vindaloo

Third World Internet vs TAWtaly New casted by Hefty

United Lowbobs vs Urban Myth casted by Feathermonster

FunnyBubblers vs Insert Team Here casted by Schwa

Swipey's Walkerfades vs Angry Cats casted by Robby & Jason

NAllStars vs RAWR casted by Ixian

3 PM EST / 21 CET - Descent & Jambi

PreAlpha vs Third World Internet casted by Hefty

TAWtaly New vs No Frenchies casted by Ixian

Urban Myth vs FunnyBubblers casted by Robby & Jason

Insert Team Here vs United Lowbobs casted by Zafod

Angry Cats vs NAllStars casted by Vindaloo

RAWR vs Swipey's Walkerfades casted by Feathermonster

Zefram on 29 January 15 23:27

Sign Ups Galore

Although a few weeks overdue, welcome to a new year at the NSL. For the first time since the Natural Selection 2 World Championships, people outside of the leadership of the NSL or AusNS2 are organizing competitive events for players outside specific communities. Tudy and friends from TAW have been working hard at organizing a tournament for players and teams with little to no experience in competitive play. Also, Schwa has organized a tournament for Division 4 level teams. I want to commend all the people involved in organizing these events. The NSL isn't always able to satisfy the need for more events because of the available manpower and its own schedule. It's refreshing to see players step up, put themselves out there, and contribute to fill a need in the community. More info below.

TAW Newcomer Tournament

WHEN: Sundays, February 1st & 8th at 11AM EST / 16 GMT / 17 CET

You can head over to Tudy's post on the UWE forums for more specific information.


There's also a lot of ways to help out with this tournament. You can be a referee, caster, provide servers, and even provide mentorship for players and teams.

How can you help? http://www.ensl.org/topics/1298

Patrons and Mentors http://www.ensl.org/topics/1296

The Divisional

WHEN: The weekend of February 21st & 22nd

Schwa's wants to hold monthly NS2 tournaments for specific divisions. This first one is for Division 4 level teams, but will eventually be open to teams in higher divisions also. It's an open competition for both North American and European teams.

More information is available at: http://gghaven.com/2015/01/01/registration-entry-fee/

Admins & Referees Requested - http://www.ensl.org/topics/1295

Season 6 Sign Ups & Season 5 Finals Replays

While we're still slogging away trying to finish up Season 5, sign ups for Season 6 are open. The format is to be determined by the number of teams we have signed up and will likely start in late February/early March. More info to come in the next few weeks.

Premier Finals - TBD

Division 1 Finals - Gnacolepsy vs Singularity - http://www.twitch.tv/feathermonster/c/5717552

Division 2 Finals - HBZ vs DoctorsWithoutGorges - http://www.twitch.tv/vindalo0/b/614571918

Division 3 Finals - Destiny's Child vs TAWific - TBD

Division 4 Finals - Battle Gorge Royale vs GIEF Robot - http://www.twitch.tv/vindalo0/c/5956781

Zefram on 16 January 15 22:02

It's that time of the year again

Howdy folks,

Just as Gabe has emptied your wallets last christmas (did mine too), now I'm asking for some funds for the server bills (website, ts3). It looks like I'm about 200 euros (from total of 600 euros) short this year. If you are interested in helping, please send any contributions via PayPal to jiriki at derbian.fi.


  1. Lucas Nielsen, 27 euros
  2. SkosMulle, 26 euros
  3. semi, 25 euros
  4. Danny, 21 euros
  5. Garo, 20 euros
  6. DrifterGirl, 20 euros
  7. tudy, 20 euros
  8. Voodo, 20 euros
  9. d3lxa, 17 euros
  10. Vindaloo, 15 euros
  11. Multivac, 15 euros
  12. Macpersil, 13.37 euros
  13. Petri Ryhänen, 12 euros
  14. leipa, 10.1 euros
  15. SupaFed, 10 euros
  16. GameOver, 5 euros
  17. ScaryPL, 5 euros
  18. Jaro,  1 euro

I've received total of 241 euros now, big thanks to everyone.

Btw. here are last year's contributors and it was a total of 256 euros!

Yours, Jiriki

jiriki on 08 January 15 10:32

Winter Pause, Playoffs, & the Next Things...

Pause & Playoffs

As we approach the finals days of 2014, we also arrive at the final stages of Season 5. With the holiday schedule, a new NS2 build, and issues with the Steam workshop, we were unable complete all the matches before the end of year break. Congratulations to Gnarcolepsy Lite for winning the Division 1 Finals. If you missed the cast, it was on Feathermonster's channel. Every other division will be able to schedule and finish up their matches after Christmas and in January.

There's been a lot of rumors that CompMod (ModID e5ffa15) has been broken. We've been reassured by Dragon that all of his mods are compatible with Build 272. The main issue seems to be connecting to the Steam Workshop and downloading it in game. Whether it's a bug with how NS2 handles the downloading of mods or an overload of the Workshop servers during the Winter Steam Sale remains unknown, but it's likely the latter. It also doesn't affect the majority of players. If this problem does happen to you and you can't download a mod, have someone with a working version of the mod go to their Appdata folder and zip up the particular mod folder you need and unzip and replace in the appropriate place on your system. You can go to the Appdata folder by pressing the windows key and R. That will bring up a Run prompt. Open %appdata% and go to your Natural Selection 2/Workshop folder.

and the Next Thing

Many may be wonder what will be happening with the NSL in 2015. Our goal is to continue to run competitions for NS2 as long as it is viable. As long as there are people playing and wanting to compete, at any level, in a more organized setting, we will do our best to accomodate those needs. While the specifics haven't been stamped out yet there's already been much conversations about a potential ladder system and some future tournaments in the NSL before the start of the next season. There's even a survey for you to fill so we can hear your opinions. We request your participation.

The new year will promptly bring a collaboration with our friends from AusNS2. We'll be bringing you the AusNS2/NSL Pacific Cup. Sign ups and more information will be provided shortly. As we figure out the format for the next season, sign ups for Season 6 will be opened after the new year begins also. Don't worry, there's still gas in the tank.


However you celebrate, have a great festive season. Stay kind and stay safe.



Zefram on 23 December 14 06:59

NSL Season 5 Playoffs Schedule

Quick post since it seems there's a problem with the Google Calendar widget on the sidebar. We'll try to get that fixed soon. Here's the list of playoff matches for this week:

Thursday, December 18th

2.30PM EST / 20.30 CET : Division 4 Finals - Battle Gorge Royale vs GIEF ROBOT casted by chewycentre


Friday, December 19th

1.30PM EST / 19.30 CET : Division 3 Semifinals - Destiny's Child vs A CERTAIN VERMIN casted by Gohan Zeta

10PM CST / 11PM EST : Division 1 Finals - Singularity vs Gnarcolespy casted by Feathermonster


 Schedule will be updated as soon as we find out who will be casting or additional matches scheduled.

Zefram on 13 December 14 03:38