Gathers : Invitational Gather


Well hello there,

I guess a simple picture would suffice to announce what you all were waiting for. We added a new feature to the Gather section named the “Invitational Gather “.

The principle is really easy to understand. If you are part of this team : , you can join the “Invitational Gather.“

To apply to join the team click this button:

(then click Request to Join button).

Once you've applied, you will need to wait for a Leader, Gather Moderator or Admin to evaluate and either accept or reject your application to the team. As it says in it's name, this is an invitational gather group and not everyone will be let in.

Membership Guidelines:

  1. You need to have participated in one regular ENSL season. (ex: If you have played the Season 1 or 5, it's fine!)
  2. Invitation to the group will be determined by individual skill. Members will be ultimately evaluated by their previous experience and current skill level by the Leaders, Admins, and Moderators. As a rule of thumb, the cutoff point for skill will be marked at the upper bracket of Division 2. Keep in mind, we are rating skill individually and not directly based on what team they are currently on.
  3. Follow the same rules as normal Gathers.
  4. Membership can and will be revoked when rules are broke and stretched.

This is a premium gather section, we consider everyone in this group to know the guidelines. If abuses are spotted you will lose your access to this group.

Keep in mind this new section is a temporary fix for a greater project to improve the gather area. We are still thinking and working to improve the system to let you have the best possible experience. You can also thank Chris for his continued hard work in improving our ability to enjoy this game at a highly competitive level.

I also want to remind you one thing:

Make sure you set your actual team as your primary team in "My Agenda" after requesting to join. Even if you're not accepted, you still need to change your primary team back to your actual team.


That's all !




Sephy on 17 April 16 18:30

Medpacks, Playtesting, and Feedback


UWE/PDT has recently changed how Medpacks work. This change was made in collaboration with the NSL, and we have anticipated minimal impact on how the League operates. We know this change will require tweaks, but we are optimistic that changes like this and future changes can be made in a constructive manner. We are asking for feedback on this change, ESPECIALLY from commanders here!

If we discover this change, or any others severely break competitive ns2, we have a fallback option as well. UWE has provided a stable branch from build 292 that we can potentially switch to if something goes terribly wrong. The NSL is able to fall back on that option for match play if necessary. 


NS2 needs more playtesters. Rantology has informed me that the PDT is going to be focusing and testing out a lot of balance related changes and they NEED experienced players who understand the high level state of the game to provide feedback on this topic. This is a sincere request to the NSL community to sign up and participate in playtesting. 

Please apply at that link if you are able and willing to help out. The NSL community is under-represented in playtesting. Playtesting is generally done on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the week in the evening (for both US and EU).

The more active we are here, the better we can prevent broken changes from coming into the game!

Trello Feedback

We have a new forum: PDT Trello Discussion. We want to be proactive on bugs and changes that PDT/UWE is making. We will have threads launched to go over major changes that impact the NSL (positively or negatively). We request that everyone participate in these threads in a constructive manner. 

Simba on 14 April 16 18:20

Gathers : Casual Gather

Hey Folks,


I'm sure you already noticed that we have deployed a new version of the gather system.

This new version come with a new set of rules and few modifications.

From now on, while gathering, there are two different format you can choose :

-The old classical one 6v6 like everyone already knows.

-The casual 7v7 designed for the newcomers and casual players who want to have a taste of what competitive gaming is.


Obviously, the atmosphere will be different in those two format. The goal of the "classic" gather is to have a place to practice much like a PCW. This means having players who want to try their hardest in order to win. These games will be more tense and stressful. This is not recommended for newcomers, and we may eventually set requirements to join them.


The second format is more friendly. It's designed to let new players have a good taste of what competitive gaming can be. Naturally, players will make mistakes in these kinds of games in order to become better. The goal here is to learn how to block lanes, how to trap lifeforms, and to test differents tactics to learn current meta. It's a training ground which will lead you to the next competitive steps.




Now, on to the rules. The Admin team will be intolerant towards bad-behavior (please talk in respectful manner), so don't be a dick and everything will be fine. We'll enforce the 10min rule too, (this includes the time between rounds).

There will be no requirement to join the "casual" gather, for the "classic" you need to have a minimum amount of hours on HIVE to participate(we will set the value next week.) Theses requirements are subject to evolve in the future. And they will take effect in the next iteration.

Also, Gather Mods are now able to execute bans on their own with our website.

Additionally, microphone are now mandatory while gathering.




We are also working on a new format “Invite Only”, you will get more information about this in the future.

Sephy on 03 April 16 10:20

Season 9 Matches are up!

The Divisions for Season 9 and the matches of week 1, 2 and 3 of said divisions are up on the website right now.
The rest of the matches will follow soon(Adding them takes time). Please try to plan matches ASAP, especially if the matches are intercontinental. Good luck!

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Referees/Casters can find the match signup document on their forums.

Yaluzan on 19 March 16 19:17

Season 9 finally starts

Regarding Mods, Communication, and Priorities

The NSL has been hard at work last week to investigate and address the major issues at hand. This has been an incredibly big undertaking, as every issue at stake affects the NSL right down to its core. As we found, we are completely unable to operate without the assistance of our modders our community provides.

We have taken the time to meet with Mendasp (The owner and genius behind NS2+), Dragon (The god behind the NSL mod and the Comp Mod), and Rantology from the PDT (Paid Development Team). We have wrapped our heads around the issues each of them highlights, and we have come up with a response that we have taken (and will continue to take) to UWE.

There may be the misconception that we aim the blame and resentment at the PDT, or particular members of the PDT. We wish to dispel that notion. All of us understand that the PDT was given strict guidelines on the direction of development. This doesn’t change the fact that those guidelines were not in the best interest of the modders or a large portion of the existing community. Therein lies the problem.

Positive changes have taken place over the last few days. The PDT has heard the message loud and clear, and they’ve taken action on the first steps of remedying this crisis, and have begun laying the groundwork for a relationship with the community, the NSL, and the modders that can prevent this kind of problem from ever happening again.

Season 9 official start

After everything that happened, Season 9 will finally start.

Signups will close Saturday, March 19th at 10 AM CET and matches will be on the website that same day.
The season itself starts on Sunday, March 20th. You can still give input on seedings in the seeding thread(link to seedings is in there too).

We are still extremely busy with the seeding so please keep the constructive feedback coming!

Yaluzan on 16 March 16 22:49