Open NSL Meeting on Sunday!

We want to inform you that a meeting will be held on Sunday 20 CET / 2 PM EST on the NSL Teamspeak.Teamspeak 3 adress:

This special event is open to everybody. There will be a dedicated channel for this special event. If you encounter any issue to connect on it, contact an admin through Steam, or PMs on the website. We will be recording all opinions and ideas and a replay will be at your disposal later on. So, no worries for those that won't be able to attend.

An open meeting like this is a first. If it turns out to be of no avail, we will likely not try it again. We expect players to act kindly and seriously. Remember that the aim of this meeting is to leave the voice to everybody, which can only be achieved by respecting the rules of decorum.

A short agenda is in place, but it's also up to you to raise appropriate topics:

CompMod Changes

It's been since season 5 then the last CompMod update was released. As voice of the CompMod team, Rantology will be present to talk about the latest changes: What changed? What should be improved? How can things be improved? We all want the best iteration to ensure the best quality matches on NS2. Note that these changes are not exhaustive and you are free to find out further ideas that need discussion.

Please check out this if you're not accustomed already to differences between CompMod and Vanilla. A thread has been opened on our forums to gather your feedbacks. Those are greatly needed to get the best iteration workable. Current changes may be found here and require further discussion.

Season 6 Seedings

Meanwhile, Tico and Yaluzan will both attend to the meeting to collect your ideas upon the current seeding list. Another seeding list has been made in conjunction to the official one. Nothing is set in stone yet and there's about a week or so before season 6 starts officially. Any feedback on the current seedings may be posted here. Any constructive opinion is valuable. You're more than welcome to contribute. One last thing, signs up for season 6 will end tomorrow (sunday) at 7 PM CET / 1 PM EST. If you haven't registered your team already, it's about time.

Pelargir on 28 February 15 13:40

We present you: The All-Star Teams!

NSL All-Star Game

The second ballot concluded this night and it was a tight race. In the end almost one hundred people brought in their votes and it was a tight race on several fronts: While Herakles broke away quickly to be the first team-captain, Rantology and Golden had a head-to-head race for the second captain’s armband. On the other end of the spectrum it was intense as well. Single votes made the difference here on who made it into the All-Star Team and who not.


Without further ado, here are the All-Star Teams (with the number of votes they got):

Team Herakles


Team Golden

The poll on the maps finished as well and we are going to see how (semi-serious) competitive NS2 plays out on Mineral (by MasterG) and Docking2 (by Mephilles).


The match starts 28th of February (tomorrow) at 20 CET and is streamed on twitch.heftydk. We hope to see many cameras on the field as well, from players streaming their game in first person (Write your link in the comments):

For the people, who missed the thread: The All-Star Game is a fun event, in which winning is secondary. So do not wonder, if you should see some uncommon plays that night. With those people on board I’m looking forward to an entertaining evening, celebrating the game we love.

tudy on 27 February 15 11:11

"The Divisional" Sponsored by Schwa & Comp Mod v4

Our long time caster and referee, Schwa, continues his diligent work organizing "The Divisional" tournament. It's not often in the Natural Selection 2 landscape that there are tournaments that offers cold hard cash for play. The prize for this tournament has grown to the considerable amount of $230 USD with 1st place being awarded 60%, 2nd place awarded 25%, and 3rd place awarded the remaining 15%. Sign ups are now closed and the tournament runs this weekend. The schedule and format can be found on Challonge!.


Replays may be found on respective casters channels.

Schwa (GGHaven)


Jason & Robby (RnJ)

 And Vindalo0


The Divisional - Finals at TBA

Austrian Death Machine vs. Natural Erection_ casted by TBA


Comp Mod v4

Please be sure to check out the newest thread on proposed ideas for the next iteration of the Comp Mod. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed. We'd really like to get something solid and firm before Season 6 starts. Thanks for your participation.

Zefram on 17 February 15 05:16

TAW Newcomer Results & Season 6 Info

TAW Newcomer Tournament Results

This past Sunday, teams that qualified for the playoffs during the group stages of the TAW Newcomer Tournament battled it out in best of 5 matches to determine which new team had what it takes to go the distance. Amazingly, EVERY SINGLE match went the full 5 rounds. In the end, Swipey's Walkerfades emerged triumphant. Congratulations to them and all the teams involved. Replays below.

Semifinal #1 - PreAlpha vs NAllstars casted by Jason & Robby

Semifinal #2 - Swipey's Walkerfades vs Insert Team Here casted by Vindaloo

Finals - NAllStars vs Swipey's Walkerfades casted by Vindaloo

NSL New Staff Member

It's been amazing to see new faces pop up out of the woodwork. We hope that teams that participated in the tournament continue to enjoy competition at the NSL. The tournament wouldn't have happened without the hardwork of our friends from TAW. One particular member has risen and decided to volunteer his help to the league. Please welcome tudy onto the NSL admin staff. He'll be responsible for organizing tournaments during the off season periods.

Season 6 & Seedings

Season 6 will be starting at the beginning of March. There's still plenty of time to sign up.

You can contact me through comments in this post, PMs through the website, but most easiest through Steam.

Instructions on how to create a team and sign up are below.

If you don't have a team, it's easy to create one with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4.

  1. To create a team, register an account and go to Agenda -> Create a new team
  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda.
  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Members -> Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputee.
  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Contests -> Join NSL Season 6 Sign Ups.
  5. Check the Contest page for your team name to see if you've done it correctly.


A seeding list has been made to solicit opinions to help put teams in the division that best suits them. Please post your thoughts to the break ups on the forums. In the meantime, if teams are scrimming, have pcws, let me know so I'll have a better idea of where to place you. If you're a new team or feel that you were seeded in the wrong division, please contact me to arrange a seeding match.

Zefram on 08 February 15 18:53

TAW Newcomer Tournament Playoff Schedule

It's been exciting to see so many teams take their first steps and dip their toes into the competitive waters. Congratulations to the following teams for winning their groupings in their very first outing. You can see how the other teams performed by clicking the individual groups below.

Group A: PreAlpha

Group B: Insert Team Here

Group C: Swipey's Walkerfades

2nd Place Runner Up: NAllStars

The playoff brackets can be found here with the following matches for Sunday, February 8th:

11AM EST / 17CET - Semifinals #1 - PreAlpha vs NAllStars casted by Robby & Jason

11AM EST / 17CET - Semifinals #2 - Swipey's Walkerfades vs Insert Team Here casted by Vindaloo

On the same day, the Finals will be played by the winners of the Semifinals.


Group Stage Replays

Group A

PreAlpha vs TAWtaly New casted by DC Darkling

No Frenchies vs Der Blanke casted by Hefty

No Frenchies vs PreAlpha casted by Vindaloo

Der Blanke vs TAWtaly New casted by Hefty

PreAlpha vs Der Blanke casted by Hefty

TAWtaly New vs No Frenchies casted by Ixian


Group B

Urban Myth vs Insert Team Here  casted by Vindaloo

United Lowbob vs FunnyBubblers casted by Robby & Jason

United Lowbobs vs Urban Myth casted by Feathermonster

FunnyBubblers vs Insert Team Here Here casted by Schwa

Urban Myth vs FunnyBubblers casted by Robby & Jason

Insert Team Here vs United Lowbobs casted by Zafod


Group C

Angry Cats vs RAWR casted by Ixian 

Swipey's Walkerfades vs NAllStars casted by Zafod

Swipey's Walkerfades vs Angry Cats casted by Robby & Jason

NAllStars vs RAWR casted by Ixian

Angry Cats vs NAllStars casted by Vindaloo

RAWR vs Swipey's Walkerfades casted by Feathermonster

Zefram on 03 February 15 00:54