Planning for the next month.

First of all, sorry for the really late newsposts. This newspost is here in the first place thanks to Infamous because he helped me out with creating it. Also, Infamous is now appointed as Tournament Planner(Extra-Staff) so if you have suggestions for off-season events, just go to him.

This post covers the catchup week and playoff dates, newcomer tournament, nations cup, Draft tournament and how to sign up for a contest(in that order)

A newspost regarding Season 9 will come up next week, the signups of season 9(which aren't up yet) close on Friday February 26th at 6 PM CET and the season will start on Sunday February 28th.

Catch-up week and Playoffs:

The Catch-up week starts today(Sunday Jan 24th), You have until January 30th at 10:00 AM CET to play your matches. All unplayed matches will be forfeit. Regarding playoffs, there are 2 weeks reserved for them with a draft tournament on the 2nd weekend. Please prioritise your match planning.

Newcomer Tournament Winter 2016

It's that Time of the year again for the NSL. time for another Newcomer Tournament! In case you've missed the last few, newcomer tournaments are tournaments that feature teams composed entirely of people who have never played in the NSL or Aus league before! In other words, it's a great way for people new to competitive to get their feet wet against other teams of equal experience. 

If you're a player who has never played in the NSL or the Aus leagues before and would like to try competitive, you should absolutely sign up for this tournament! You can sign up with a premade team or as a single player--we will put players who have signed up on their own into teams so everyone will be able to have a chance to play!

When is the Newcomer Tournament?
The tournament itself will be played on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of February

Saturday (Group Stage):
Start: 19:00 CET = 13:00 EST = 10:00 PST*
At most 3 matches, with 4 rounds each 
All games, if not finished earlier, will end at 00:00 CET / 6:00 PM EST

Sunday (Finals):
Start: 19:00 CET = 13:00 EST = 10:00 PST*
Semi-Finals and Finals, played in a best of 5 format

* Depending on registrations these times might change.

Do I need a complete team?
No, you don’t! Everyone can register. It doesn’t matter if you register only yourself, with a few friends or a complete team.

Who can register?
All players who have not played in any of the Natural Selection Leagues (NSL/AusNS2League) can participate. 
If you have played only a partial season, you may still be able to participate. Just contact us (see below).

Where do I register?
Registration is run by the homepage. This video explains the process. It is also the page where you can find teams, players, and your results. See our Help Document for more information!

Also please fill out this form if you wish to participate to make it easier for captains to sort out teams!

The Help Document and Steam Group
We provide much more information in our Help Document. Check it out for more information about anything related to the Newcomer Tournament. 

Don’t miss any news about the Newcomer Tournament by subscribing to our Steam Group.

If you have any questions not covered feel free to message us on steam: infamous and Tyrwing.

Nations Cup:

At long last we're going to be hosting another Nations Cup! It's time for each nation to field the strongest team they can in order to show the full capabilities of the nations. Each nation can have one team participating and all of your players have to be from your nation, but the team can have an unlimited amount of backup players.

Depending on the amount of teams that sign up, the cup will either be single or double elimination. The cup will take place Sunday February 21st. make sure to get your nation represented! Starting time also depends on the amount of teams that sign up.

To start, you can use one of the old topics in the recruitment forums or make one yourself to get your nation together.

Draft Tournaments:

So the community has asked and we have listened! We've put in place several proposed dates for draft tournaments, your feedback on them would help us facilitate which ones should happen. The dates right now are Saturday February 6th, Sunday February 7th and the early afternoon(1-2 PM CET) on Sunday February 14th. Like other draft tournaments, anyone can play and you will be picked into teams by designated team captains. Don't worry if you're new, everyone new and old alike will have fun! The sign-up sheets for the draft tournaments will go up and be edited into the post / added to the next post in the coming week.

How to create a team and sign up

If you don't have a team, it's easy to create one with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4. We will be using the Newcomer Tournament as an example.

  1. To create a team, register an account and go to Agenda -> Create a new team
  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda.
  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Members -> Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputee.
  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Contests -> Join Newcomer Tournament Winter 2016
  5. Check the Contest page for your team name to see if you've done it correctly.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

Yaluzan on 24 January 16 19:11

Server funding

Hello everyone,

As usual around this time of the year, I am a bit (237e) short on the server (website, ts3) funding so if you'd like to chip in, please click below. All donations are welcome. Thanks!

  1. herakles (100 euros)
  2. tap (40 euros)
  3. tudy (30 euros)
  4. Lambo (30 euros)
  5. Link (25 euros)
  6. mst3kld (20 euros)
  7. dean0 (20 euros)
  8. Locklear (20 euros)
  9. Cr4zy (20 euros)
  10. loMe (20 euros)
  11. Jody (20 euros)
  12. Peter (10 euros)

Funding complete, thanks guys! The real sum was 337 euros because Paypal takes transaction fee.


jiriki on 14 January 16 16:31

Gathers : Modus Operandi



Hey Folks, long time no see, first my apologies to you for my absence between September and early November. I’ll make the most of the opportunity of the recents gather’s events to let you know what’s going on regarding the gather part of the ENSL. I’ll talk about several points here : the gather team, the general atmosphere while gathering, the rules, the bans and in overall, our new modus operandi, but before that I'll give you informations regarding the upcoming NightCup.


This Saturday (January 2nd) the nightcup will be held, the signups have been open all week. The Nightcup will start at 19:00 (7PM) CET. Depending on how many teams play, the format will be changed but we plan to make it last a decent amount of time (Maybe double elimination brackets). The seedings for this tournament will be randomized so blame RNG if you get bad seeds please, either way its a tournament meant for fun. You can check the teams that signed up here.

Gather Team

Right now, our roster is led by myself with the help of loMe, we are taking care of the problems which are reported to us by players and gather’s moderators who are BauerJankins, mst3kld and our newcomer Cr4zy. That’s the big picture, however, all admins are actively participating to help us to solve various issues directly related to the gathers. But each important decisions are validated either by loMe or myself depending of each one immediate availability. If you feel responsible and want to help us in managing gather, feel free to contact me by email or Steam or pm on Slack.

General Atmosphere

Recently,  the number of issues/reports regarding abnormal behavior has increased. This activity won’t be tolerated any further. Players are supposed to act as adults for the most part and should have knowledges of basic etiquette. To the players that persistently act arrogant and spiteful towards other players and continuously try to bend the rules when caught : there won’t be any tolerance during the next month regarding that kind of matter. Remember we are here to have fun while promoting a competitive way of gaming in a learning and friendly atmosphere. There is an old saying that goes: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I invite every player to participate in this initiative and to report every abuse to the gather team, with some evidence (Screenshot/ShadowPlay/Twitch VOD/TeamSpeak recording) and a thorough summary of what happened with a list of other players who can backup what happened.

Disclaimer: If we find out that some players lied to us with the intention of manipulating or providing  false claims to charging someone, this won’t be overlooked.

The Rules + The Bans

1. When you join a gather, show up and play until the end.

  • Ban - Min: 1 day  ; Max: 1 week

2. Make sure you check if you are a captain and pick quickly when you are.

  • Ban - Min: 1 gather(45min) ; Max: 1 day

3. If you cannot play, get a substitute.

  • If you are in a middle of a round and need to find a merc :
            -Pause the game. You have the time of pause to get a merc of the
    level if possible. If you didn’t find a merc at the end of the pause, you’ll
            be banned.
            -After the first pause, if the leaving player did not find a player, his team can
             have 1 more pause time to find a merc, so after the second pause if no
            mercs are found (here on server (not teamspeak)) the gather ends and
            players are authorized to leave the gather without consequence.
  • Ban - Min: 1 day ; Max: 1 week

4. The 1st map is mandatory, but the 2nd map is voluntary.

5. You have to play with the same Steam ID as the one on the NSL website.

  • Ban - Min: 12 hours ; Max: 0.5 weeks (84 hours/3.5 days)

6. ENSL Rules section 3(Code of Conduct) applies to gathers.

  • Ban - depending of the observed behavior, length will be discussed internally.

7. Listen to your captain's orders.

  • This rule will change to “Listen to your teammates”
  • Note: Some players are not native english speakers, so accept that some of them can’t understand you at all or partially when you are speaking fast, so I’ll ask native English speakers to try to slow down when they are giving instructions/orders to other people, and I’ll ask to non native English speakers to ask them to repeat if you don’t understand something.
  • Ban -  Min: 1 gather ; Max: permban. (this game is about playing as a team.)

8. Do not join a new gather when you are already in one.

  • Ban - Min: 1 gather ;  Max: 1 day

9. Super obvious, but for the sake of completion: "Don't be a dick". This includes speaking in English if you have people in your team who don't understand other languages.

  • Ban - variable.

10. Players can't be forced to be commander, but if you're the current commander of your NSL team or if you're known as a commander, please specify you don't want to command in the Gather chat beforehand.

11. Join the ENSL TeamSpeak + NS2 Server in less than 10 Min.

  • If some repeated abuses are spotted, we will enforce a ban on that too.
  • Note: If you are not here after 15min the Rule n°1 applies.

12. Using Exploits to gain or not lose some ELO points is forbidden. This includes switching teams last minute.

13. Using F4 to accomplish anything other than “surrendering a game” will result in an instant 1 day ban for the first incident.

Modus Operandi

I want to clarify the method used here.

First I will explain the right method to make an official report to the gather’s team.

You need to use the ISSUE reporting system ( ) . In the ticket, you need to specify various things as:

  • Date + Time of the beginning of the gather (which is seen on the gather page)
  • People involved.
  • who can testify/confirm what you are saying (if this is possible).
  • n° Rules which are broken.
  • an url link to the evidence material if you have some.

Then, send the ticket. The gather’s team will investigate your problem as soon as possible. And as soon a conclusion is reached by the admins, we will notify the concerned players about the outcome of the problem, then we will apply a ban if necessary. Then we will close the ticket.

Ending words

Keep in mind that our team is always researching a way to improve the gather system.

Thanks to Chris we can improve the tools you are using to make it better with more features, more logs, more musics or awesome backgrounds ;-).

Regarding the current rules, if you think somewhat some rules can be improved, don’t hesitate to contact me through steam or by mail (see the Staff ribbon for mail address).

I also remind you that we are all volunteers here and our goal is not to ban players but we want to provide you a way to play all together in the best atmosphere possible.

I also take this opportunity to send you my greetings for the next upcoming year and wish you a happy new year. Cheers Everyone.

Sephy on 01 January 16 15:21

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

We (the NSL staff) would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and we hope you have a wonderful time.

Although there will not be any season matches planned, we will have Off-Season events to play!

Training night:

This sunday(today) we will have a training night starting at 8 PM CET, Want to learn new skills, derust, teach others? This is the place for you. It was purely NSL before but now we have opened it up to the public by the use of the NS2 Discord, We will be using this to contact those that signed up and are not part of the NSL community. If you are interested you can sign up here. This event will keep going as long as people have time that night.

You can join the NSL teamspeak3 (Address = and join one of the channels under the "Open Training Night"), this channel can be found at the top of the server. After you join the channel you can ask whoever is there what server that particular training is on.

Draft Tournament:

The Sunday after the training night (Dec 27th) we will be having a draft tournament. Everyone will join the teamspeak server and captains will pick teams out of the pool of players. afterwards you will be playing in a small tournament. This might not happen with the current amount of signups so if you want it to happen, sign up here!


(Ignore the grammar mistakes, didn't go through the checks)

Yaluzan on 20 December 15 15:09

Ho-Ho Holiday Season Has Arrived!

NSL Holidays

Off to the Races with Season 8:

Although it officially began almost 2 weeks ago, Season 8 should be in full swing now that the last season has wrapped up. Although the number of teams this season has dwindled, stay postive - some teams are just taking a break for this Holiday Season (pun intended). Captains, make sure you're checking your matches for scheduling. Heres a little shortcut to find all the matches for your Division this season:

One thing we really need help with this season making sure we have both Casters and Referrees signed up for matches. While finding a Caster is usually not too difficult, we've been really struggling with getting Refs to sign up. If you're interested please contact Vindaloo or Prommah so we can get you started.

Fun Events for the Holidays:

Open training night.

Date: Sunday, December 20th

You can officialy sign up here. We will have channels on teamspeak ready for you to jump in for marine positioning, fading, lerking etc depending on the form results. We will need experienced players for this who are willing to help out with several aspects of the game, so if you're interested please indicate that on the same form above. Hopefully we can get a few of the veteran trainers to stream so we can post the recordings on our forums for those who can't make the event.

Draft Tournament.

Date: Sunday, December 27th

The format of a draft tournament consists of a pool of players that are drafted into a temporary team and battle eachother throughout the night until one team comes out on top. We'll be needing both captains and enough players for this to happen, it will either last both Saturday and Sunday, or just Sunday(depending on the numbers). If you'd like to sign up you can do so here.

Night cup.

Date: Sunday, January 3rd

The Night cup will be simple event where you sign your team up to compete against all the other challengers. You will probably end up playing during the entire evening and maybe even into the night a bit. Again, it all depends how many teams sign up for it but I do intend to randomly seed every team and put every team in the same bracket.

Champions of Season 7:

Now that all the matches have been played, please give it up for your Season 7 winners! We would like to thank everyone that has participated in Season 7 for giving all of us these enjoyable matches.

Clicking score will bring you to the match page, don't do it if you don't want spoilers on what the exact score was.

Division 1 - Do it Yourself : SCORE Replay  HERE
Division 2 - Weld Mannered : SCORE Replay HERE
Division 3 - GIEF ROBOT : SCORE Replay HERE & HERE
Division 4 - Schicht im Schachht : SCORE Replay HERE



loMe on 10 December 15 20:22