Season 8 signups close tomorrow & Season 7 finals

Season 8 signups

The season 8 signups close tomorrow, 27th November at 23:59 PM CET, so teams now have a little over 30 hours left to sign up. So far we've had 14 teams sign up. Every extra team that signs up helps balance & split the divisions a little bit better for the season, so please sign up as soon as possible if you're considering it. You can read about how to sign a team up towards the end of this previous post:

Season 7 finals

Season 7 is very nearly finished, with just the Div 1 & 2 finals left to be played. Almost all the matches in the group stage were played, so well done to all the teams involved. The remaining finals are:

Division 1: Lucky Chams vs Do it yourself. Confirmed for Sunday 29th November, 19:00 GMT. Will be cast at
Division 2: Weld Mannered vs Handwashers. Possibly also on the 29th, but not confirmed yet.

We'll post about the finals with the scores when they've all been played, but here are the recordings for the division 3 & 4 finals:

Division 3: &
Division 4:

Prommah on 26 November 15 12:46

S7 Finals, Season 8 and off-season planning.

Division Championship Schedule for Season 7:

The tentative schedule for the Season 7 Finals is as follows:

Division 1 - Lucky Chams vs Do it Yourself: Still being scheduled
Division 2 - Weld Mannered vs Handwashers: (delayed until next weekend) 
Division 3 - GIEF ROBOT vs potaTAW: Sunday @ 3:15pm EST // 21:15 CEST
Division 4 - Flightless Lerks vs Schicht im Schachht: Sunday @ 2:00pm EST // 20:00 CEST

Please check the calendar for any changes to the schedules. We will also update this news post as we learn more specifics.

Season 8:

Season 8 signups are still up, and we would like you to sign up for them since it will be another exciting season. You can signup for the contest until Friday the 27th of November at 23:59 PM CET. Since we haven't had any complaints about the format from this past season, we will use the same system to plan out Season 8.

Off-Season events:

The results have been checked, and the events will be laid out as followed:

Event: Open training night.

Date: Sunday, December 20th

Decided to move this back because of the finals this coming weekend.

You can officialy sign up here. We will have channels on teamspeak ready for you to jump in for marine positioning, fading, lerking etc depending on the form results. We will need experienced players for this who are willing to help out with several aspects of the game, so if you're interested please indicate that on the same form above. Hopefully we can get a few of the veteran trainers to stream so we can post the VOD to our forums for those who can't make the event.

Event: Draft Tournament.

Date: Sunday, December 27th

The format of a draft tournament consists of a pool of players that are drafted into a temporary team and battle eachother throughout the night until one team comes out on top. We'll be needing both captains and enough players for this to happen, it will either last both Saturday and Sunday, or just Sunday(depending on the numbers). If you'd like to sign up you can do so here.

Event: Night cup.

Date: Sunday, January 3rd

The Night cup will be simple event where you sign your team up to compete against all the other challengers. You will probably end up playing during the entire evening and maybe even into the night a bit. Again, it all depends how many teams sign up for it but I do intend to randomly seed every team and put every team in the same bracket.

Yaluzan on 19 November 15 08:55

Season 7 Finals, Season 8 and Off-Season

Season 7 Finals:

The end of the season is upon us! With finals starting this Sunday (8th) we will be ending the group stages of this season. All matches that aren't played by sunday will be forfeit in no one's or 1 team's favor, depending on the effort shown to schedule the match in the match comments. The forfeiting and final creations will happen on Monday(9th) morning. Several matches still need to played before Sunday so we will be contacting the team captain to get them scheduled.

Season 8 Signups and more:

We have decided as a team to keep the ball rolling and start Season 8 with just a small break between Season 7 and 8. Therefore, Season 8 signups are open and will end on Friday November 27th and Week 1 of Season 8 will start on that Sunday (29th).

By doing this we can make sure you can enjoy playing with less downtime. Because of holidays this means that we will have an official break mid-season but we will supplement that period with a few events. You can still play your matches or participate in some off-season events we will discuss in the next part of this post. Feel free to play the matches scheduled after the break during this time.

Season 8 will be using the same system as Season 7. We will take the seedings from Season 7, move teams around according to how well they did this season, take out teams that aren't signed up for the next season, and add the ones that are. Finally we will split it up into groups of equal size.


With the break in the middle of Season 8 we will need off-season events to keep the players active and ready to play the rest of the season. I'll post a schedule of the following weeks at the bottom of the article but anywhere where it says "Break" we can have an event. Please add your ideas in the comments to this article, right now we have:

Skulks with Shotguns Tournament: Daan stopped with NS2 so we (or you) will have to find someone to update SWS.

Nightcup: Teams sign up & I'll plan a small tournament for whoever signed up that lasts 1/2 nights filled with matches.

Draft Tournament: If you are interested in this, we will need captains to pick the teams. With this the captains pick a team out of a pool of players that signed up and you will play a small tournament against each other.

Open Training Night: Want to get better at the game or want to help other players become better? This is the thing for you. Higher skilled players will drill with other players so they can improve and pass their knowledge to others. Want to learn how to position yourself, ambush, improve tactics for when you team up with another lifeform? Come join!

The dates for these are not decided yet and will be planned when we get enough input from people on what they would like to happen. Please fill out this form to find out what you guys want to see.

How to create a team and sign up for a contest:

Season 8 signups deadline: Friday November 27th

Season 8 start: Sunday November 29th

How to create a team and sign up
If you don't have a team, it's easy to create one with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4.

  1. To create a team, register an account and go to Agenda -> Create a new team
  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda.
  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Members -> Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputee.
  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Contests -> Join NSL Season 8 Signups
  5. Check the Contest page for your team name to see if you've done it correctly.

Good luck and have fun everyone!


Current planning:

By the way, please give input on wether you want me to post things like this schedule in the normal match schedule or not.


Season 8 Planning

Yaluzan on 06 November 15 13:00

Introducing Gather Mods and a review so far

Gather Moderators 

With the increase in the number of Gathers over the past several weeks we have decided to start adding in Moderators to facilitate a smoother and more efficient process. Our team of Moderators will be able to remove AFK players from the Gather page, kick and move players to the correct TS3 Gather channels, and finally change maps and kick players on all NSL servers. Bans will still be assessed and executed by the Admin Team as a whole, meaning our Moderators will not be able to directly hand out bans. Please welcome our first two moderators: BauerJankins (EU) and mst3kld (NA).

On a similar note we'd like to address some complaints we've been receiving about recent Gather-related behavior. You should not be joining the next Gather until after the Win Banner displays. If you're someone that continuously joins well-before the round is actually over, we will begin booting you from the Gather with a temporary 10 minute ban before being able to rejoin. Another behavior that has been problematic is the practice of joining the other team before the round is over to negate any ELO loss/gain. This needs to end. It's bad mannered and if you didn't care about ELO then you wouldn't do it. You can expect consequences for it if you are caught doing it. Finally, we'd also like to remind everyone that the chatbox on the Gather page needs to stay friendly. Please avoid using crude and offensive language.

Mid-Season Standings

If you haven't been paying attention there have been a great mix of competition throughout the divisions. Here are the current leaders:

Division 1 - Lucky Chams 2-0-0 (8pts)

Division 2 - caste & Weld Mannered tied at 1-0-1 (6pts)

Division 3 - potaTAW 1-0-2 (7pts)

Division 4 - Flightless Lerks 2-0-1 (10pts)

Keep up the good work with scheduling! It seems like there are a lot of evenly matched teams throughout the league so it should make or an interesting playoffs push. There will be a cleanup week starting on the 1st of November with playoffs starting the Sunday after that (8th of November). All matches have to be played before the 8th, or else they will be forfeited

Polaris Civil War

The Polaris Civil War, a series where 2 teams made out of big youtubers fight each other to the death in several games, one game per week. Next week they will release the video where they are playing Natural Selection 2. With the popularity of these channels we will most likely see many new and returning players in NS2 so I would like to ask all of you to help them out as much as you can, and make sure the rounds are as fair as possible by not stacking, or even going for rounds where you could lose (who needs elo?). Anyways, this is a big chance to get more people to play NS2 and this is really needed.

So here is a list of bullet points to make it easier for the eyes:

Link to UWE discussion about it:

Get Involved!

The NSL is still looking for more refs, shoutcasters and other contributors. Please contact Vindaloo if you'd like to become a referee or Prommah to join the team of shoutcasters!

Yaluzan on 22 October 15 16:08

Season 7 updates and the need for new staff

Season has Started

Season 7 started. and we're in week 3 already! That's gone by fast, which is partly our fault for not getting news out every week, which we will try to do in the future, we have just been busy.

Anyways, we have already had some great games the past couple of weeks and we hope for there to be many more. So please do not forget to plan your matches, If there are any unplayed matches left by the time playoffs start, they will be forfeit in one team's, or no team's favour before playoffs start (either 4-0 or 0-0), since we will not delay the playoffs. If you are having trouble scheduling a match or contacting the other team, please contact an admin and we will try to help you out.

So please plan your matches. Both teams have to confirm the date and time in the match comments.

So far, almost all of the matches played have been casted! You may not have noticed this as a lot of matches have been getting confirmed quite close to the confirmed times, leaving even less time for casters to sign up for them. Sunday evenings are always the most active for matches, so keep an eye on the schedule around then as matches may get picked up by casters at the last minute. You can find a list of most of the casters active in this season so far at the end of this post.

Looking for Referees/Casters

We are always looking for Referees and Casters to help out with matches, so if you dislike the fact there isn't a caster for a game, or someone to help resolve issues in a match. Why not do it yourself?


As Referee you are the first person to contact during a match to resolve issues and prepare the server for the match (set configs, map, etc), if there is anything you are unsure about you can contact Vindaloo for questions while reffing or to become a Referee, if he is unavailable you can contact any other admin. Small bonus of being a ref include: First row seats to any NSL match you sign up for, a fancy badge on any NSL server, and more!


While we've had pretty good coverage so far, it's always nice to have a good range of active casters. Sundays are always a tight fit with many casters playing their own matches and there's no guarantee that regular casters will be available. If you want to change this and feel like trying it out, just contact Prommah or any other admin if he is unavaialable.



NSLTV - (Used by any of the casters, or sometimes hosts other casters' channels)
Vindaloo -
SiberianHusky -
Hefty -
Tyrwing -
Cr4zy -
artem(russian) -

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