The Newcomer Tournament has come to an end!

Newcomer tournament

The second Newcomer Tournament has been played out which consisted of seven teams, congratulations to Flightless Lerks for being the victors. All of the games were enjoyable to watch, we hope those participating had fun playing and had a good introduction to the competitive side of Natural Selection 2.

For those interested in the replays, the following streamed: Vindaloo, KingCovert, Prommah, Hoeloe & Luchs and artem streamed for our russian members.

We'd like to thank infamous and kmacg for organizing the tournament and tudy for his work on the previous tournament which helped tremendously.


Season 7 is close

There is no time to rest, check your rifles, sharpen your fangs and get ready for Season 7 of the NSL. As of the time this post is written, there are 18 signups including some from the newcomer tournament and more to come. 

You will have until Friday the 25th September to sign up. The contest page will start being filled out at 23:59 CEST friday night with at least the week 1 matches being added that night, rest will be added on saturday.

Let's get this season going with our new staff in the hopes everyone will have a great time playing it.



Since we will be setting up the contests right after signups close, we have been working on seedings this past week. The divisions are decided by cutting a ladder type team list into pieces which will give every division the same amount of weeks in the season. You can find the seedings here with a topic on the forums for feedback right here. Please give your input on the topic regarding which teams should be where.

If you want to help us out even more, please contact another team and an NA/EU/Head admin to set up a seeding match before friday night. This will allow us to more accurately rank the teams to get more balanced divisions.



 So the maps for Season 7 are mostly decided. We're sure these 8 maps will make their way into Season 7:

  1. ns2_summit
  2. ns2_tram
  3. ns2_veil
  4. ns2_descent
  5. ns2_biodome
  6. ns2_jambi
  7. ns2_mineral
  8. ns2_nexus

Due to the amount of feedback we got, we are thinking about adding Docking2 to this list, Please fill out this form to tell us if you want docking2 in the season or not, and which maps you would prefer to play twice in the group stages of the season.


Oh and Nightsy made this sweet NS2 fan song !

Lambo on 23 September 15 20:52

General Updates and the loss of a lineup

Newcomer Tournament

The Newcomer Tournament has had good feedback & multiple registered players.  As of today, there are 6 teams & 51 individual signups for the tournament, we encourage you to notify your friends in hopes of seeing new faces, especially if they're interested in trying out competitive play.

The signups will close on Friday the 18th while the actual tournament will start Saturday the 19th. Those interested in playing but lacking a team should fill out this form, if you already have a group of people, create a team here.


Season 7

There isn't much longer to wait for Season 7. Currently there are 14 teams signed up, possibly with more to come. We hope to see some new teams from the Newcomer Tournament signup if they're interested. There's less than two weeks until the signups close, the deadline being Friday the 25th. The first week will begin on the 27th, we'll get the matches up on the website soon as we can.

We'll also be using a new system for the upcoming season which was explained in the previous news post.


Website Issues & the fold of HBZ

For those experiencing any issues with logging in/out or anything else regarding the website, start with clearing your cookies for your browser & close it. If the problem persists please create an issue and you'll receive assistance promptly.

Finally, as most of you know, one of the oldest active teams have disbanded after years of consistent competition. We thank them for their immense support throughout the years of Natural Selection and hope to see them around. A message from a former member of the team:

"HBZ, one of the oldest active teams in the nsl, has closed its doors.
We had a great time with the team and with the community.

Thank you for playing with us."



Friendly reminder that if you sign up for a gather and are unable to play both rounds, find a merc to replace you, don't just leave and let the others figure it out.

Yaluzan on 14 September 15 21:54

Newcomer Tournament and Season 7 Signups+plans

Newcomer Tournament:

Are you bored by the chaos of public games?
Have you ever wondered how this game plays in a 6 man team willing to speak and work together? Ready to try something new?

Join the Newcomer Tournament!

Bring your friends, or find new ones, and fight in a competitive 6v6 environment against other newcomer-teams to be crowned the best new NS2 team of 2015. All of this will be streamed by our experienced shoutcasters. Our previous one was a huge success so we’re hoping to see a lot of new teams signing up again.

When is the Newcomer Tournament?
The tournament itself will be played on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of September.

But the fun starts when you are ready!
We strongly advise that all players who wish to take part start attending training and scrimming sessions hosted by experienced NS2 players every Sunday and Wednesday (see below for more information). This will give you the feel and the buzz of fast-paced competitive 6v6 NS2 before the tournament!

Saturday (Group Stage):
Start: 19 CEST* / 1 PM EST*
At most 3 matches, with 4 rounds each
All games, if not finished earlier, will end at 00:00 CEST / 6:00 PM EST

Sunday (Finals):
Start: 19 CEST* / 1 PM EST*
Half-Finals and Finals, played in a best of 5 format

* Depending on registrations these times might change.

Do I need a complete team?
No, you don’t! Everyone can register. It doesn’t matter if you register only yourself, with a few friends or a complete team.

During training sessions we will give you the opportunity to find other players. Also, we have an infrastructure in place in which you can actively search for a team or complement your roster.
Even if you don’t find a team before the day of the first match, we have some ideas for how you can participate.

Who can register?
All players who have not played in any of the Natural Selection Leagues (NSL/AusNSL) can participate.
If you have played only a partial season, you may still be able to participate. Just contact us (see below).

Where do I register?
Registration is run by the homepage. This video explains the process. It is also the page where you can find teams, players, and your results. See our Help Document for more information!

Also please fill out this form if you wish to participate to make it easier for captains to sort out teams!

The Help Document and Steam Group
We provide much more information in our Help Document. Check it out for more information about anything related to the Newcomer Tournament. 

Don’t miss any news about the Newcomer Tournament by subscribing to our Steam Group.

If you have any questions not covered feel free to message us on steam: infamous and Kmacg Or you can email us at newbietourney (at)

Also a special thanks to tudy who organised the previous newcomer tournament, his notes and previous work have been a big help.

Season 7:

Here we go again. It's almost time for another regular NSL Season, Season 7. We have been thinking hard to make it better than ever and we thought it would be best if seasons are compact, coherent across all divs, and focused. In other words, short and sweet. The season will have several steps in which it's planned and played out.

  1. Before the season starts, signed up teams will be seeded into one big list.
  2. That list will be cut to divisions of 5 or 6 teams.
  3. Teams will play out group stage as classic round robin we are all used to.
  4. Playoffs will consist of 2 top teams duking it out in the finals.
  5. After that the top team will switch place with bottom team of the higher division.
  6. New seedings are done according to rankings from group stage/finals and up/down switches.
  7. Before the next season starts, we crop the disbanded teams and insert new teams and are ready to cut into divisions again.
  8. New season, goto #2.

If we keep the div sizes to 5 or 6 teams, we will be able to run 1 season in about 7 weeks, including makeup and finals week. There will still be plenty of matches to play. There won't be disparity in season length in different divs. No downtime for teams. Teams will know that they are committing to exact time window and we might see less disbands/forfeits.

Some could say that if we mercilessly cut the seedings like this, some teams might wind up stomping or getting stomped. But that's the competitive life where we struggle to be the best (and have fun). This might force some team to practice against better teams and they might see quick rise in their skill. But honestly, you saw the last season, we cannot accommodate everyone to give nice equal matches and equal chances at getting to the playoffs. It's just not possible.

Organizational bits

Signups deadline: September 25th

Season start: September 27th

How to create a team and sign up
If you don't have a team, it's easy to create one with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4.

  1. To create a team, register an account and go to Agenda -> Create a new team
  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda.
  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Members -> Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputee.
  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Contests -> Join NSL Season 7 Signups
  5. Check the Contest page for your team name to see if you've done it correctly.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

Lambo on 23 August 15 08:28

Farewells and Reorganization For Season 7

Today, I lay down my work for the NSL and resign from the Admin team. This post is to explain my reasoning and tell a bit of my experience in my tenure as League Admin.

My time as admin is rather short, but it was overall a nice trip. I had the pleasure of meeting many people and had the opportunity to peek behind the curtains of the NSL. Even more exciting, however, was the hands-on work of bringing ideas to concepts and concepts to action.

In my brief shift as League Admin I pressed for trying new things. Some of these events turned out poorly in hindsight while others had been quite entertaining. Ultimately, I leave that judgement up to you. The sense of responsibility when directing the "Main Event" and creating off-season activities can be very challenging. People within the NSL are very sensitive when it comes to NS2, and I think that is great, as it shows how much people care about this niche-game and its competitive branch.

Despite carrying this responsibility, my work was very fulfilling and, yes, actually fun. I would do it again. Sadly, this brings us to the point of why I'm not doing it again. Some might think I'm finished with the game or that there had been disagreements between me and other admins, but that is absolutely not the case.

The reason I've decided to step back from the NSL is partially for reasons outside the NSL and also because of events outside of NS2 - aka real life.  There comes a time when a person has to rebalance their priorities and in this case it comes at the cost of my position in the NSL staff. If you want to know more details, feel free to message me personally.

I'd like to thank the current NSL staff for helping me in many, many ways over my term. Furthermore I want to thank Pelargir and Zefram for drawing me into an Admin-Position in the first place. Pelargir especially deserves credit, not only for being a long-time admin over the years, but also for recruiting a completely new admin team single-handedly after Season 5.

As written above I liked trying out new ideas as an admin, and in my opinion the NSL needs to constantly adapt to circumstances and explore its possibilities. My wish is that the Staff continues to be open-minded and has the courage to turn their ideas into reality. For the League itself I hope that we keep going and have many more entertaining games in the future!

See you on the field :)

- tudy


On the same wave, I have also decided to leave the NSL staff, and accordingly, resign from my position as Head Admin. I'll make it short as to not bother you with too much content on a single news.

I don't play NS2 anymore or barely. Contrary to a few former NSL admins, I don't feel fit to lead a league in a game I don't actively play anymore. I believe if someone is no longer passionate and motivated they shouldn't be the one making decisions at the top, especially when more qualified and enthusiastic people are available. I've been doing work for the NSL for about 2 years, and even if I keep an eye on what's going on, I don't feel entitled to the decision-making and direction of the future of this league.

Another cause for my retiring is also due to what is currently happening in NS2. You must know that once Zefram left his admin position months ago, the NSL lost its CDT relationship somehow. Unfortnately, this parternship has never been recovered. The NSL would love to commit a working relationship with the CDT (in order to extend and increase the NS2 community), but it seems this way of thinking hasn't been shared. Sadly this has devolved into the non-representation of the NSL in direct business of NS2 due to personal preferences of the CDT itself. I won't go further into this subject because, as a whole, I believe the CDT has done a really nice job, but there have just been some downsides bound to the group in the form of bias and subjectivity.

Finally, my other reasons are related to real life stuff - mainly my studies which I wont bore you with.

Aside from this, the years I've enjoyed playing NS2 and being a part of the NSL were incredible. It has been a huge journey participating in this competitive community. Every aspect has been absolutely gratifying. Really! I wouldn't be able to thank everyone that I've met, those who have left, and those who have stayed but yes, thanks!

In case you don't know, the other admins have been told about our retiring a week ago to have plenty of time to organize what will follow. Having recruited most of them, I decided to have no voice for the guy who will replace me, as I trust them to find someone to fit the role and keep providing entertainment for this commnity.

Again, thanks everyone and good luck to the new staff.

- Pelargir


Both Pelargir and Tudy will be missed after working as admins for a long time, but this won't mean the league is gone. After discussing with the other admins we have come to a conclusion on what to do with the two missing members of our team. First and foremost, Yaluzan will be replacing Pelargir as Head Admin.

The job of the League Admin will be replaced by loMe (NA) and Lambo (EU) as Contintental Admins, with some help coming from Yaluzan. Additionally Feathermonster's role as Caster Admin will be consolidated into Prommah job as the Social Media Admin. The remaining positions will be held by the same people. 

We will also be posting information about Season 7 next week with signups opening that weekend. 

- Yaluzan

Yaluzan on 17 August 15 19:23

Build 275 + Showmatch on Derelict (replays)


While we didn't mean at first to promote CDT builds, we couldn't just ignore it after 6 months without any official update. This build brings lots of welcomed features and performances fixes. Enough to mention the first spectator view finally fixed. Hurray!
It's now live on Steam and you guys will be up to play and roam around the dark corners of Derelict for a moment. Whether you like it or not, your opinion will matter on this subject. Would you like to see it introduced in the next season? If so, please share any feedback you might have about this new map (downsides and advantages). If it's quite the opposite, still, go ahead. We'll be pleased to hear all your feedbacks.

Now comes the bunch of links:

Official News on UWE website

Follow the upcoming plans through the CDT Trello Board

For those who missed it, last week, a showmatch was organized by the NSL and Hugh from UWE. Both teams fought on Derelict before everyone else and had the opportunity to discover and approach in preview all the new arts and assets used to develop and design Derelict. The replays are now available on NS2HD, click on the following link to catch all the feedbacks from our two competitive teams that gloriously competed on this abandoned facility.

Enjoy the first ever 6 vs. 6 match on Derelict!

Pelargir on 29 July 15 15:53