Did I hear La... ?

As told before our staff is currently working on the summer-activities of the NSL. After the Season it's the time of Tournaments and Cups, but this time we are trying something else as well.

To write it short: there will be a ladder after Season 6 - for the summerbreak.

What is the goal?

As you know the ladder had been a hot topic in the NSL for quite some time now. Before you break out in tears (of joy or anxiety), let me explain our motivations and goals of this ladder.

This ladder will be experimental in two ways. First: we - as staff - want to gain experience on this format. We have a look on what kind of work it produces us and how much of it. We also find out what features on the website would help us in a ladder. Second: how does a ladder perform on the your side. How active and proactive will teams be, what portion of PCWs will be replaced by ladder-games? To what extent are team-captains capable of organising their matches themselves?

There are many questions related to a ladder-format and the goal of the off-season-ladder is to make some firsthand experience. It is as new to the staff, as it is to you.

How will it work?

The details on how the challenging system works had been formulated by Vindaloo and simple some time ago and we will mostly stick to it. You can read about it here.

The registration for the ladder is open as today. You can find the contest-page here. You can either enter your Season 6 team or build a completely new one. The teams in the ladder stand in no relation to any of the Season 6 teams. As a new team you can join the ladder at any time, especially after it started.

The ladder runs in addition to any other activities on the summer-break. This should cause little problems, as the ladder runs in the background of things. It start on 15th of June and go on until Season 7 (first estimate on this is mid of September) including some time for a ladder-finals between the top-performers.

At the current state the homepage does not provide much to support a ladder. On the other side noone wants to invest a lot of time in such a support - as the ladder might never be the main-format. To break through that chicken-egg-cycle the ladder will be managed with the tool we have at hand: our forum. In the next days you will find a forum dedicated to the ladder. In this goes any challenges exchanged between the partaking teams and anything related. The details can be found in that forum. Thanks to our webmonkeys (simple taking the lead here) we have a contest-format in which admins can move teams and mark points - so you don't have to leave ensl.org for that.

I want to remind everyone that this is by no means the "finished product". It is not our best effort in producing a ladder. Further it neither is something, which puts a stop to future ladder-attempts, if it should fail, nor guarantees a S7-Ladder, if it should be amazing.

The more teams partake the more useful the off-season ladder will prove itself - and it also makes the ladder itself more interesting. So, I hope for a nice large turnout on this.

tudy on 18 May 15 20:13

Season 6 scheduling, playoffs and more.

Season 6

The group stages are in their final weeks for most divisions and have already ended for Division 3. Which means we need playoffs soon, don't we? Well, we have to wait until everyone in the Divisions gets their matches sorted. 

Division 4 still needs a single match played before they are finished. So RAWR and Urban Myth get on that please.

Division 3 will soon be able to plan their matches for the playoffs as we put their schedule online later this week.

Division 2 still has to play some matches, as their last ones are scheduled for the week of May 17th.

And now for Division 1 in which a lot has happened: teams disappearing, some drama and many scheduling issues resulted in forfeits. Division 1 still needs some matches planned so get on that!

Everybody: check your unplayed matches and plan them as soon as possible. If they are not planned by the time we have to start the playoffs, we need to forfeit the non-played matches. In some cases, those forfeits might be 4-0 depending on scheduling, and in other cases it could be a 0-0.

Playoffs for Div 1, 3 and 4 are planned to start on the 24th of May. Div 2 has finals only, planned for the 7th of June.


Casters and Referees

As always, we are looking for people who are interested in becoming Referees, Casters or both.
To become a Referee, please contact Vindaloo
To become a Caster, get in touch with Feathermonster

If you are unable to reach them, feel free to approach a different admin.

Benefits include and are not limited to: Frontrow seats at matches you ref/cast.



P.S.: Sorry for the comment spam.
Yaluzan on 14 May 15 12:22

Valar dohaerys (or feedbacks?)

What's happening?! Another news after a week only, you must be kidding me. Anyway, here is a short article: enjoy!


One would say anyone's word is pointless, another would show that everyone is welcome to share their thoughts about what is going on right now and what is planned for off-season. As we write this the season reaches its final weeks before the playoffs. So we opened a couple of threads on the forums asking for your opinion and your feedback to fight off a lack of activity during summer time. We are preparing some of our ideas already over in these threads:

Skulks With Shotguns

What is this? Probably the most amazing mod ever made on NS2 (no joke). Since it would be our first event on such a different format, we need your thoughts about it. How can we make it happen? What mode inside this mod suits best for a tourney (capture the gorge?)? And how should the teams be composed (5 vs. 5?)? Streaming and playing SwS is going to be so good!

Nations Cup

Yes, the last one was a terrible fail. We all know France would have won anyway. But still we want to give this format another chance. If there is enough interest. We need players to take over teams and hold their countrie's flag high. When we reach a total of 8 teams at least, it will occur. Otherwise, the staff will focus its energy on preparing other events. Feel free to check the forums on the previous link for more information.

Draft Tournaments

Do I really need to explain you what a draft tournament implies? Basically it is 6 vs. 6 matches with Captains picking from a pool of signed up players. Captains will be provided by a sheet with as much information as possible for forming their team. Of course, the best team wins. Watch out and enjoy, as you play in a team, with people you might have never played before. But first off Captains are required. Again you can check on this in the forums. It is open to everyone and the first of this will be hold during EU evenings.



Pelargir on 06 May 15 12:16

Never cast a clout till May is out!

Almost two months ago, Season 6 of the NSL was starting. We're now going to reach Weeks 6, 7 and 8 which will take place on Mineral and Nexus, maps that you've begun to know hopefully. Looking at the comments we've received so far, people seem to enjoy those maps, and it's really nice to see. But as usual, if you wanna help the mappers to improve their maps or a fortiori, to find them out again next seasons, you're more than welcome to give them some feedbacks. Also, make sure to schedule your previous weeks as soon as possible if you don't wanna see your matches forfeited (free points for your opponents).

I could have ended this news straight away but after a couple of weeks without any news, you had to get something more substantial.

On a side note, the NSL is in need of more Referees and / or Casters. If by any chance, you're interested, you may fit the job and only have to contact one of our admins (including myself) either on Steam, PM or any other way of communication. Requirements are quite easy to fulfil so do not hesitate to be part of our staff. Any question about this can be addressed as comments as well or PM, whatever.

We're also recruiting Modders or at the very least, we would like to get in touch with some of you. I can't tell you for what is it yet but if you have any skill in modding NS2, send me a PM or contact me via Steam. (I can already see the curious guys!)

Talking about Modders, let's welcome Chris for joining our team of coders. He'll be working on the website and help make things running better (in addition to our fellows Csm, Simple and Jiriki). Our amount of coders hasn't been that big for a while now and it's pretty cool. In order to include some changes that you can easily notice but also some others on the background (allowing this big machine to not die).


Completely different but more fun to read, here are the less important things but still quite interesting.

Lalo, our official Video-Maker, Artist of all kinds made this wallpaper (jokes about Titus Gaming logo on their way?). So maybe you'd rather want this other one?

Christian2506, another Artist, made this other background. He's the one who made our Steam group profile picture. Big thanks to both of them for this work!

We're still looking for the best moments of Season 6, you can provide those and help us here. An example? I'm sure you heard about Golden being a Fade killer? If not, feel free to check out those 3 points of view.

- Golden (the destroyer)

- Cr4zy (one of the dead fades)

- Ixian (caster)

Pelargir on 29 April 15 18:23

A digest of information in one page!

Season 6, Replays, Maps and Diamond Gamers tourney.

First of all, good job to most of the teams for scheduling or playing already their Week 3 matches. It's been really nice to watch lots of games and especially more on new maps. Stay tuned to more upcoming games by looking at the Calendar on the right sidebar, by joining our NSL Steam group, and/or by following our Twitter

For those who may have missed a few matches, I've posted links to the available replays on the forums. If you have a recording from your own point of view and want to share it with other players, feel free to post them as comments on the following threads: Weeks 1 & 2Weeks 3 & 4

On the schedule for Weeks 3 and 4 are the custom maps Mineral and Nexus. These two maps have been added to the season rotation because we thought they had the potential to improve a lot, but to achieve this, their respective mappers need your feedback. The feedback is very important for the future development of these maps and even more particularly if we want them to be played in future seasons as well. Do not hesitate to post them on Mineral's and Nexus' dedicated threads. You'll get a free hug from MasterG and malx if you do so.

On another note, you may be interested to join the DMD "Rumble In The Hive" event. This event will be happening every Friday for 4 weeks, from April 17th 8pm EST, through at least May 8th. There is no obligation to attend every event. 8 vs. 8 games will be played in a Best of 3 format, and teams switch sides after every game. Each team will play 2 other teams, for a total of at least 4 games but no more than 6. Your first match will be played on NS2 Summit and NS2 Veil. The second team you play will be on NS2 Orbital and NS2 Tram. No one knows who's on who's team. (Completely Random. Premier/Div 1 excluded (sorry guys)). To be added to the roster and see more information - please click this link! You're in for a treat!

Calendar, Rules, and Feedback

I meant to add the calendar here. Or least, that's what I was going to do but that was before Simple went and fixed the Calendar widget, so give him your thanks and adoration. Now we'll be back to our classic news without putting that silly Google thing there and you can, as you used to do before it broke, look at the right of the website above the shoutbox to see all the upcoming matches (unless there are none, then it won't show). One thing you should be aware of, you need to setup your timezone on your settings account if you haven't done this already to make matches appear in your local time. Once again, thank you a lot Simple. You're the best! Same goes to Feathermonster for fixing the font on the website and more important, fixing the mobile stuff (the site shouldn't look weird on your phone now).

Another thread has also been opened for any bugs related to the website. Maybe Jiriki will fix them. :p He changed the gather music already, do you guys recognize what song is now playing?

This aside, Unique has posted an article about the rules that apply on our Teamspeak (ensl.org). Contact him for any issues. He's also at your disposal if your NSL team needs a channel for matches or scrims.

Feedback? Did I say feedback? Yes, we need even more feedback but for another matter. Narkoweed is looking for thrilling action that you may have experienced during one your matches in this season. It can be anything, but he is aiming to make a highlight video to promote the NSL and also to gather all the best moments of Season 6. You wanna make this to happen? Post your action or everything you've seen so far that might be nice to see in a video here. An example? Watch this.

CDT Maptesting

Talking about maps, remember that the old official Maptesting group is back and managed by one of the CDT members: Zavaro. They need players and if you feel motivated and interested to help make the upcoming official maps better than Eclipse, you should go join. You can find more information here and sign up an application there. You're curious now? What map is this? If you wanna know more, join the Maptesting group.

Pelargir on 08 April 15 10:32