Updated Rules, CEST, and Week 2 in Progress

Let’s start things off by saying the rules have been updated for this season. Go read them here, the link in the top navigation will be updated to link to it ASAP. It is very important that everyone participating in the NSL, no matter what their title, know the rules, not just players and referees – casters, after all, are responsible for being a referee if none is assigned to the match.

Division 2 will find that their schedule for the season has been changed due to a team disbanding.  Div 2 is now 10 weeks long with each team playing all their opponents twice through the season.  You can check out the updated schedule on the Div 2 summary page.


Missed some week 1 matches? Pelargir has posted the replays on the forums.

With your week one matches (hopefully!) out of the way, your week two matches should be scheduled and completed by April 1st. Make sure you are double-checking your time conversions for intercontinental matches, as CEST starts this weekend!


Again, here’s the calendar for the upcoming matches. Unfortunately this embedded calendar isn’t nearly as flexible as the sidebar calendar that we had before – like, for example, it doesn’t convert it to your actual time zone. The below calendar is now set to CET (to be CEST this weekend) so that will leave everyone to do their own conversions. I’m still hoping that we will be able to get the old one fixed before we’re too far into the season but if it doesn’t, at least we’ve got something.

Of course, you will get match notifications if you’re in the NSL Steam Group or are following the Twitter account, so those are great options for those who hate doing math. Or you can just type the time – say, 20 CET – in to Google and it’ll give you your local time.


Time zone conversions before CEST start: AEDT = +10 | CET = +0 | EDT = -5 | PDT = -8

Time zone conversions after CEST start: AEDT = +9 | CEST = +0 | EDT = -6 | PDT = -9

Feathermonster on 25 March 15 20:29

Season 6 Starts Today

Season 6 Banner

We are happy to announce that Season 6 starts today. You can find the schedules for Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4 under current contests.

From the map pool Kodiak and Caged got removed in favour of the custom maps Nexus and Mineral (any feedbacks are greatly appreciated). Let's welcome these new maps and follow the long-term goal of improving the map pool. Further it will be interesting to challenge our opponents on new grounds.

With the first season in 2015 there also comes an update on its rules. The update includes the new map rotation, rules about using substitutions (mercs), clarification on Server Sides in Playoffs and tying up some loose ends. You will find the new rules soon under "Contests -> Rules".

So, let's delve into Season 6 and start scheduling your matches today!

Good luck and good games to everyone!


The first games are getting scheduled and played already. Here is an overview over the upcoming matches (empty brackets mean, that there is no caster assigned, yet):

tudy on 15 March 15 12:17

Season 6 Seedings: we're back again!

Here's a quick news post to gather opinions from Div 2, Div 3 and Div 4 teams about what format you would want to get implemented for Season 6. For this particular reason, and due to complaints from lots of people in regard to the current seeding chosen, we have to make a final choice. Well, better to actually say you have to make a final choice because we're coming to you with 2 different formats.

Please note that this doesn't concern Division 1 because our view on it will not be changed. We're asking teams leaders to vote on which solution you wanna see for Season 6. Other constructive comments are also valuable and minor changes may happen to the second solution, which is our current choice but will use the other if teams prefer it.

Check out both solutions here.

Please let us know what option you would prefer by leaving a comment here.  Any other comments from people who are not the leader of a Div 2 or lower team participating in this season will not be taken as a vote. You're still free to give your feedback as player, though. Do not clutter the comments below. Forums rules apply, we expect people to act kindly.

We leave you until Saturday morning, European (CET) time to tell us your vote. Once this time reached, we'll go for the most approved solution and nothing will be reverted later on.


Pelargir on 13 March 15 00:08

A new NSL staff appeared!

First of all, I need to thank Zefram for the huge amount of work he has invested in to this community as Head / League Admin, and also as member of the CDT. For those reasons, Zefram has been added into the Extra Staff section. It is common knowledge to most already but for the few people who haven’t heard what’s going on, please check out this previous article.

 As a result, changes had to be made to ensure the success of the upcoming season and more importantly to guarantee the maintenance of the NSL while bringing more games to competitive NS2. I would like to announce that in accordance to internal discussions, a new staff roster has been selected and is hereby effective immediately. It’s my pleasure to introduce our new staff members: Yaluzan, Tico, Warforce, and Vindaloo. While I’m at it, let me add that these changes may be modified in the upcoming weeks in order to get the most productive staff possible.

 One of the biggest changes is to split the Head Admin position by reimplementing the League Admin title in addition to Head Admin. They will work together in running the NSL, with the League Admin focusing more on tournaments, including the regular season, while the Head Admin focuses on managing the NSL staff and members as well as having the final word in discussions. Tudy and myself will be handling these roles as League Admin and Head Admin, respectively. To help run and organize the regular season, continental admins will also be added: Tico as the NA Admin and Yaluzan as the EU Admin. The Referee Admin, now in form of Vindaloo, remains, with his field of activity focusing on managing Referees and everything related to rules. Feathermonster will take care of the Casters in addition to running the NSL’s Social Media (Twitter, Steam group announcements, and website calendar). Sephy and Unique still handle the gathers and NSL Teamspeak, respectively. While each staff-member has his or her own task area, we all continue to provide feedback and advice to each other.

 There are no other changes for anything associated to the website itself at this time. We are still looking for motivated people with the ability to work in a team to code for the website (Ruby knowledge required). You can also help by becoming a referee or caster -- just contact Vindaloo or Feathermonster, respectively.

 As conclusion, let’s wish the new staff success in bringing us more matches and events in the upcoming months. Stay tuned and also join the NSL's Steam group, to be informed about Season 6, which will be on its way very soon. We hope you will all enjoy what we have planned for the future of the NSL.

Pelargir on 07 March 15 19:25

And Away We Go

For a little over a week, I've been wrestling over the content of this post and, at multiple occasions, scrapped a few thousand words. Many thousands, actually. Looking to justify and legitimize my time in this community, not just to you, but mostly myself. Was the endeavor of all things NS2 worth it? Did my thousands of hours matter?

Few can claim to have participated at all levels within this community. I've been a maptester, a playtester, a referee, a caster, a moderator on almost every popular streaming channel, organized and played on one of the best teams in the world, a member of the community development team, the North American/Australian admin, the league admin, and the head admin. As the longest tenured admin of the NSL during the NS2 era, I've organized more events (tournaments and seasons combined) than any other. One of my crowning achievements was co-organizing the NS2WC, the biggest and best live event NS2 ever had. What I am most proud of is playing a crucial role in the popularization of the best mod ever created for NS2 (CHUD, now known as NS2+ created by Mendasp) and initiating the creation of the Comp Mod and the team that manages it. These two mods have irrevocably influenced the vanilla game in terms of features and gameplay. Some might even say that I've had my fingers in too many pies.

Through out these last few years, I never begged for badges or asked for positions and titles. I've done my best to do the work that was needed in the community and filled roles. It has always been for the support and advancement of NS2. I've accomplished every single goal I had when I entered this community and with a mixture of sadness and relief, my time and efforts are done. I am resigning my post as the head admin of the NSL.

The glory days of NS2 are done, but our time playing certainly isn't over yet. There will still be admins here who will do their best to continue the league and they need your support. They need your opinions and they need your kindness. They're just doing their best and trying to serve you.

Good luck, everyone.

At the end of the day, NS2 is just a video game and suppose to be fun. So I hope you play more games.

Zefram on 04 March 15 09:18