Build 275 + Showmatch on Derelict (replays)


While we didn't mean at first to promote CDT builds, we couldn't just ignore it after 6 months without any official update. This build brings lots of welcomed features and performances fixes. Enough to mention the first spectator view finally fixed. Hurray!
It's now live on Steam and you guys will be up to play and roam around the dark corners of Derelict for a moment. Whether you like it or not, your opinion will matter on this subject. Would you like to see it introduced in the next season? If so, please share any feedback you might have about this new map (downsides and advantages). If it's quite the opposite, still, go ahead. We'll be pleased to hear all your feedbacks.

Now comes the bunch of links:

Official News on UWE website

Follow the upcoming plans through the CDT Trello Board

For those who missed it, last week, a showmatch was organized by the NSL and Hugh from UWE. Both teams fought on Derelict before everyone else and had the opportunity to discover and approach in preview all the new arts and assets used to develop and design Derelict. The replays are now available on NS2HD, click on the following link to catch all the feedbacks from our two competitive teams that gloriously competed on this abandoned facility.

Enjoy the first ever 6 vs. 6 match on Derelict!

Pelargir on 29 July 15 09:53

Custom Map Cup & NSLTV Revival

Custom Map Cup

As you may have noticed already, a Custom Maps Cup will take place on Saturday, 25th of July and will end on the following weekend, Sunday, 2nd of August. Gather up your team and prepare to fight in an incredible and thrilling event. Multiple maps will be at your disposal for this very specific tournament. We've picked them due to their creators still working on them so any feedback and opinions you have will be valuable. Here are the maps you will play on: CagedFractureDocking2 and Prison. If you know of a map that you feel should be played, feel free to say so.

Also note that depending on the next official NS2 update, we might add Derelict into the map pool. All these maps will be played to serve one goal: you will test them in a 6 vs. 6 environment and you'll be the ones who will decide if those maps should be added to the regular Seasonal maps rotation. Although we appreciate and take into consideration anyone's thoughts, teams and players who have registered for the Custom Maps Cup will be responsible for the decision of whether or not to make a map official. One last point: we will are going to handle Derelict like a custom map, when it comes to adding it into Season 7 or not.

Yaluzan is in charge of this event and the one you'll have to contact about the Custom Maps Cup. You can also have a look at the thread he has made already on the forums to get more information about what's going on (especially the scheduling of matches).

Finally, go and sign up your team. This cup will be very exciting!


NSLTV is back again!

The resurrection of for the SwS tournament went well! Our plan is to broadcast anything official (ladder, season, tournaments) directly from there. If you want to do such a cast, contact PelargirTudy, or Prommah for a stream key.

Further we would like to see NSLTV live as often as possible. Henceforth we would love to host your streams on NSLTV, whenever you are streaming something related to NS2. Be it a random cast or recording of a match you found, a first person gather-session, a live-stream of your map-building or just messing around in SwS with some friends. As long as it is NS2 we will be very happy to host it. Contact the previously mentioned admins for this as well.

On top of that, if you tell us in advance, we put your stream into our calendar. Some might have noticed that extra tab "NSLTV" under "Match Schedule" yesterday. This is where you will see the upcoming streams on NSLTV and if it is live right now.

This thread explains and sums up everything about NSLTV.

Pelargir on 20 July 15 08:03

Season Finale Tomorrow - Sunday 19th July

Yesterday the division 1 final was confirmed by both teams to be played on Sunday, 19th July at 17:00 PDT (click here to see what that is in your time zone).

We haven't pinned down all the details of casting this match yet but, assuming that someone is available to cast, you'll be able to watch the match at

If we confirm any more details before the match, we'll update this post. Good luck to both teams!

UPDATE: Short of any unavoidable issues, Feathermonster will be casting the match at

Prommah on 18 July 15 11:17

Skulks with Shotguns Replay and Many Thanks

Saturday, the 11th of July, was the first time the NSL has arranged a new kind of event. It was requested by many players in the community and it was more than successful. 5 teams fought through almost three hours of intense games. I was part of one of those teams myself and I can honestly say that it was amazing and exciting. No promises, but due to the huge amount of fun it provided to both players and viewers, we'll be tempted to handle another similar tournament in the future.

But right away, I've gotta thank Hoeloe and Luchs for taking care of this long but thrilling race by handling the NSL stream. They did an excellent job! I can't forget to thank Tudy for his organization and hard work which allowed this tourney to happen. He's been more than essential. And at last, Flaterectomy and all the modders who have contributed by making this wonderful mod and dedicated maps. As a reward, the names of the winners will be written on a commemorative plaque in the Gorgasm Ready Room.

Finally, for those who missed it, go check the replay here and enjoy:

On a sidenote, a huge thanks to swalk for taking his time to write up the whole history of the NSL during its time in NS2. If you've ever wondered what the NSL was like when it began its role in NS2, or what has happened with it up to this point, please have a look at this article.


Pelargir on 13 July 15 03:37

Skulks with Shotguns Tournament Stream & Times

Just 3 days left until the Skulks with Shotguns tournament on Saturday!

We'll be resurrecting to stream the SwS tournament and possibly future events through a mix of casters using the channel itself and sometimes hosting other channels. This might help centralize things a bit. Hopefully it'll make it a little simpler for people who are interested in watching to keep up with streamed games without having to check the schedule, while promoting other casters/channels that you might not know about.

The start time of the tournament remains the same. 17:00 UTC, which is 19:00 CEST/18:00 BST/13:00 EDT/10:00 PDT. Find the time in your timezone easily here.

Many thanks to Luchs for putting together a great little teaser video for this tournament:

Prommah on 08 July 15 13:01