Season 10 Wrap Up

Season 10 is ending!


S10 News!

Season 10 playoffs are nearly here! There are still a few days left to get games in for playoffs, with the deadline on December 11th. On that day, those playoff matches will be determined and posted. If you fail to complete your Division games by that date, tough luck.


Badges are still in the process of being produced. Unfortunately, with the NS2 Halloween updates and as well as Hive 2, they fell on the backburner. They’re being worked on again this week. Badges will work just as any other badge in NS2, attached to Hive. Only the winners will receive badges.


New Admins!

Given the tenacity of NS2’s community, it’s no surprise four years on there would still be a competitive scene. While it hasn’t been the smoothest ride for S10, starting with the unfired Newcomer’s Tournament to the experimentation with dual-bracket Div 2, it’s awesome that players can still play NS2 in an organized fashion at a high level.


Most of these problems and issues stem from Zavaro and I, as these were experimental ideas which we hoped would help grow the community. It’s important to conclude from these that people are still (and to an extent increasingly moreso) interested in comp-play, with 81 sign-ups before the deadline for the unfired Newcomer’s Tournament. To reiterate that point, we had many players sign up and play this season initially without teams, and joining those by way of the Looking for Team system which proved an incredible tool for new players. On dual-bracket Div 2: we received some pretty decent feedback which illuminated that some serious refinement needs to happen if it is used again. Overall, the season was an incredibly rewarding learning experience, and helped a lot of new players enjoy NS2 in the most rewarding way.


Unfortunately, due to the increasing encumbrance of stresses and obligations outside of NS2 and the ENSL, Zavaro and I will be stepping down from our respective positions. Consider this our apology: please welcome Deck, Mephilles, Mega,and Knox as your new admins!


Note: Due to these time constraints, Zavaro has halted all of his active involvement with Natural Selection 2. If you have map issues, please post them on the official forums in the map thread!

Tico on 08 December 16 22:19

Very Late Update!!

Division 2


The division 2 schedule has finally been updated so that every team only plays each other one time, I am very sorry it took this long to be updated. With the matches now finally being updated. Any team that did play a duplicate match, the score has been revoked. And we will be keeping the score from the first game that was played between the two teams. There should only be a few matches left now before the playoffs can be scheduled. So let’s get them played everyone!


*Please message me politely if I missed a match or overlooked something, I will adjust it accordingly.




Please note that December 11 will be the DEADLINE FOR ALL MATCHES. So if there is any match left unplayed it will stay unscored and the playoffs will be scheduled accordingly. There will be no adjusting of the deadline, especially since we have drastically cut the amount of matches that will be played in Division 2.


So far I would like to think we have had a successful season, especially after the meltdown that occured last season. And that would not be possible without the participation of all the teams that have signed up this season. We have had some very great casts so far, thank you to everyone that has tuned into them and thank you to all of our casters! Hopefully we can finish out this season as strong as we started! Good luck to all the teams that still have matches left to be played.


And to all the Americans today, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tico on 24 November 16 18:23

NSL Competitive Mod Lockdown and Updates!

The plan is to lockdown the NSL Competitive mod when the season starts for the duration of season 10. Only small adjustments, if needed, (after the lerk one) will be made between now and the first scheduled match. After the first match, no major changes are planned. We may have to adjust things depending on what UWE does during the season. We will decide after an update by UWE if it changes the game in any meaningful way. In that case, we would try to revert the change. If it's a small thing, perhaps we keep it in comp mod. We also may make additional updates like bug fixes. 

The biggest change we are making right before the season starts is to the lerk. The lerk movement changes introduced in build 310 will be added to comp mod. The goal is to have most of the movement in comp mod match vanilla NS2. If you are a lerk player, please keep this in mind going into the season that there will be a change in comp mod to match vanilla's movement. 

Deck on 18 October 16 02:24

Season 10 begins!

Ready, Set, Go!

Season 10 is officially underway, with 15 teams divided into two divisions! Get playing! If you want to see your bracket, check under Contests at the top of the page!


Current official rules can be located here. These are more or less the same as any other seasonal event, so if you have played in the NSL prior, you probably know these. In addition, there are many new NSL members this season, so remember to be extra kind and respectful as you beat each other to death.


The official deadline for all Season 10 matches is December 11 00:00 GMT. This is a hard deadline, and there are no excuses, so play all your matches prior to thate date. If there is some unavoidable issue, please be sure to message Tico or another admin prior to this date.


Remember: Season 10 winners in either division will also receive an in-game badge! We still have yet to see it, but when we do, we will certainly make a post.

Try your best, and good luck!


Due to Pubstars #2 not being able to form a team for the season, they have been removed from division 2B. Because of their removal from the season Pubstars will be moved from div 2A to 2B and substituting for all of Pubstars #2 matches. All of the matches created for Pubstars in div 2A have been removed. I apologize for the loss of matches in the bracket for 2A, luckily none of the matches for Pubstars in 2A have been scheduled so it shouldn't be much of an issue. Sorry for the inconvience for all the teams in 2A.

Zavaro on 14 October 16 03:15

Season 10: Rewards and the LFT Initiative

In-Game Rewards for Season 10!

Have you ever wanted some bling to go with that win? Well, now you can. Unknown Worlds is kindly supplying the division winners of Season 10 with their own special badges. Show off your victory on the battlefield, in a gather or in a pub, and let others become green with jealousy. The design isn’t completed yet, but we’ll make a post showing it off when it is, because it sounds damned cool.

Both divisions will receive the badges, meaning that they are never out of reach. Well, until the season ends, that is. So get them while supplies last!

Looking for a Team (LFT) Initiative

If you’re interested in receiving those badges and participating in Season 10, but you don’t have a team, we have a solution! Inspired by one of caster’s experiences in a Dota 2 pickup tournament, we have a way to effectively seed teams low on players, by merging groups or individuals into existing teams. More importantly, this allows us to merge together these maverick parties to form bonds of friendship and competition, creating brand new teams. That means, if you can’t find a team, we will help you find one. We are very excited to see some of these experimental systems in store for Season 10.

If you wish to be part of this pool of players, sign-ups for the LFT are here after registering an account on the site! If you’d prefer to do this the old fashioned way, the Recruitment forum is available here. If you have any question, feel free to message Tico on the forums, Steam, or Discord.

Map Tests

Ayumi has been added to the gathers! Test it out, see how it plays, and join the NSL forums to talk about map feedback. Please leave your feedback in the Feedback forums, here.

Remember, Season 10 sign-ups end on October 13th! Let’s get ready to rock! If you’re still not registered, sign-up with the instructions below!

Joining the ENSL

If you don't have a team or have yet to join the NSL, it's easy to create an account or team with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4.

  1. To create a team, register an account and create a new team! Creating a team is not necessary, nor is joining a team. If you’re looking to join a team, find a team and select the Request to Join button on their page. You’re free to use the NSL website without any pressure from any teams.

  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda, which you can find at the top of the page! You can meet players in-game, in NSL gathers, or on the NSL or Unknown Worlds forums. As per usual NSL rules, you must have at least six players for a valid Season 10 team!

  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda → Click your team name → Edit and scroll down → Members → Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputy. These roles can define what a player is to your team.

  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda → Click your team name → Edit (scroll down) → Contests → Join Season 10 Signups. This will reserve your space in the upcoming Season 10. Get ready to rock!

  5. Verify that your team name exists on the Contest page. If your team does not appear here, please follow these steps again. If all else fails, contact an admin.

Zavaro on 27 September 16 08:24