SC2 Cash Cup

Hi Guys

I am proud to announce our first SCV Ready - Cash Cup. Sign ups are now open and can be found at:

There you will find information about the cup and the time schedule for our tournament!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, or leave a post on our forums, or right here =)

Additional information:
Server: EU
Prize: 50 Euro (might be increased)

I hope you guys will check it out!
blind on 09 September 10 00:22

ENSL SC2 Tournament Result

The winners of the sc2 cup was team 3!
Congrats to sherpa , hivefish , gibbz and sonder!

Danny on 05 August 10 00:59

SC2 Tournament - news update

19:00 CET Start - (18:50 meet up)  04/08/2010

The Teams for tournament are as follows, the players will play in that order each game. The Team plays until all players from one team are knocked out.

Team one:
Varathar, Vision, King Yo, Huhuh

Team two:
Jiriki, frG, Blind, tjab0

Team three:
Sherpa, HiveFish, Gibbz, Sonder

Team four:
S4Druid, Maad, Doctor, Franky


If you want you can meet up with your team-mates and have a few games. To warm each other up (You should have enough details to be able to add them through steam friends, or SC2 Friends)

Also please add me on steam friend if you haven't already so there is a contact if anything turns up.

I believe all games will be streamed, so you can watch your team-mates. I will update the news as i get it.


1) Please Join SC2 - 5-10minutes before your game actually starts, as if you're too late, your next teammate will play instead of yourself.

2) Please keep the game friendly, i can tolerate friendly banter, but anything overboard is unnecessary and will lead to yourself being disqualified for the rest of the tournament.

3) Teams are required to play in the order you see them in.

4) Have Fun, Don't Rage ;D


Danny on 03 August 10 15:23

ENSL SC2 Tourmanment

Okay guys , heres the real deal. the sign up for the ENSL SC2 Tourmanment [EST]

DATE: 04/08/2010 is tournament start date.
(depending on how many people sign we may have to extend it to 05/08/2010)

Time: 19:00 CET - gives people enough time to prepare food /work blah blah.

as mentioned in the previous post we will be doing a team format tournament. information on the format can be found here

if your interested please sign up in this format: please keep this thread only for signing up:

* SC2 Name: ( your name that you registered with)
* SC2 ID number: (can be found by hoovering over your profile picture)
Real ID number : (Optional)
* Current League: (Copper,Silver,Gold,Platnium,Diamond)
* Current Skill: (If you are not in a league in 1on1 then tell me what skillwise catagory you fit into)
* SC experience: (Played Broodwars? SC2 Beta p1 ? SC2 Beta p2? )
Race: (The race you will be playing as - optional)

anything mark with * is strictly required

after receiving all sign ups [ DeadLine 03/08/2010] , i will make teams according to how many players we have and to skill level.

Don't worry , low skilled players will be lined up first in the team roster, so they get chance to play people of equal skill ~

No useless post please. Thank you :D

- More information will be updated as time goes by, so keep in touch!



Danny on 31 July 10 02:28