ENSL SC2 Tourmanment

Okay guys , heres the real deal. the sign up for the ENSL SC2 Tourmanment [EST]

DATE: 04/08/2010 is tournament start date.
(depending on how many people sign we may have to extend it to 05/08/2010)

Time: 19:00 CET - gives people enough time to prepare food /work blah blah.

as mentioned in the previous post we will be doing a team format tournament. information on the format can be found here http://www.ensl.org/topics/223

if your interested please sign up in this format: please keep this thread only for signing up:

* SC2 Name: ( your name that you registered with)
* SC2 ID number: (can be found by hoovering over your profile picture)
Real ID number : (Optional)
* Current League: (Copper,Silver,Gold,Platnium,Diamond)
* Current Skill: (If you are not in a league in 1on1 then tell me what skillwise catagory you fit into)
* SC experience: (Played Broodwars? SC2 Beta p1 ? SC2 Beta p2? )
Race: (The race you will be playing as - optional)

anything mark with * is strictly required

after receiving all sign ups [ DeadLine 03/08/2010] , i will make teams according to how many players we have and to skill level.

Don't worry , low skilled players will be lined up first in the team roster, so they get chance to play people of equal skill ~

No useless post please. Thank you :D

- More information will be updated as time goes by, so keep in touch!

SIGN UP: http://www.ensl.org/topics/224


Danny on 31 July 10 02:28



Blank macpersil

European Natural Selection League StarCraft 2 Tournament - stop the shit.

31 July 2010, 03:49


Blank doctor | Team Four

lol be quiet and go back to real life.

31 July 2010, 03:59


Blank Nerdish | NewStyleD Return

alpha comes out and ensl goes sc2.


31 July 2010, 06:01


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Erm... wait is this a 3on3 or what?

Tbh... 1on1 would be better... Team games are just cheese... :(

31 July 2010, 15:42


Blank jiriki | old people

Yeah I support 1on1 aswell.

31 July 2010, 15:52


Blank frG | TROLLS

is it really so hard to read ? dumb fucks!

31 July 2010, 16:03


Blank GibbZ | 9L

Well if it's still 1on1 games whats the point in not just having solo players? Why should there be a team requirement? I don't get it... seems to me all the good players just want to stack together and progress to win instead of playing each other? Like I don't really see the benefit of the team thing apart from you can support (and ghost?) your friends

31 July 2010, 16:15


Blank frG | TROLLS

I think doctor is making the teams himself, as in you can't sign up with 3 friends and expect to be in the same team, some sort of gather cup.

Anyway, my sc2 skills are pretty low, so i dont mind either way.

31 July 2010, 16:40


Blank doctor | Team Four

it is 1on1 , however , this way i can have lower skilled players play lower skilled players. without having to make 10 types of divisions. the teams will be made by myself ensurng that all teams have 1 low skilled , 1 mid , 1 high . etc etc.

31 July 2010, 16:57


Blank sonder | The Team

Do it with captains, and pick ;D

31 July 2010, 19:45


Blank Maxx

Id say it really isnt that far of a streach for the ensl to "go StarCraft" concidering how much of an inspiration StarCraft was and still is for the NS team. Ill probably pass though, since I only got it a few days ago and dont have all that much time to practice.

2 August 2010, 18:04


Blank doctor | Team Four

maxx- this ain't serious business ,just fun really so give it a go ;D

2 August 2010, 18:56


Blank Vision | Quaxy

Starcraft is always serious business. Atleast bw was.

2 August 2010, 23:17


Blank qin

team matches are always more fun :<

3 August 2010, 08:11


Blank dugi

if i buy the game i'll troll the shit out of you and cheese so hard that blizzard will nerf all the units

3 August 2010, 13:19

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