If you want to stand on top of the food chain - you need learn from the best and get even better then them.

Hint: Some of these tutorials are focusing on competitive play in ns2, but they are still extremely helpful for normal pub-play! The main difference is that mistakes will be more forgiven on a public server.


Marine Play

Field Marine Basics by Warforce17

Marine NSL Training Days: Part 1  Part 2 by Herakles  Spectator View


Skulk NSL Training Days: loMe View  Spectator View

Skulk Training (2015) Starting with Walljump explanation by Golden

Skulk Biting RTs and Facingdirection by Wob



Lerk NSL Training Days: ADHD View  schu View

Lerk Training (2015) by schu


Fade NSL Training Days: by Tyr and asdf View   Spectator View

Fade - Showcase effective Fade Movement with Explanations by loMe

Fade - Decisionmaking before Engaging Thread by rantology

Fade - Training (2015) by loMe


Gorge Basics Tutorial [For Public Play by Luftwaffe]

Gorge Bunnyhop Tutorial [CompMod Only! - 6vs6 by Turts]  (Older Tutorial by Golden)


Ns2+ recommended Settings by Mendasp [Explanations by Mega]

Other / Special

Map usage / rotations / laning by loMe

How to take Engagements by AQUA5

Optimal Positioning and Hivepushspots by Trademark and loMe

Voicechat behaviour by Mega

Russian Tutorial Videos (Includes Trickjumps!) by CRaZyCAT

HowToSeeLifeformEggs by Bicsum/Mega

Other Tutorials in ENSL Forum


If you’re willing to improve yourself, you have watched / read these tutorials, but still have trouble?

You can find here a list of people who are willing to help, in order to improve yourself.

Just add one in Steam Friends and state them your reason for doing so.

(Otherwise they might just delete you from their friends list again)






Missing Something?

Do you think there is a tutorial which is missing or you’re willing to support players as coach?

Then contact us at naturalselection2@web.de


More basic Information can you find on the official Natural Selection 2 Wiki Page.


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