Open Tournament 16 Announced


Open Tournament 16!

It has been a long period of no tournaments for the past few months, however the NSL is back to bring back the Open Tournament format! For anyone who forgot what an open tournament is, it's a double elimination, two day tournament where any team can join no matter the skill.


Date and Time:

Signs-Up start from today until the 19th of July, Friday at 15:00 BST

Day One of the event is for the 20th of July, Saturday at 15:00 BST

Day Two of the event is for the 21st of July, Sunday at 15:00 BST.

(15:00 BST = 10:00 ET)


Sneak Peak at a new format

The NSL are interested in experimenting with a new format, which may make both the higher and lower skilled teams satisfied at the end of the day. No more of one team dominating and only playing three games, while the runner up team has to play six games. It will still be a double elimination tournament but with a twist.

We're taking inspiration from the Starcraft League with a minor modification, but at the end of it, it is dependent on the amount of teams this tournamnet will get. So please join!


GreenRex on 04 July 24 18:46



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thanks for sharing!

8 July 2024, 19:02

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