NSL Competitive Mod Build 327

Mission Statement

The vision of the Natural Selection League (NSL) Competitive Modification (CompMod) is to enable fun, fair and balanced play in a 6v6 environment, while remaining as accessible to new players as possible.

To do this the team commits to remaining transparent in all changes, to be open to discussion, feedback and criticism, and above all else, to strive to attain enjoyable play for all members of the competitive community, regardless of skill level.


Now that the fabled Build 327 has been released it's time for another iteration of CompMod.

Build 327 brings a large assortment of changes to the balance and meta, so the CompMod team has decided that CompMod will be remade to adapt these changes fully. So for the next few weeks the goal of CompMod will be balancing Build 327 for 6v6 competitive play.

Please post feedback in the comments or on Discord.

Change Log

For a full list of changes please see the github page.

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