NSL Competitive Mod/Vanilla Changelog


Mission Statement:


The vision of the Natural Selection League (NSL) Competitive Modification (Compmod) is to enable fun, fair and balanced play in a 6 vs 6 environment, while remaining as accessible to new players as possible.
To do this the team commits to remaining transparent in all changes, to be open to discussion, feedback and criticism, and above all else, to strive to attain enjoyable play for all members of the competitive community, regardless of skill level.


This is meant to be a list of all changes NSL Competitive Mod has from the vanilla/base game of NS2:



Changes for both Marines and Aliens:

  • Removed floating health bars on players for anyone other than commander and spectators.

  • Pregame damage only occurs when touching enemy chair/hive 



  • Starting P-Res for Marines increased to 20 from 15
  • Jetpack cost changed to 20 from 15

  • Removed Friendly Fire from Flamethrower persistent Flame (Puddles)
  • Medpack Change: Medpacks 1 and Medpacks 2: Researchable techs on the command station that buff medpacks (changes instant heal/heal over time). Medpacks 1: make medpacks heal 30/20 and Medpacks 2: make meds heal 40/10. Medpacks 1: require armory, are on the command station, cost 10 res, and take 1 minute to research. Medpacks 2: require advanced armory, are on the command station, cost 20 res, and take 1.5 minutes to research.  

  • Marine Supply Changes:         
    a) obs 30 supply (up from 0)
    b) 1 sentry turret 10 supply (same as before, 10)
    c) 1 sentry battery 20 supply (up from 0)
    d) arcs 15 supply (up from 10)
    e) macs 10 supply (same as before, 10)
    f) armory 10 (up from 5)
    g) robo 10 (up from 5)




  • Gorges can now control which tunnel will be replaced when they place their third tunnel by crouching while placing it - for example, if you hold crouch when placing your third tunnel, you destroy your most recent dropped tunnel end. If you don't hold crouch when placing your third tunnel, you would destroy your 1st tunnel end

  • Babbler change: removed damage taken cap and made their hp 11. In vanilla, babblers take a max of 5 damage from any one source, so they block 2 rifle bullets. With this change, once you get w1 they'll only block 1 bullet each.


  • Lerk P-Res cost increased to 21 from 18

  • Spores moved to biomass 6


  • Fade P-Res Cost changed to 40 from 37

  • Fade Armor increased to 100 from 80


  • Onos P-Res cost changed to 66 from 63

  • Onos Speed changes: increased Max Base Speed 7.5 from 6.6

  • Onos Charge now only minorly knocks back marines, does not knock back exo

Aliens Additional Changes:

  • Starting P-Res for Aliens increased to 15 from 12

  • Removed the ability to drop lifeform eggs

  • Cyst max hp reduced to 180 – every cyst has the same health

  • Cysts will be damaged while unconnected 

  • Cyst maturation rate reduced to 15 from 45

  • Focus removed

  • Neurotoxin added to replace focus, adds a stacking DoT to your primary attack. Deals damage per second per stack (8 for fade, 6 for onos and skulk, 4 for lerk, and 5 for gorge).
  • Silence removed

  • Disabled Regeneration within 2 seconds of taking damage 

  • Soft cap on all alien healing over 16% per second, reducing effectiveness by 80%

  • Structural Movement (other than whips) increased by 33%

  • Reduced Mature HP of Whips, Crags, Shades, and Shifts by 33%

  • Alien Supply changes:
    a. Aliens have 100 (was 200) supply on 1 hive, 150 (was 200) on 2 hives, and 200 on 3 hives.
    b. Drifter supply cost increased to 15 (from 10)
    c. Whip supply cost increased to 15 (from 5)
    d. Shift, shade, crag supply costs increased to 10 (from 5)


Mega on 14 January 17 19:57



Blank elStarcetereo | Nismen


2 April 2018, 02:17


Blank BearJankins | High Expectations

good sir - who, may i ask, is responsible for the current changes implemented into comp mod?
the last council was publicly held accountable for their changes, as you may remember, and their names were visible for anyone to see (they were asked to consent to that)
the reason for that was some drama that i dont remember too well, but i'd like to know, do we still value the lessons we've learned from history?

2 April 2018, 02:30


Blank elStarcetereo | Nismen

Deck and I make the decisions. We discuss ideas with several different third party individuals before making a decision.

2 April 2018, 03:52

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