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Mission Statement:


The vision of the Natural Selection League (NSL) Competitive Modification (Compmod) is to enable fun, fair and balanced play in a 6 vs 6 environment, while remaining as accessible to new players as possible.
To do this the team commits to remaining transparent in all changes, to be open to discussion, feedback and criticism, and above all else, to strive to attain enjoyable play for all members of the competitive community, regardless of skill level.


This is meant to be a list of all changes NSL Competitive Mod has from the vanilla/base game of NS2:



Changes for both Marines and Aliens:

  • Removed floating health bars on players

  • P-Res rate for all players decreased to 0.1 from 0.125 

  • Removed seeing who the enemy commander is in pregame

  • Pregame damage only occurs when touching enemy chair/hive 



  • Starting P-Res for Marines increased to 20 from 15
  • Jetpack cost changed to 20 from 15 for marine player and commander to drop jps. 

  • Weapon Pickup time changed to 22 seconds from 25.

  • Machine Gun weight decreased to match grenade launcher

  • Machine Gun cost to 25 from 20

  • Machine Gun Damage to 6 from 8

  • Machine Gun Damage to type Puncture from -MachineGun

  • Mine damage increased to 140 from 125

  • Increased Mine health to 70 from 20 (mines have 5 armor)

  • Removed PowerSurge research.

  • PowerSurge now required a powered Robotics factory.

  • Reduced cost of PowerSurge from 5 to 3.

  • Removed secondary effects of PowerSurge (Damage and AttackSlow).

  • Removed lockout timer for entering exos bought by teammates.




  • Skulks do not gain health from biomass after biomass 4 (84 hp)


  • Gorge air friction, air control, and belly slide may be different than vanilla. Allows for "Gorge Bunnyhop" movement. 

  • Gorges can now control which tunnel will be replaced when they place their third tunnel by crouching while placing it - for example, if you hold crouch when placing your third tunnel, you destroy your most recent dropped tunnel end. If you don't hold crouch when placing your third tunnel, you would destroy your 1st tunnel end


  • Lerk P-Res cost increased to 20 from 18

  • Moved Spores to biomass 7

  • Spore damage increased to 20 from 15

  • Nerfed crush effectiveness on Lerk Spikes to 4.5% from 7%


  • Fade hitbox changes reverted, hitbox is now smaller – the fade hitbox is the same as it was before the vanilla hitbox changes

  • **New Update**Fade P-Res Cost changed to 35 from 37. 

  • Advanced metabolize health regen changed to 10 from 15



  • Onos P-Res cost changed to 55 from 62

  • **New Update**Boneshield is changed from vanilla to be more similar to old comp mod boneshield. The damage reduction may be only 25% on comp mod boneshield as boneshield was not working as intended. 

  • **New Update**Onos Speed changes from Vanilla – Increased Max Base Speed 7.5 from 6.6, and the base max Charge Speed to 11.5 from 10.5

Aliens Additional Changes:

  • Starting P-Res for Aliens increased to 15 from 12

  • **New Update**Aliens structures grow three times as slow without a drifter, instead of only twice as slow. 

  • Hives will spawn only 1 egg per update cycle rather than 1 per hive

  • Removed the ability to drop lifeform eggs

  • Cyst max hp reduced to 180 – every cyst has the same health. 

  • Cysts will be damaged while unconnected 

  • Cyst maturation rate reduced to 10 from 45

  • Removed Focus 

  • Silence moved to Shade Hive from Shift Hive.

  • Disabled Regeneration within 3 seconds of taking damage 

  • Mucous Cloud changed: grants 15% of the target's base hp from 20%

  • Remove alien abilities if required biomass is lost from hive death – in vanilla, when a hive dies that puts you under the required biomass to have an ability, you still keep the ability until you die. In Comp Mod, you lose that ability when the hive dies.

  • Soft cap on all alien healing over 16% per second, reducing effectiveness by 80%

  • Nutrient Mist no longer preserves structures off infestation

  • Nutrient Mist requires infestation to place

  • Bilebomb on contamination changed to 1 from 3 


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