Season 15 Wrap Up and Start of the Grand Open!


Don’t forget about the Grand Open Tournament this coming weekend on Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8 at 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET!

Season 15 Wrap Up

Congratulations to Code of Misconduct for winning their final match versus 5 piece combo, and thus advancing to the Division 1 finals! A lot of awesome games were played this season, and now only the finals remain for Division 1 and Division 2. Stay tuned for the announcements of these matches, for they should be epic: Division 1 will feature a rematch of Code of Misconduct vs T-shirt goblins, and Division 2 of California Burrito vs Shoobs.


Grand Open Tournament

A reminder to all: the signups for the Grand Open Tournament cut off on Wednesday, December 4th, so be sure to register your team by then! This tournament will take place in a double elimination format as the previous Open Tournaments did in the Group Stages, ending in BO5 matches for the semifinals and a BO7 finals. This tournament will feature a prize of $600 for first place winners and t-shirts for the runner-ups, so if you want to experience some amazing games, register your team!

For those playing in the tournament, the rules have been updated and can be seen here. Below you can see some relevant changes for the Grand Open Tournament:


  • Team Leaders will have to check in (1) day before the event starts, using the discord channel and AmarBot commands created for the occasion. Any negligence will lead to disqualification of the team (not yet available).
  • No mercs, no exceptions. If you cannot field 6 from your roster, you will forfeit your match.
  • All rounds in the playoffs must be recorded or streamed by each player, with these videos available upon request by an Admin
  • All-chat is disallowed during live matches, except for gg, gl, hf, ready, pause or during pauses to explain reasons for pause or updates.
  • After a round is finished, teams have the right to a 10 minute break before starting the next round.
  • There will be no map bans during the playoff stage.

  Early Stage Maps

  • Winners 1: tram, mineral, caged
  • Winners 2: jambi, biodome, unearthed
  • Winners 3: descent, veil, nexus
  • Losers 1: summit, veil, caged
  • Losers 2: jambi, descent, nexus
  • Losers 3: tram, biodome, unearthed
  • Losers 4: descent, mineral, nexus


Future Events and Other Info

We would like to ask for your feedback on future events you’d like to see. So far, we have had positive feedback on hosting more Draft Tournaments and even a Skulks with Shotguns tournament. If you have any other ideas or comments, please let us know on our Discord!

We are still in need of additional referees and casters for the upcoming Grand Open Tournament, so if you are interested, please reach out to either infamous, Pelargir or DCDarkling!

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