Season 16 Winners, SwS & more


Hello everyone,

It's been a while since the last news post, so this one will be a bit long.

Obituary: Danila Tlisov aka top

Sad news from NS1's side of the NSL. Please read more about it here if you have not yet read the post. Since this news is rather recent and significant, we did not wish to push it aside.

A lot has been going on with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Keep to your quarantines and maintain distance. Please be safe.


Season 16


We have received some useful feedback on Season 16 in its respective discord channel, and we can always use more! Please feel free to comment further if you feel there are still topics left to discuss. With that said, we'd like to officially announce the winners of Season 16.


First place - MACS N DRIFTERS  

  • Zafod
  • Wob
  • Katzenfleisch
  • Mnow
  • Dedech
  • RobP
  • Kmacg
  • marshmellow

Second place - all talk and no word  

  • Golden
  • y4mz
  • Wake
  • phone
  • herakles
  • Spring

Third place - CYB3RN3T1C B@@TS  

  • tap
  • Doggo
  • schu
  • Hyste
  • paddy
  • joshhhy


Future Events


Moving forward, we'd like to host several different types of events and would very much appreciate your feedback on each.


Season 17


Season 17 does not currently have a start date, as we are currently formulating new rules based on the feedback we have gotten so far. However, we would like to hear from the community if you would like to see a new season sooner rather then later.


Skulks with Shotguns Tournament


To have a bit of fun we plan to do a SWS tournament on Saturday, 2 May at 20:00CEST. The intention for this is to be a fun and laid back tournament. We will open signups for the tournament. The SWS tournament can be found here.

Matches will be played with teams of 5 players. Rosters will be capped at a maximum of 6 players.

Signups are until Thursday the 30th.

The goal is to do this more often if the community has a liking for it, so please feel free to give feedback after the tournament has ended. Since it will be a short tournament due to the nature of the mod, we are very willing to try different ideas for future SWS events.


Grand Tournament


Plans for another Grand Tournament have changed since the COVID-19 scourge has evolved. We still wish to host one in the future, but we do not expect this to be within the next month and a half.


Additional events.


Plans are being made for additional events such as another Newcomer Tournament. More details will be presented as the dates for this become final.


Comp Mod & Collision Mod


Comp Mod

You may have noticed that the NSL Comp Mod has been updated recently following the conclusion of Season 16. The balance team has been hard at work tweaking current balance, and Golden has been doing a great job executing these changes. If you wish to see exact changes, please check out the changelog here!


Collision Mod

Katzenfleisch has been hard at work programming a mod which fixes collisions between moving players, and it's reached a state of readiness to be released and is currently present on several NSL servers! This mod makes it so moving players, primarily skulks and lerks, no longer go through a marine as if he was a ghost.

The aliens will not deadstop and lose all momentum as in NS1--they will still slide around according to NS2's general collision mechanics, but it will be more noticeable now and should prevent the annoying ghost clipping that was happening before. Please try it and let us know your feedback!


Server move

Server will be moved somewhere on this week 18 (27.4-3.5). It is already one a new server but it costs too much (80 euros per month) so I'm moving to a another server. Both servers are much better than the old one and crashing issues should be gone. Also website is being updated in the background and soon there will be a major website update that includes lots of fixed and stability updates.

New server iP is:


If you are interested in any position, please contact DCDarkling on the NSL Discord via PM. Please note it can take some time to receive a reply.


Admin Staff  

We are looking for a new League Admin.

Infamous has decided to step down to an advisor role, so soon we will require a new league admin.



We are still looking for active referees. As matches are still being played across all timezones, we have no requirement for a referee to be in any specific timezone.

We will also be 'cleaning up' the referee pool and removing inactive referees.


Event team  

We are currently looking for event team members. Event team tasks include:

  • Giving feedback and advise on events.
  • Help organize and prepare events.
  • Run events.



We are in a better spot in terms of the amount of active casters. Still, if you are interested let us know.



Missed something on this list? Think you can help in a certain way? Do let us know.


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