Newcomer Tournament Rescheduled + S12 in Sight.

We want to start S12 at the beginning to mid October..   


You Can vote here+give feedback here about Maps:

What additional map you like to play in Season 12


Rule Rework for S12 is still on its way:

other people's ideas/feedback/changes are RED

Megas ideas are GREEN

Use the comment function of google docs to suggest add, change, or correct on it



How to Create a Team/Join a Contest (Season 12/Tournament):

How to Find a Team:

To see which teams have signed up for Season 12:


Newcomer Tournament RESCHEDULED :

We decided to do the Newcomer Tournament on the 30 September instead of the16th Septemberto give People more time to Prepare for it.



What is the Newcomer Tournament 2017 and what can I/we win ?

The Newcomer Tournament is an opportunity for all the players (rookie or veteran That didn’t play in a ENSL Season yet) to test their skill in a competitive environment balanced for 6vs6.

You can find a rundown of the differences between the normal and competitive balance (Comp Mod) at


Every participant receives as special treat a in-game badge. The teams that make it to the finals will receive either a first or second place badge. Everybody else that shows up and plays a match will get a participation badge. The badges may look similar to this:


Newcomer tournament will happen:

30 September 2017 start 19 CET / 13 EST till 23-24 CEST / 17-18 EST

1 October 2017 start 19 CET / 13 EST till 23-24 CEST / 17-18 EST

On the maps: Tram,  Veil,  Summit,  Biodome,  Descent


Please show up for the Tournament on 30 September 2017 at 18:30 CEST / 12:30PM

on the ENSL TS3 Server:


Channel: Newcomer Tournament 2017 ReadyRoom


Till when can I/we Sign up?:

Signups for the Tournament will end on the 29 September 2017 on  22:00 CEST / 16 EST


How do I Join Up ?

  1. Register an account at (This video explains the process till 2:32)

  2. Click here and click [Request to join]

  3. Introduce yourself and if you want to play with Friends in a Team mention it there. (IF YOU DON’T FIND YOURSELF IN THE LIST DON’T PANIC WE UPDATE IT DAILY)


How are the teams arranged ?

We will create team lists internally with these criteria:

  1. Nation/Continent (for low ping)

  2. Wants to play together with….

  3. Skill and if you will/can command


We will post a list of the teams here:

If people have complaints please voice them in the given forum thread and we will try to adjust the list accordingly.


How should i get used to 6vs 6 games ?

We strongly advise all players who wish to take part to read some

- Competitive NS2 tutorials in the Forum:

- And check out the Training Sessions Videos:


To test your then gained knowledge play some Gathers:

How to play Gathers

(They usually happen often from 20:00 CEST to 4:00 CEST)

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Administration Change

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Tournaments to prepare for Season 12

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Wrapping Up Season 11 & Summer '17 Events

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17th June 18 CEST Draft Tournament

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Organizational Changes

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Season 11 Playoffs + Draft Tournament

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Season 11 Status Update

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NSL Season 11 Begins!

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