Open Tournament 12 & Draft Tournament Announced!

This will be a long post, but we believe it's worth it!


The signups for the NSL Open Tournament #12 are now open! The rules for this tournament can be found here. Don’t forget that our Code of Conduct also applies to this event! Our #recruitment channel on our discord can still be used to help you find a team. The official standings during the tournament will be shared on Challonge, which can be found here. This tournament is slated to take place from Saturday, January 14th - Sunday, January 15th.


Additionally, we are excited to announce the December Draft Tournament which will take place December 17th - December 18th, and will be hosted by Wraith!



Draft Tournament Info:


A Draft Tournament enables all participants to play, and will be sorted into teams through a drafting process which will be hosted prior to the tournament starting. This is a great way to meet players in the NSL community and a fun way to dip your toes into competitive NS2! If you're interested, please sign up here by Thursday, December 15th.



For more specific details:


- Signups are now open and close on Thursday, December 15th

- You can sign up here

- During the Drafting Stage, Captains will pick players to play on their teams (Friday, December 16th)

- On both Saturday and Sunday, games will begin at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET

- Teams will play one another until one or two remain

- In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker Finals match will be held on Sunday, December 18th


Rounds to be played on Saturday (BO3):


Round 1: Tram, Summit

Round 2: Jambi, Biodome

Round 3: Veil, Nexus


Rounds to be played on Sunday will be in a BO5 format, and use the same pick/ban method as the Open Tournaments.



Open Tournament Info:

An Open Tournament allows everyone to participate with preformed teams to duke it out and see who can claim the top spot in the NS2 competitive community! The format of the tournament is double elimination, which means that a team has two lives and ceases to advance if they lose two matches. The Early Stage and Semifinals conclude on Saturday, January 14th,and the Finals and Grand Finals will take place on Sunday, January 15th. Maps and sides will be determined by a coinflip where the upper bracket team is heads, and the lower team bracket is tails.


Games will start on Saturday, January 14th at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET. Matches consist of up to two maps with three rounds played in total. The team that wins the coin toss decides whether they want to choose map and server or to choose Aliens/Marines first. Picked maps can only be one of the following (please note not all rounds may be needed):


Round 1 (First): Jambi, Veil, Tanith

Round 1 (Loser): Tram, Biodome, Origin

Round 2 (Winner): Unearthed, Descent, Nexus_Fixes

Round 2 (Losers): Jambi, Veil, Caged

Round 3 (Winner): Summit, Veil, Caged

Round 3 (Losers): Tram, Descent, Nexus_Fixes


The games on Sunday, January 15th will start at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET. The Losers Finals will be in a Best of 5 format, while the Grand Finals will be Best of 7. They consist of up to three maps with five rounds played in total. Both teams are allowed to ban 3 maps, and the team choosing the first map gets the first ban. Teams alternate in their ban choices until 6 maps have been banned in total and then proceed to alternate in picks of maps until 3 (4 in Grand Finals) maps have been chosen. Map bans are in effect until the conclusion of the series. Below you can find a larger map pool for the Semifinals, Finals and Grand Finals where picked maps can only be one of the following:















If this piques your interest, join or form a team and make sure to sign up by January 12th! Signups will be done on the NSL website, so please ensure your team is registered. If you have any questions or trouble with this, feel free to reach out to any NSL Admin or infamous directly.

infamous on 10 December 22 17:52



Blank Kopunga

so, like, vanilla summit? no ns2_summit_334 or ns2_summit_comp? just plain old vanilla?
same with tanith, descent and unearthed. no redline, rescent or butbetter?
okay. give vanilla maps some love, i guess...

10 January 2023, 22:12


Blank infamous | Champions of Div1

Redline is defunct, same with unearthed but better. Not sure about Rescent, would need to take a look at it for future tournaments if those changes benefit the map in a 6v6 environment

11 January 2023, 14:24


Blank Kopunga

Gotcha. Was just surprised mainly because of summit.

11 January 2023, 17:02


Blank GreenRex | Spikes n Swipes

I think people have given up on summit334. Seen map changes to just default summit for the past 2 months, kop.

11 January 2023, 23:48

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