General Information

We are a free-working organization founded in 2005 which has organized various competitions for the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. We now primarily focus on its successor, Natural Selection 2.

To contact us:

  1. Use the contact form
  2. Join our official discord
  3. Send email to the head admin as per the list below (mind that some email adresses are not shown due to privacy settings)
  4. Contact other staff members directly, check below and click profile for contact details


Username Email Task Age
Blank jiriki Provider & Webmaster 31
Blank Absurdon Website Contributor 26
Blank Pelargir Executive Admin 24
Blank infamous League Admin 26
Blank Jackson Communication Admin 35
Blank Grissi Advisor 31
Blank mirez Ombudsman 31
Blank Mephilles Event-Team 24
Blank Mega League Official 69


Username Email Task Age
Blank CRaZyCAT godsfoolcat (at) Referee 25
Blank caperp Referee 21
Blank Wob Referee 24
Blank dja Referee 2
Blank PoK Referee 23


Username Email Task Age
Blank Wob 24
Blank Tyr 26
Blank cabooble 33
Blank mortmann 25
Blank Agent_Six_of_Hearts 23
Blank loMe 30
Blank crowbar 28
Blank phone 29
Blank Marshmellow 17
Blank CmdrKeen 31
Blank Barns 32
Blank DCDarkling 35
Blank Jackson 35


Username Email Task Age
Blank mst3kld Classic Gather Moderator 34
Blank Mega Classic Gather Moderator 69
Blank paddy Classic Gather Moderator 34
Blank phone Invite Gather Moderator 29
Blank lame NS1 Gather Mod 27
Blank Gung-Ho Classic Gather Moderator 28
Blank jiriki NS1 Gather Mod 31
Blank crowbar Classic Gather Moderator 28
Blank Tweadle NS1 Gather Mod 29
Blank doctor NS1 Gather Mod 28
Blank slipknot NS1 Gather Mod 31


Username Email Task Age
Blank Mendasp NS2+ / NSL Maps (Creator) 33
Blank NotDragon NSL Mod (Creator) Coder 7
Blank rantology UWE Liaison 29
Blank chris Gather website Creator 32
Blank PandaClaws Gatherbot Creator 28
Blank Absurdon Website/Gather Coder 26
Blank ironhorse UWE Liaison 33
Blank phone Balance-Team 29
Blank Kmacg Balance-Team 24
Blank asdfg Balance-Team 20
Blank Simba Balance-Team 30


We cannot provide any support for the game. If you are looking for support contact the devs directly: