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Before following the next steps to run a competitive server, you need to know how to run a proper NS2 server. We advise you to check the official NS2 Wiki if you have any problem in that regard. You can also contact one of the developers on their official Discord server


First steps


  1. Join the NSL Discord to be tagged as “Server Op” and to be aware of future servers required updates. Admins can be contacted through Discord if you have any questions. 
  2. Modify your server file to name your server such as: ENSL.org | FR Comp #1. Make sure it uses “ns2nsl” as password. 
  3. Add your server on the ENSL.org server page to make it available for NSL gathers and history records. 


Required Mods


These mods should imperatively run on your server to be tagged as an official ENSL.org server. No other mod should be running to avoid potential mods conflicts. 



Required Maps


All the following maps should be available on your server.


    Vanilla Maps


Even if some of the following maps aren’t played in the League, they should be available. 


  • ns2_biodome
  • ns2_descent
  • ns2_veil
  • ns2_summit
  • ns2_tram
  • ns2_kodiak
  • ns2_eclipse
  • ns2_summit
  • ns2_caged
  • ns2_derelict
  • ns2_docking
  • ns2_refinery
  • ns2_mineshaft
  • ns2_unearthed


    Custom Maps


This list is subject to change in the future as the competitive map pool constantly evolves.


Mandatory files changes


Files models can all be found here (current configuration from the Thirsty Onos), including the Shine Administration files. 


Make sure to update your NSLConfig.json as follows: 











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