[TRELLO GUIDE] Trello Board Guide for beginners

2 May 2020
7 September 2021 - 21:25 CEST
Hey there,

I finally decided to upload a work of mine after a long time. I was planning to release this guide MONTHS ago but due to some inconvenience, as to losing interest in the game and getting bored from it, I postponed the project.

The game is just not as it used be back in good old times. Each game feels always the same and there are hardly any new updates coming from the Devs.

At least back then I had the luxury to spectate a variety of good players, competing whether it would be in a scrim, gather or even tournament while looking up to them and being at least entertained by something.......until all of them all left......

Sorry for bringing this up, I just wanted to get this off of my chest but without further to do let's get into the main topic of this post.

I would really like to implement a screenshot of the board but I think that would ruin the surprise so you might aswell and go check it out yourself here:


As said in the title above, this guide might not be helpful for people that are above the "beginner level". I am not gonna tell for which "tier level" it is considered, since I am not a big fan of the tierlists, I think they only tend to discourage people.

However I still think it's worth to be kept. The board contains articles, guides, videos and more stuff that is related to NS2 and the design is unlike any other sofar that people might have seen. It can be also used to navigate and find old articles, which you usually tend to search for ages through the NSL forum.

With that being said, I do not expect people to like it in the first place, I simply wanted to at least create something from my own hands and after procrastinating for so long, I finally took the dedication to complete it.

I doubt I will continue working on the guide but in case of spelling or context errors feel free to tell me.

NOTE: In order to see the thumbnails from the Youtube videos that I have included in the board, you need to be logged in a account, otherwise you will see only the ugly text link. Take your time to create an account if you don't have it yet for better visuals. Once done, start reading the very first left part.
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