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Draft Tournaments - August 23rd & 30th

Last month, in the first ever NSL draft tournaments, over 100 players were divided into 13 never before seen teams. Players ranging from Premier division skilled to pubbers who had NEVER played a 6 v 6 match competed side by side to see which rag tag upstart team would come out on top. In the North American / Australian Draft, Team Carnage prevailed, while Team Ownzor won the EU Draft.

August brings around another chance to form new teams and play this mixed format again. It's encouraged that you invite friends and new players who might be slightly interested in playing 6 v 6 competitive matches. It's a small time investment and not too much pressure to perform well.

BOTH draft tournaments will be held on the same weekends. Play begins on Saturday, August 23rd and 30th at 20 CEST for the EU Draft and 5PM PDT / 8PM EDT (Sundays, 10AM AEST) for the NA/AUS Draft.

The EU Draft will be held on Friday, August 22nd at 19 CEST.

The NA/AUS Draft will be held on Friday, August 22nd at 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT.

Basically, the same start and draft times as last month. Sign ups for both below:

EU Draft Sign Up & EU Draft Responses

NA Draft Sign Up & NA Draft Responses

If you're really a fan of this fun filled format, you may be able to play in both tournaments on different teams and be able to play an inordinate amount of matches those two weekends.

Nations Cup - September 6th & 13th

The highly anticipated annual Nations Cup will be held on Saturday, September 6th & 13th. Teams from every nation will battle it out to see which country will be named, "Best in NS2". The number of players from a normal team will not be limited on a national team. More than 1 national team may form. If a country has more than 1 team signed up, those teams will have to play a best of 5 match to determine which team represents that country in the group stage of the cup. These pre-qualifier matches must be completed before the start of the September 6th round robin stage. Round Robin / Playoff format follows.

Instructions on how to create a team and sign up are below.

Season 5 - Week 1 Starts September 27th

Although Season 4 ended less than two months ago, it seems like ages since we've had official matches or any activity. Have no fear, Season 5 starts soon! Sign up early and have your team seeded into divisions. A seeding/divisional list will be posted in a few weeks when we have more teams signed up. Let's make next season the best season.

Season 5 will be very interesting. With the work the Community Development Team has put towards performance and other server options and the continued effort of the Competitive Mod, it's almost a guarantee that we'll have an amazing experience.

Instructions on how to create a team and sign up are below.


If you don't have a team, it's easy to create one with the following steps. If you want to register a pre-existing team, skip to step 4.

  1. To create a team, register an account and go to Agenda -> Create a new team
  2. Get your players to register and tell them to Join your team in their Agenda.
  3. To accept your players on the team, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Members -> Change their status from Joining to Member, Leader, or Deputee.
  4. To join the tournament, go to Agenda -> Click your team name -> Edit (scroll down) -> Contests -> Join Nations Cup 2014 Sign Ups or NSL Season 5 Sign Ups.
  5. Check the Contest page for your team name to see if you've done it correctly.


This wraps up everything planned until the holiday season this year. More annoucements and concrete news will be posted as we get closer to the dates for Nations Cup and the start of Season 5. If you have questions about anything, PM me through the NSL website, message me on Steam, or leave a comment below.

Let's start playing!

Zefram on 3 August 2014 - 08:15 CEST

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Playoffs Begin

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Second Update of Comp Mod Live

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