S10Finals+ Newcomer Tourn.+ Need Coders+ Comp Mod

Season 10  Semis + Finals



The scheduled timeline for playoff matches and finals has been extended:

For Semifinals, the match deadlines are extended until the 15th of January.

For Finals, the match deadlines are extended until the 29th of January.


The winning teams from each division will be awarded with badges.

Upcoming Newcomer Tournament:



The purpose of this tournament is to introduce new players to our NSL Community.



When is the Newcomer Tournament?

We aim to have this Tournament on either 28th and 29th January or on 4th and 5th February. If you have a preference, please vote. We may end the voting Wednesday, 25th of January. You can vote for your preferred weekend here:



Where do I Join Up?


  1. Register an account at ensl.org This video explains the process till 2:32.

  2. Click here and click [Request to join]

  3. Introduce yourself and if you want to play with Friends in a Team mention it there. (IF YOU DONT FIND YOURSELF IN THE LIST DONT PANIC WE UPDATE IT DAILY)



Who can register?

All players who have not played in any of the Natural Selection League Seasons of NSL/AusNSL can participate.

Current NSL members / veteran players can offer their support as coaches and advisors but they themself cannot play unless they played only a partial season before.


Even if you already played in the Season, you can Register. You may still be able to play, just get in contact with us, and we will figure something out.

PS: We need coaches/Commanders for each team (unless they dont have their own ones.



But the fun starts when you are ready. You can Play Gathers!

We strongly advise that all players who wish to take part start playing some Gathers.

How to play Gathers:http://www.ensl.org/topics/1751

(They usually happen often from 20:00 CET to 4:00 CET)

This will give you a feel for fast-paced competitive 6v6 NS2 before the tournament!


Looking for suggestions for improvement as well as coders / contributors on Github



If you have a suggestion how to improve gathers, the season, the ENSL website, a rule or anything else, please post on the Forum

or/and write us on Discord: https://discord.gg/tHte2pS

or/and write us on Steam (add people here): http://www.ensl.org/about/staff.

You can also contact admins directly using the Contact Button on the ensl.org webpage.



It would be even better if you can code:


Gather Website (node.js > 4.0 and MongoDB)


SteamGatherbot (Visual Studio?)


Ensl Website (Ruby 2.23)



There are plenty of ideas for improvements. The ideas are just waiting on coders so please contact us if you can help! :)


Comp Mod evolution after the season:



We will be working on adding a section to the website to view comp mod changes.


All players are welcome to join the discussion for future comp mod changes by posting on the forums:


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