The Draft Teams! And Winner of Div2 Determined!

The Winner of Division 2 in Season 6 is...

Natural Erection_

In a Best of 7 struggle, they got the edge against element. Vindaloo has casted the whole 4.5+ hours madness and you can see it over there!


Draft Tournament

The teams for tomorrow's Draft got picked. Due to a massive increase of signups in the last 24 hours we have a nice turnout of 6 teams!

Remember that the tournament starts 19 CEST (Saturday). With 6 teams we will play a Round-Robin of 1 map (two rounds) each. This will still most likely bring us to 0 CEST at least for the last rounds.

The tournament will be concluded with a final between the top 2 teams of the group stage. Depending on time and availability of the affected players, we will decide, if this final will be played right afterwards or a week later (Sunday 5th for example).

I advise each team-member to get in contact with their teamleader beforehand, so you have no hustle finding your team 5 minutes before the games. When doing so, you might also sent him your wishes, when to play. Some of you might prefer the later or the earlier games. Tell your captain, so he can manage you accordingly.

And now, without further ado: the teams!

Team Cherimoya

Captain: Rollie Pollie

  • Alite
  • DaPony
  • Kmacg
  • Puzzle
  • Snix
  • spring
  • zRn

Team Platonia

Captain: MV

  • Aimee
  • Dean0saurus
  • lambo
  • Pulzz
  • Trademark
  • tudy
  • Tyrwing

Team Breadfruit

Captain: CrazyCat

  • chris
  • Hyste
  • migalski
  • Prommah
  • WizZzFizZz
  • Yojimbo

Team Duku

Captain: KingCovert

  • Hadesia
  • Ironfist
  • nordic
  • Sardine
  • SaveMe
  • Unique

Team Safou

Captain: loMe

  • Espa
  • infamous
  • Knox
  • Mega
  • SiberianHusky
  • simple

Team Salak

Captain: Zäföd

  • Absurdon
  • Dawei
  • DC Darkling
  • Furs
  • RayTracer
  • SmileOnDead


You can find the schedule and an overview of on the teams here. This will also be the document we update during the tournament, so you can check your standings.

GL & HF to everybody!

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