Season 11 Signups are NOW open!

Newcomer Tournament early 2017 THANK YOU ALL

First of all we would like to thank everybody who took part at last week’s Newcomer Tournament.

We hope both participants and spectators enjoyed it as much as we did.


In addition a special thanks goes out to Ixian, Luchs and Hoeloe who casted this event and every referee and admin.

Because without them this tournament would never have happened.



Season 11 Signups are now open - Time to Join Up!



Pros of signing up for Season 11:

  1. Play NS2 together with your friends.

  2. Play against similar skilled players/teams in each league’s division.

  3. Improve your in-game teamwork and enjoy NS2 at it’s finest.

  4. Improve your map awareness, decision making, time management and class/lifeforms play in competitive NS2.

  5. Get another fancy in-game badge.

  6. Earn your spot on the Hall of Fame of Competitive NS2:


So don’t be shy! Grab your team and sign up.


How to Create a Team/Join a Contest (Season 11/SwS Tournament):


How to Find a Team:


To see which teams have signed up for Season 11:


Season11 is estimated to start early/mid of March (usually on a Sunday) depends on how fast we get enough teams together and will take something from 2 to 3 months with around 1 match per week to freely schedule them through match pages.


Please sign up as early as possible so we can start playing seeding matches / talk about seedings and create / assign teams where its needed.


Skulks with Shotguns Tournament

We also have another event just waiting for you to sign up.

A Skulks with Shotguns tournament will be held if enough people are interested

We encourage you to try the mod on one of the following servers while you wait for a Gather:


Under the Arcade Tab in the Serverbrowser play on one of the following SwS Servers: - NA Comp #1

password: ns2nsl DE | SWS #2 Tuchanka

password: ns2nsl


How to Create a Team/Join a Contest (Season 11/SwS Tournament):


To see which teams have signed up for Skulks with Shotguns tournament:





If you want to get in Contact with us or/and other People.


post on the Forum

or/and write us on Discord:

or/and write us on Steam (add people here):


You can also contact admins directly using the Contact Button on the webpage.


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