S7 Finals, Season 8 and off-season planning.

Division Championship Schedule for Season 7:

The tentative schedule for the Season 7 Finals is as follows:

Division 1 - Lucky Chams vs Do it Yourself: Still being scheduled
Division 2 - Weld Mannered vs Handwashers: (delayed until next weekend) 
Division 3 - GIEF ROBOT vs potaTAW: Sunday @ 3:15pm EST // 21:15 CEST
Division 4 - Flightless Lerks vs Schicht im Schachht: Sunday @ 2:00pm EST // 20:00 CEST

Please check the calendar for any changes to the schedules. We will also update this news post as we learn more specifics.

Season 8:

Season 8 signups are still up, and we would like you to sign up for them since it will be another exciting season. You can signup for the contest until Friday the 27th of November at 23:59 PM CET. Since we haven't had any complaints about the format from this past season, we will use the same system to plan out Season 8.

Off-Season events:

The results have been checked, and the events will be laid out as followed:

Event: Open training night.

Date: Sunday, December 20th

Decided to move this back because of the finals this coming weekend.

You can officialy sign up here. We will have channels on teamspeak ready for you to jump in for marine positioning, fading, lerking etc depending on the form results. We will need experienced players for this who are willing to help out with several aspects of the game, so if you're interested please indicate that on the same form above. Hopefully we can get a few of the veteran trainers to stream so we can post the VOD to our forums for those who can't make the event.

Event: Draft Tournament.

Date: Sunday, December 27th

The format of a draft tournament consists of a pool of players that are drafted into a temporary team and battle eachother throughout the night until one team comes out on top. We'll be needing both captains and enough players for this to happen, it will either last both Saturday and Sunday, or just Sunday(depending on the numbers). If you'd like to sign up you can do so here.

Event: Night cup.

Date: Sunday, January 3rd

The Night cup will be simple event where you sign your team up to compete against all the other challengers. You will probably end up playing during the entire evening and maybe even into the night a bit. Again, it all depends how many teams sign up for it but I do intend to randomly seed every team and put every team in the same bracket.

Yaluzan on 19 November 2015 - 15:55 EET

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The Newcomer Tournament has come to an end!

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General Updates and the loss of a lineup

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Build 275 + Showmatch on Derelict (replays)

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