Build 275 + Showmatch on Derelict (replays)


While we didn't mean at first to promote CDT builds, we couldn't just ignore it after 6 months without any official update. This build brings lots of welcomed features and performances fixes. Enough to mention the first spectator view finally fixed. Hurray!
It's now live on Steam and you guys will be up to play and roam around the dark corners of Derelict for a moment. Whether you like it or not, your opinion will matter on this subject. Would you like to see it introduced in the next season? If so, please share any feedback you might have about this new map (downsides and advantages). If it's quite the opposite, still, go ahead. We'll be pleased to hear all your feedbacks.

Now comes the bunch of links:

Official News on UWE website

Follow the upcoming plans through the CDT Trello Board

For those who missed it, last week, a showmatch was organized by the NSL and Hugh from UWE. Both teams fought on Derelict before everyone else and had the opportunity to discover and approach in preview all the new arts and assets used to develop and design Derelict. The replays are now available on NS2HD, click on the following link to catch all the feedbacks from our two competitive teams that gloriously competed on this abandoned facility.

Enjoy the first ever 6 vs. 6 match on Derelict!

Pelargir on 29 July 2015 - 06:53 PDT

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