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Hey everyone!


GISP, one of our assets in NS2 community, playtester and NS2 forum moderator, is hosting a newbie tournament live in Copenhagen Games this week. Therefore, he received 200 free keys for new players to test out from Unknown Worlds at the LAN event and will host a on-the-fly tournament at the 16th April - all with players who never played NS2 so far. And there is even a small money prize pool for the winners on it.


To get a bit attention, it would be awesome to get these games casted and henceforth we'd need casters who have some free time tomorrow starting up from approx. 16:00 CEST. There is an info board in the forums for casters/refs who want to help out. Volunteers highly appreciated!


Remember, these games will be far from what we are used to see when we watch competvitive games - but hell, they might also be refreshing to watch and probably fun. Turret farms, gorge rushes, walker fades and in circle running onos - let's see how first time NS2ers play our beloved game. And of course, this is also a nice opportunity to spread the word a bit how much fun NS2 can be when played as organized 6v6 format.


We'll try to update links as soon as some casters signed up and will post the VODs afterwards as well. Due to the nature of this event, the format isn't decided until all teams (up to 8 max) are signed up during the LAN, so there is unfortunetaly no detailled time table available yet. All we know from now is that it will start around 16:00 CEST tomorrow and might end that day or carried on until 17th for the final games.


Simba renamed 4 of the NSL servers from EU to "Copenhagen Games #x", so be aware that those servers are reserved up to that point and will be renamed to their former names right after. The remaining NSL servers should be sufficient for the few matches and some PCWs during those 2 days.

blind on 15 April 14 06:06

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The Mod Formerly Known as the Balance Mod

A week ago, we announced potential changes that would go into the second iteration of the balance mod. This is just a quick reminder that we're still sifting through the feedback and welcome more. For those interested in playing a test version of the mod, a beta release was created for testing and debugging. This version has the final values and changes we'd like to implement. You can install this on your server to try out the changes while the kinks are worked out and before it goes live. You can find it here:

NS2 Comp Mod Beta (NS2b) - ModID ec5a96e

Comp Mod Changelog

We'll be tentatively pushing out this second update after the end of next weekend, on Sunday night or Monday. Matches up to that point should be played with the live version of the Comp Mod - ModID e5ffa15.



The Week 3 match deadline is quickly approaching. The last day to play those matches is Tuesday, April 15th. The Week 4 match deadline is Tuesday, April 22nd.

The season is almost halfway done for Division 2 through 4 and a few have asked how the playoffs will work. Nothing new for this season. We'll take a week break after Week 7. Then the top 4 teams in each grouping will move on to the playoffs brackets for 3 weeks of playoffs consisting of a quarterfinals, semifinals, and final. Tentatively, the weekends of May 17th, 24th, and 31st.

A few teams have been unresponsive in their match pages. Please remember to make comments for scheduling. Also, if your team has planned to disband this season, please notify me so we can get those matches out of the way and help other teams plan the rest of their season.

Lastly, I'd like to remind every person again that if you participate in the NSL in any capacity, as an admin, a referee, a caster, or a player to READ THE RULES. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a full understanding of the rules and how to conduct ourselves and matches. It makes for a smoother and more fun league.

Zefram on 14 April 14 04:52

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Balance Mod - Go Big or Go Home Edition

Wow, did we have a packed weekend at the NSL or what? Over a dozen matches were played and casted during the span of 3 days! That's a lot of rounds to keep track of and thanks to our new web development team, we've got an easy way to keep up with the action. If you look over to the right hand side of the website, you'll notice a widget that says "Match Schedule". It'll show us scheduled match times and their casters. It even displays the scheduled times in the time zone that you're logged in from! Great job from csm for creating the widget and many thanks to Pelargir, Simba, and the rest of the staff for keeping the schedule up to date. It's just the first of, hopefully, many changes that will trickle out as we work towards a total revamp of this decade old site. Thoughts and suggests for features can be put here.


Another rule revision for clarity:

  • Rule 3.i.i. - Pauses. Added instruction on how to initiate the pause function during matches.


We'll wrap up with a request for continued feedback on the balance mod. The list of proposed changes for the second iteration is massive and much too long for a single news post. We're hoping to release a live update with these changes in a week or so. Here's a link to the proposed changes and the abridged intro from the balance team.


Some of the changes currently in the live balance mod can be considered emergency triage. Some (like the alien tech tree cost reductions, the fade blink energy reduction) were bandaids with the goal of immediately improving some of the most glaring balance issues.

The patch notes here can be intimidating, but it’s important to consider that the overall goal of this patch is to further streamline and hopefully eliminate many of those previous glaring issues in a much more in-depth manner, opening up more choices in gameplay, and addressing some previously frustrating gameplay mechanics.
Feedback and suggestions on these patchnotes are encouraged, but please keep in mind that if you do have a suggestion or criticism, you need to provide well thought out reasonings for it. Just saying “this is bad” or “add/change this” without the reasoning behind it will not get your ideas the consideration or respect they deserve.

Your participation is crucial.

Please read carefully, consider, and comment here.

Zefram on 07 April 14 04:44

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The Weeks & Balance Mod Part Deux

Although the balance mod changelog in the previous post was totally fabricated and a lame attempt at an April Fool's prank, what isn't lame has been the participation we've had so far into the season. Teams have played or soon will be playing Week 1's matches. Most of Week 2's matches are scheduled and we're heading into Week 3 this weekend. Please, don't delay planning your matches. Many thanks to the NSL staff who came out in droves and have casted and refereed every single one of these games. Our trusty web team will be getting a widget up soon that will display all of the scheduled matches and the casters assigned to those matches. Look for it on the sidebar.


Week 1 (March 22nd) match deadline is April 6th. Extra days allotted for first week.

Week 2 (March 29th) match deadline is April 8th

Week 3 (April 5th) match deadline is April 15th


Feedback for the balance mod has been tremendous. All of the posts have been read and considered. We'll be introducing the next set of ideas for community feedback after this weekend with implementation sometime after that. A new thread will be opened for Part 2 on Monday. In the meantime, keep dissecting the current set of changes and help shape the balance mod.

Zefram on 03 April 14 10:05

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More Balance Mod

The opening week of Season 4 has been a resounding success. Thanks to the NSL staff who somehow managed to cast and referee EVERY single game. Many thanks also go out to teams. You scheduled and played every single (2 more to play this week) Week 1 match. I commend us and am thrilled that games are being played and we're getting back into the groove of things. Let's keep this momentum going into Week 2. Deadlines for Week 2 matches is April 8th.

As we continue our goals to create a useable balance mod, I'd like to introduce our next set of changes. As always, please provide feedback in the forums.

  • Lerk hitpoints increased to 200. Armor increased to 150
  • Lerk biterate increased slightly
  • Onos boneshield now gives invulnerability from all sides
  • Fade start with shadowstep
  • Fade structure damage increased to 85 damage

Zefram on 01 April 14 17:03

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Match Schedule
Friday, 18 April

Div 1: Gnarcolepsy vs. Virtual Dejection (

00:00 CEST

Div 2A: Vexta vs. Intent. (

13:00 CEST

Div 1: Singularity vs. Ant (

23:00 CEST

Saturday, 19 April

Div 3A: Frequency vs. Vexta Ω (

20:00 CEST

Sunday, 20 April

Div 4A: She-Wolves vs. M.A.C.S. (

21:00 CEST

Shoutbox & Match search
[00:10] Ixian: Streaming the new map NS_mineral (gather) at the singing skulk!
[21:02] Ixian: onFire vs Virtual Dejection now at
[01:38] Revilo: FREEEEEE MOZA
[00:04] manatee: join the gather gogo
[23:19] blind: Copenhagen Games Newbie Tournament -
[22:09] Mega: sorry caps..
[20:30] Loulebe: pcw against vD !!?

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