Season 11 Final Preparations

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The closing time of the poll will be:

00:00 PDT 23rd

08:00 CET 23rd

10:00 Moskow time 23rd



NSL wants you!

For the upcoming season 11 we have a lot of new and old teams participating.

Even though this is really nice it also produces an urgent problem:


We need more casters and referees to cover as many matches as possible.

(You can be Caster and Referee but you can only do 1 thing during a Match)


Therefore we are currently in need of more staff (casters and Referees).


As a Caster your see the Match with no delay ( But Stream with delay )

You can Cast/Cocast with your best bud.

You can Promote your own channel or use the NSLTV channel. (you might even be able to host your channel afterwards for a short time)

As a Referee your the LAW for a Match your limited by the Rules but you can also see the Matches with no delay.

A big Thanks from most People doing this job will be sure.


If you are interested read the following requirements and fill out the application:



Requirements for Casters:

  1. Have a free accessible stream (no azubu or idk) where you stream with 3 minute delay

  2. Be as unbiased as possible on casting, respect all players, no ghosting, no politics or other non game related stuff. Also don't use the casting as advertisment area for you personal agenda.

  3. Try to cover as many different games as possible. (Don't cast 1 game with 3 casters and the other game not at all) Also cast as often as you can. Inactive casters are going to be removed from the list as fast as possible.


Requirements for Referees:

  1. Always stay professional and calm when acting in an official manner

  2. The NSL is composed of many different nationalities, therefore you need to be able to speak and write understandable english

  3. Know the rules! you don’t need to know them down to the finest detail but you will need to backup your decisions by referring to the rules (this implies you are able to find a specific rule when referring to it)

  4. Be able to make independent decisions in a timely and fair manner. (you are justice for your match.) (but that also means when making a mistake be able to admit and acknowledge it)

  5. Stay unbiased at any given point in time when acting in your role as a referee

  6. Be able to record gameplay in a reasonable high quality and upload as VOD later

  7. Act as a referee as often as you can. inactive referees are going to be removed from the list as fast as possible

You got problems finding a Team ?

We created a Google form to effectively seed you on a Team or create with your help new Teams: .


Who filled it out yet:


If you’d prefer to do this the old fashioned way, the Recruitment forum is here:

Mega_noComm on 22 March 2017 - 01:44 CET

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