General Information

We are a free-working organization founded in 2005 which has organized various competitions for the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. We now primarily focus on its successor, Natural Selection 2.

To contact us:

  1. Use the contact form (you must be logged in)
  2. Visit our IRC channel #ENSL on Quakenet.
  3. Send email to the head admin as per the list below
  4. Contact other staff members directly, check below and click profile for contact details

You can check some statistics about the ENSL here: ENSL Statistics


Username Email Task Age
Fi jiriki jiriki (at) Provider & Webmaster 28
Gb csm luke (at) Webmaster 25
Fr Sephy dom.sephy (at) Gather Admin 29
Nl Yaluzan himitsuyaluzan (at) Admin Guide 18
Us loMe bflail (at) Admin Guide 27
De Espa tch.geiger (at) Teamspeak 3 Admin 30
Us Tico aschafer979 (at) Admin 21
Us Zavaro zavaro (at) Admin 26
Us mst3kld mst3kld (at) Gather Moderator 31


Username Email Task Age
Cz Vindaloo vind4loo (at) Referee 30
Nl Yaluzan himitsuyaluzan (at) Referee 18
Se ryssk philipp.kirjonen (at) Referee 25
Fr Sephy dom.sephy (at) Referee 29
Ru LolkaBot vavanych (at) Referee 29
Ru CRaZyCAT godsfoolcat (at) Referee 22
De Espa tch.geiger (at) Referee 30
Ru 101 3dspaun (at) Referee 29
Ee Spring toots.hannes (at) Referee 18
Gb OblivionSupa commentsdisqus (at) Referee 26
Us Tico aschafer979 (at) Referee 21


Username Email Task Age
Us wasabione ns2 (at) /naturalselection2 31
Cz Vindaloo vind4loo (at) 30
Us RedDog stingreddog (at) 34
Us Feathermonster jkanne (at) 28
De tudy tudybeck (at) 31
Dk Hefty tnaandersen (at) 28
Gb Wob robertslaurenson (at) 21
Ru artem bannikov.artyom (at) 28
Gb Cr4zy me (at) 25
Us tagwolf furrious (at) 33
Dk Ixian tripel-j (at) /thesingingskulk 22
Gb Prommah prommah (at) 2000
Ch Hoeloe denishohl0 (at) 26
Ch Luchs cougarism (at) 31
Dk PinkTurtle lucas.w.nielsen (at) /army_of_amy 22
Se Tyrwing aldenjonathan92 (at) 23
Ca cabooble cabooble (at) 30
Au NS2HD hugh (at) /naturalselection2 20
Ca Kaneh Deus_Kobayashi (at) 29
Us Raydiana xdkxnuke (at) 21
Us schu shoester (at) 28


Username Email Task Age
Es Mendasp mendasp (at) NS2+ / NSL Maps (Creator) 30
Af NotDragon token (at) NSL Mod (Creator) 4
Us rantology drak (at) Comp mod / PDT Contact 26
Is Grissi gretar_87 (at) Competitive Balance Mod 28
Us Simba taekwonjoe01 (at) Website 27
Us Zefram dyphan (at) Hivemind 66
Ca Lalo quabazi (at) Artwork/Media Stuff 29
Ca Kaneh Deus_Kobayashi (at) NA Servers Operator 29
Gb chris cablanchard (at) Website Helper 29
Fr Pelargir pelargir.lsa (at) Pillar of the French 22
De tudy tudybeck (at) NS2News 31