NS1 Gather

NS2 gathers have moved to gathers.ensl.org. This page is for the real game.

Gather finished, join the Server and TeamSpeak 3.

Maps: ns_origin, ns_lucid
Server: Sputnik-3 NY- U,S & A ( ; password = )

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Saint 19:18
of not wanting this and is also working nightshift, so may not be around to pick
Saint 19:18
while the obvious replacement is jiriki, who tied gohan in votes
Saint 19:18
like this is a fucking joke
saint for administrator 2021
Saint 19:19
my first action would be to uncomm mp at crucial medpack moments
BatraxJr 19:22
So much logic from a drunkard social science student
BatraxJr 19:23
Shame on jiriki
Gohan 19:25