NSL Summer Cup #1 Group D

Friday 9 August 2013
22:00 CEST

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o Victory

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Blank Noname | o Victory

i heard you guys can't play at the match time
let's make new schedule then

we can only play at after 10pm to 2am
at the weekday
and that's 6am~10am pdt

my time is 16 hour faster
so you said you can play at the sunday 7pm

that's monday 11am to us most of the ppl in work

9 August 2013, 10:55


Blank Noname | o Victory

leave the comment with time you can play

9 August 2013, 13:59


Blank Noname | o Victory

sry. only 4 ppl available. every ppl got a job with different times. what a trash team.
and we just finished the game at 5am and next match was with you guys... it's fine to stand another night for you guys
but you can't so

im trying to make a new schedule with 17th saturday 1pm
i think i have to get more teammates for this

it's 16th friday 9pm to you guys

and you should really use this page when we set the match time http://www.ensl.org/matches/5199
promoter and caster keep checking our match times so they may give us proper times or forfeiture

9 August 2013, 23:59


Blank RedDog

Flacy is correct here. Match comments must be used in match time confirmation

10 August 2013, 00:05


Blank mungap

we can play 6am ~ 11am PDT on weekdays
plz reply here or contact oV teammates

11 August 2013, 15:36


Blank Noname | o Victory

btw time is not that matter if we can use merc

12 August 2013, 08:40

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