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What is a Gather?
These are pick-up games where you can sign up to play a competitive 6v6 NS2 game with other players from the league.

Does one need to be good to play in these gathers?
Nope, anyone who understands basic English and is willing to listen is welcome to join. Sometimes experienced players can get a bit frustrated with beginners but it’s okay, we've all been through that path before. It would be a good idea to let people know that you are new to competitive games when you join up.

What does a competitive match consist of?
By participating in a Gather you're committing yourself to playing a 6v6 match on one map. You will play one round on Aliens and one round on Marines. If you need to leave at any point for some reason you MUST find a replacement or risk receiving a temporary ban from Gathers, so make sure you have enough time before signing up for a Gather.

So how do I sign up for a Gather?
All you need to do is create an account with see here how, click the "Gathers" tab at the top of the page and click the "Click to join Gather!" button at the bottom of the page. From there you can vote on 1 server to play on and 2 maps. The gather will start once 12 people sign up (which can take a while). You need to keep the Gather page up in your browser or it will automatically remove you. If you something comes up and you can't play, be sure to remember to click the "Leave Gather" button. Once 12 people join up you will hear a song play from the page and at this point you will be prompted with voting on a captain. This is the time when people start connecting to our TS3 server that is posted on the Gather page. Find the NSL Gathers channels and join the appropriate channel based on which team you were placed on. From there you just need to join the appropriate server and wait for it to begin (all the info will be displayed after teams are picked).

I've included a couple pictures to help new players understand the Gather system a bit more.


If you see this Message go back to the

AND register yourself an account like this link.

Then say hello in chat on (4) and join with the Button (5) "Join Gather"

After you pressed "Join Gather" it is then "leave Gather" in case you got to go click it.

After the Teams got Picked look under Archived Gathers for all the information's
TS3 Channel and address (7) also the NS2 Server (8) (unless People on TS3 say to join an other Server)

Final Tips
1. Make sure you read the Gather Rules Page before starting.
2. Listen to what your captain and commander tell you.
3. Let everyone know that you are new to competitive NS2.
4. Remember Gathers are a meant as a fun way to practice! Don't take it too seriously!

If you have any questions about feel free to leave a comment with your question below. Good luck!
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