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United States of America
29 June 2014
7 June 2017 - 02:15 CEST
"During the CanMercForFinals vs seize & decyst match, at least 8 players kicked the referee from the server in order to play a map they were not supposed to play. This is considered to be disrespectful behaviour towards the official... The players who initiated the voting process to remove the referee will not be allowed to play in the semi-final match."

This is horse shit btw. My team will be fine without me, but by principle this ban is bull.

There was never any intent to disrespect the ref. I don't know why I have to explain this 10x but the reason I vote kicked Ololoi was because it was literally 10 seconds after he said "you will have to vote kick me." Say what you want about Bauer vote kicking him 2x before Ololoi said that, but for me the circumstances of vote kicking him are different. I've already wrote 1000 words on why it came down to vote kicking him, but essentially it came down to, in our thinking, that Ololoi felt like he didn't mind not playing Mesh, but that he felt he had to uphold his reputation so he said "kick me." As a rookie ref, he probably has not experienced something like this and the admins failed to help resolve the issue.

Kicking him was not a sign of disrespect. Did I type "cunt" after the vote succeeded? Did I blast him on my stream in any way? Did I call him any names during or after the DQ?

The fact is all parties could have handled the situation better - both teams, the admins, and the ref. I'm not putting blame on Ololoi, but like I said, he's a rookie ref and this could have been handled better, and the admins didn't help him in any way. I've already admitted that the way we handled it was not the best way and it was no way intended as disrespect to Ololoi, but a means to play our match without further delay since he resorted to stonewalling.

But what happens after all this? Ololoi gets promoted to Admin, I get DQ'd from first playoff match, and NOTHING is said about Kashilles overreacting and DQ-ing two teams entire performance over a season for such a minor violation. ????????? Can you explain yourself?????? that might help with your bid for transparency.

Furthermore, Mesh hasn't even been removed from the playoff pool! I know that we can ban the map for the playoffs, but why should we have to waste one of our bans on an incompetent map? If you have questions for why its incompetent see my post on the DQ news page.


29 September 2013
7 June 2017 - 19:38 CEST
Just a warning this is still a ban appeal channel only lome and NSL staff is allowed to post here
United States of America
9 March 2014
9 June 2017 - 00:46 CEST
Thanks for your post.

In summary the ruling will stand.

The fact of the matter is that was an official match for all intents and purposes. The ref, casters and others volunteered their time to support you, your team and our community. Your decision to start the vote-kick directly led to your punishment.

Were there other inappropriate antics in addition to yours? Yes. Force changing the map to ns2_mineral and completely undermining the referee, for instance. But that does not negate your actions.

You seem unable or unwilling to recognize that.

Had you not started the voting process, the ref would not have been kicked. It was disrespectful no matter how you try to spin it. I was hoping you could see why it's not OK to vote kick the staff during officials, instead of trying to justify it with "1000 words".
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