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27 August 2015
8 December 2017 - 00:46 CET
There are two rules involving exploiting that were added/modified in that were not announced, but are important that alien commanders need to keep in mind for this season.

The first rule is a clarification on the first exploiting rule:

(i) Intentionally place structures in places where it is reasonably clear that the structure is out of the bounds of normal play on a map (For example, on top of wall geometry). Inside of immobile structures is considered out of the bounds of normal play.

So basically this refers to intentionally walking pve inside of an rt multiple times so that the damage is absorbed by the rt hitbox rather than the pve in question.

The second rule is a new rule regarding infesting through walls to damage marine structures on the other side:

(iii) Cyst places in such a way that infestation through a wall damages marine structures
Alien comms will be told by refs to destroy the cyst in question, failure to do so within a reasonable amount of time may result in a forfeited round

This usually applies to nanogrid, but happens on some other maps as well.

Both the exploits covered by these rules are quite rare so won't come up often, maybe like once a season, but they're nonetheless important to keep in mind as they may result in round forfeits or replays. A rare exploit is still an exploit and having a rule is better than no rule. There have already been discussions on these forums about these rules, so please discuss this on either discord or the original thread.
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