ENSL Update!

I'm sorry for all clans that ended up in disputes today. It's been put pretty clear now that we cannot continute ENSL without referees. So, I would like anyone that is willing to help us out, to message me or frG on IRC, to become a ref. Basicly if there is no HLTV present, we will need you to spectate the game, in case of any problems occuring. Also, if a team does not ready within the new rule time-limits (shown below) you need to be available on IRC for anyone to message you. I've already gotten some good response from people wanting to become refs to help us out and it's greatly approciated!

(Rules Update)

"From the moment the last team has 6 players connected to the server, both teams will recieve a maximum of 20 mintues to type "ready". This applies to all rounds, unless both teams agree of some sort of break. If players leave the server, they need to be back within 15 minutes. If a team does not follow these rules, please contact a referee to come on the server and force ready or sort the problem.

For example: -Team A- joins the server with 6 players. -Team B- joins after 15 minutes with 6 players. Both teams now have 20 minutes to type ready."

B1 on 15 October 06 20:49

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By: scratchie on 15/Oct/06 21:26
lets start playing d[o_0]b__'..'
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 15/Oct/06 23:27
"maximum of 20 mintues"
Could i have some mints?
By: 360ms on 16/Oct/06 09:19
35 mins pregame :S
By: yEnS on 16/Oct/06 09:41
we still waiting for the forfeit mate. invicta have broken the rules and they must pay for it.
By: Nerdish ( NewStyleD Return ) on 16/Oct/06 09:44
35 mins waste of hltv capacity, that is, as shown yesterday, urgently needed.
By: Invasion on 16/Oct/06 10:57
yEnS, shut your mouth. Have some sportmanship - this whine is just ridiculous.
By: yEnS on 16/Oct/06 11:08
ridiculous is the situation of b1 yesterday, who joins and left in the same hour to invicta, like hikzs lol.
By: Hickz on 16/Oct/06 11:46
go back to retard school and learn english
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 11:48
why dont you just shut up now that score is right ok.
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 12:20
first map = 1-1

2nd map inv had zaiko to play, but i allowed hickz to join and play (which was the mistake). hence making pirates rage and not want to play. inv did nothing wrong, I did and since pirates doesnt want to play against inv any other time... the result for the 2nd map is 1-1.

so total = 2-2

since your team also agreed on this on the server and yes we do have alot of witnesses to back this up. this is now final. (and hickz wont be allowed to play in invicta)
By: Fana ( Archaea ) on 16/Oct/06 12:32
Not trying to argue anything here, I just don't understand: Why can't Hickz play for Invicta?
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 12:36
From the rules: "If a player leaves or folds a team, they can't join another team until the end of the season, unless a Head Admin approves of it."

So basicly I can allow him to play for them, but its too harsh i guess. He should be playing in Premiere Leauge.
By: JetJagusaurus on 16/Oct/06 12:58
can the other head admins refuse another head admins desition and kick you out of nl then b1?
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 13:01
im playing in a premier league clan, so its not quite the same situation.
By: JetJagusaurus on 16/Oct/06 13:04
was just an exaple, just wanted to know if the desition of one admin always is final, or if it can be over ruled.
By: kurze ( Velvet Coat Squad ) on 16/Oct/06 13:07
lame :s
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 13:07
well we have 3 admins so im pretty sure 2 beats 1.
By: JetJagusaurus on 16/Oct/06 13:10
k, just wanted to know, since some players/teams prefer using loopholes than fair play
By: ben on 16/Oct/06 13:27
By: yEnS on 16/Oct/06 13:32
b1 said yesterday that Hickz will play the ensl season with Invicta, he was the 6 player that Invicta didnt have, and now, he leaves? hahaha explain this b1 please
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 13:33
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 13:36
zaiko was their 6th player (legally), but since i allowed hickz to play zaiko left to play some quakeworld. And my desision was changed by admins to not let hickz play for a 2nd div clan. Since your team refused to play and did accept the 2-2 result, i suggest you quiet down a notch.
By: Invasion on 16/Oct/06 13:37
By: yEnS on 16/Oct/06 13:40
(16:38:08) (pirate`yEnS) we want to play
(16:38:08) (pirate`yEnS) the last map
(16:38:11) (Zamma`emo) Okay.
(16:38:14) (Zamma`emo) well finally

By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 16/Oct/06 13:43
nice one rofl. locked.

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