Week 3 : 2nd Division Predictions by Maxx

Here are the predictions for ENSL WEEK 3 for the 2nd Division.

Maps: ns_metal / ns_veil


Hello there! Maxx here, standing in as predictor for Slizer this week, so lets get right to it shall we?

After two weeks of play 2nd Div has seen kE jump to the top of the table with a strong lead, and while this week won't see a shift in the leader position, several teams will be aiming to somewhat close the gap. Week two was rather disappointing activity wise, with el'pheer dropping out of the competition and the pirates vs !mpulsive match ending up unplayed. As I write this, only one match out of three has been scheduled, but hopefully things will pick up before the day ends, come on guys get to it!


Rainbow (0-1-0) vs !mpulsive (0-1-0)
Impact Players:
Rainbow: SlayerX (Fade), Bugstah!, tjo
!mpulsive: No idea

I can't say that I know much about !mpulsive infact I know absolutely nothing about them other than they drew with PreVerT, so my prediction is based entirely on what I know about Rainbow and the single above mention statistic. Rainbow may have lost several players but their lineup remains strong and having the ping on their side Rainbow is likely to take at least one marine round, while the alien rounds should be a formality.

Rainbow 3 - 1 !mpulsive


Keen Edge (2-0-0) vs pirates team (0-1-0)
Impact Players: C3P0, NyCeR, vara
Keen Edge: Player (fade), Danster (shotgun), terra (fade), Arj (comm)

An important match for kE that will either see them extend their lead or lose some ground. Pirates boast a large roster filled with some well known players and if their game is anything like Armless we are going to see some strong pressure in their marine rounds, but a somewhat weaker alien performance. kE on the other hand have a balanced marine and alien game, as well as the ability to make comebacks from rather tough situations. If kE won't get their fades fast enough I can see the pirates taking one marine round though.

Keen Edge 3 - 1 pirates team


Good Luck Fuck You (0-0-1) vs PreVerT (0-1-1)
Impact Players:
Good Luck For You: csm (fade), Saderi (fade/marine), Aleksi (shotgun)
PreVerT: breasthound (fade), Frank0 (fade)

This should be an interesting match, PreVerT (who I have been mistakenly calling PerVerT for the last two weeks) may have lost outright to kE last week, but put up a great fight on Origin. I was especially impressed with their fades and its those fades that may prove to be too much for the rather disorganised GLFU marine round. As for aliens though, GLFU should take both rounds without too much trouble. The odds are in favour of GLFU and a lot will depend on weather they can best those fades and pull off at least one marine victory. My prediction stands at a draw, but I do think that GLFU has a chance to get those hives down, especially on veil.

Good Luck Fuck You 2 - 2 PreVerT

B1 on 29 October 06 08:32

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By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 29/Oct/06 08:45
damn spaniards better show up -.-
By: scratchie on 29/Oct/06 09:15
nice maxx,
By: Arj ( Ant ) on 30/Oct/06 02:30
I suggest Maxx does the predictions from now on, at least these make sense :P
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 30/Oct/06 07:15
By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 31/Oct/06 13:59

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