Week 5 : Beginners Div Predictions by scratchy

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Last week only contains 1 match. cG folded for a reason, they were probably bored of losing. I hope they play again next season and finish it aswell. Last week wasnt that exiting aswell, AdreNaLiNe wanted a forfeit against CgS who couldnt field 6 on saturday. Ofcourse a clever move because they wouldnt be in the final otherwise. Although this isnt quite fair to this division as they are by far not the strongest but are sure of a spot in the final.


mPr-crew (1-1-0) 3 - 1 Come get Some (0-1-1)
Impact players:
mPr.: Vlad Dracul (lerk) & GuMMI.dk (fade)
CgS : MagMa (fade) & everyones strong bunnyhop.

AdReNaLiNe is leading with 7 points which gives them a spot in the final. There opponent depends on the results of mPr. vs CgS. Lets go through the possible results and the cause of these.

mPr. 4 - 0 CgS:
Mpr finishes as nr. 1 in the division playing against nr. 2 Adrenaline.

mPr. 3 - 1 CgS and mPr. 2 - 2 CgS:
Will have the same results because they still are 1 point ahead of Hells-Militia.

mPr. 0 - 4 CgS:
Adrenaline becomes nr.1 and Hells Militia with Come get Some on a shared 2nd place with both 6 points.

Too bad for CgS and H|M, but a 4-0 for Mpr. is unlikely to happen, unless mPr is unable to field 6 on time. Mpr has showed more activity then CgS which gives them a huge advantage because most CgS guys have only played 1 match. CgS still has some strong lifeforms which will make it hard for Mpr-crew. Although the very unorganised teamplay and the level of experience of CgS makes it a huge struggle to start playing in shape. RT's being dropped in the wrong places or not dropped at all, a late 2nd hive and late MC's are things that could probably happen. If CgS plays well and everything goes as planned there able to get a draw with 2 alien wins out of this. Mpr has a strong alien aswell with Vlad dracul lerking and gummi fading. CgS will be totally owned on their marine rounds.

I didn't expect any of the above things by the start of this season. I hoped CgS would show more activity so they'd able to do a lot more damage to other teams. Hells Militia played better and better, also thanks to the sphere-ns clan! Adrenaline got a spot in the final which is very unfair against mpr-crew and Hells Militia since they are the two best clans of this division. I hope Adrenaline gets bashed with a 4-0 begging for mercy and regretting the forfeit on CgS. I'll see you on the next prediction for the finals!

mPr-crew 3 - 1 Come get Some

B1 on 12 November 06 16:21

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By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 12/Nov/06 16:48
Umm.. wouldnt all points gotten from cG be removed now, that they folded?

Meaning, -3points for the spaniards..
By: scratchie on 12/Nov/06 17:05
good point, all the cG points are still there. cG didnt play mPr crew yet.
By: GrN on 12/Nov/06 17:10
whit cG have ten points, but now cG is removed now got seven...

mPr can win easy the div.

Good luck for both teams.
By: scratchie on 12/Nov/06 17:17
All the points are correct!
By: Johs on 12/Nov/06 18:26
I have predicted the same, so nice prediction ;) Mpr will win the div easily. Whoever decided to put them in beginner div dont have a clue
By: scratchie on 12/Nov/06 18:32
by far not easily. activity made them win it.
By: Snix on 12/Nov/06 23:15
pred was wrong zOMG!
By: Johs on 13/Nov/06 02:25
By: scratchie on 13/Nov/06 02:51
why i attract random trash talkers like a bigbanana?!
By: GuMMIdk on 13/Nov/06 08:35
Cos dantards are good in bed?--- u should really consider to stop playing dota with ure girlfriends XD!

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