Sorry for the late post, but just to inform you about this week. This is obviously the 6th Week for 1st Division, but 2nd division has a mopup-week this week. Semi-Finals will be played next week with team-decided maps (1 map per team). Now this week you can replay any forfeits or unplayed games, which are listed below:

2nd Division - Group A

Team Noname - Orchid
Orchid - Vital
blackPoint - NS-Force
Domicide - blackPoint
Team Noname - blackPoint

2nd Division - Group B

Quaxy - Avalanche
Hell's Militia - Quaxy
Avalanche - TTS

Please take use of this ENSL Clan Leaders -steam community or team's IRC channel. If neither are not working, please contact admins.

ENSL Staff
jiriki on 31 May 08 10:37



Us hitokiri

Hell's Militia - Quaxy
{H|M} - Quaxy

we get to play quaxy twice? =p

31 May 2008, 11:10


Fi Bacillus | Quaxy

Big respect for Rainbowfish and HM squad for patiently trying to schedule the match. Most of the clans would've forced the match already. Hopefully everything goes smooth this weekend.

31 May 2008, 17:40


Be dAn00b

Big respect for every clan in div2b tbh. Almost every clan has tried their best to avoid forfeits + everyone has acted really respectful and fairplayish. :p

1 June 2008, 06:03


Ie Admirable | coolclan

Except for those dirty multiclanners! ;D

1 June 2008, 08:47


Fi jiriki | old people

Yeah well done Div2B, almost all games played again. =)

1 June 2008, 13:31


Be dAn00b

I guess I'll take my words back XD.

1 June 2008, 17:11


Hk doctor | Team Four

so much for the mop up, did any games actually get played? =]

4 June 2008, 08:02

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