NSNC14 Signups Closed, Voicecoms and stuff

Ladies and Gentlemans!

I am proud to announce the Fourteenth Nightcup is taking place in our little town! Signups are closed, and the Nightcup will start at Saturday 18:00 CETand Finals will be played at Sunday 19:00 CET! However the matches can be played sooner with both teams' permission.

This cup will be a single-elimination so if you lose a match, you're out, there are no loser brackets!

Brackets are available here. Also rules have been completely updated, please check them. Contrary to previous Night Cups, tiebreaker can be a combat map with rules from the earlier ENSL combat ladder with 10-minute timelimit. Please see the rules for details. Also, teams are required to have registered on the website and players signed up on the webpage with valid SteamID for the ENSL plugin player checking.

In related news, also new ENSL Plugin will be available here. Please install it on your servers, since NSNC will requiring it. This version has some minor bugfixes and some changes regarding new rules and NSNC.

In additional news. We have enabled the following voice communication servers.

Ventrilo 2.1 @ ensl.org:3784
Mumble 1.1.6 @ ensl.org:64738

Channels will be freely given for active NS-clans. Contact us to get one. Also, very soon you can use your ENSL login to authenticate to the mumble.

Also, staff has changed and our forums have been upgraded to phpBB3. If you encounter any issues with the new forums, please do not be afraid to contact.

EDIT: ENSL Plugin downloak link added, please install it!

ENSL Staff

jiriki on 23 January 09 21:50

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By: macpersil ( Team Two ) on 23/Jan/09 23:03
better repair the website
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 24/Jan/09 07:11
oh yea

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Monday, 21 April

Unconfirmed - Div 2B: 2hrsLater vs. -/AUS/- (twitch.tv/blindNS2)

08:00 EDT

Premier: Legendary Snails vs. iMAGINE (twitch.tv/Ren26)

14:30 EDT

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[10:10] Vindaloo: As a request, going live with crazy show match/PCW AUS vs Korea: http://twitch.tv/vindalo0
[05:22] Paskie: LETS PLAY TWO MAPS
[05:21] Paskie: GATHAAA
[18:06] TuRGoN: +1
[17:01] Hertus: we need a nsl troll season
[08:01] Moadib: wtf!
[05:18] herakles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5v3pe64j6I

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