Week 7 Preds

Bungle's 2nd Division Preds

Over the last few weeks, we have seen quite some inactivity through out the league, leave this weeks predictions slightly hard to predict decently. But being the final week, the games certainly are looking interesting, BM will be looking to hold there postion at the top of the league, While Turtlez will be hoping for a 4-0 against 250dp to help bump there postion in the league to hopefully prove themselfs better after the slow start to the season.

.ngte - [8888]

Interesting match, with Logan AKA MAAD, the best player in natural selection, dropping out the team it leaves Lego in a bit of a postion with no leadership, and by the looks of things, no Comm? This also means that Lego are now a good 24man down... i can see this going one way only, although ngte havent been to active lately, i can still see them pulling off the 4-0’er here, but at the same time Blaxend and RiNgO may be able to pull out some sneaky spanish skills and slow the russian’s down a little. Ngte have also added Daggah into there line up, Strong ex team russia player, Maybe the spanish will pull a round, But likely to be 4-0 to the russia’s.

Final Score: 4:0 .ngte

Ngte: Greed (Comm) Daggah (SG/Fade?)
[8888]: RiNgO and Blaxend (Spanish Reg Style.)

DS.kor | - .BM

Although no one really cares about div2, This is definatly the match of the season for div2, If DS.Kor pull out a win, they could be placed top winning the season, BM will also be fighting for a win to hold there postion top of the league hoping for promotion next season?

Although .BM have been a bit inactive over the last few weeks(WoW Noubz?) i can see JustMe refusing to play this game on one of them ridiculously poor american servers that the koreans enjoy playing on, Which will automatically give .BM the advantage with the ping difference, Saying that the koreans team work is reletively good, and there RT biting is pretty solid, maybe korean will pull a win out the bag with the swedes being inactive while playing WoW. Either way i can still see a solid win coming JustMe’s way.

Final Score: 3-1 .BM

.BM: Bergy (Lerkage) JustMe (Pro Comming) Beefi (Skulk/Fade)
DS.Kor: effy (Stupidly High ping and being Allowed to lerk with it.) No one else stands out :s.

250dp ' - <3 bobot.

Being a team member of the Turtlez (Temp name <3 bobot.) i’m obviously going to favour us to win this, I already know the team won’t play on the TERRRIBLE AMERICAN SERVER, and i hope for the sake of the league next season something is sorted out for the teams outside of europe to play on, Turtlez will have an obvious ping advantage, although we haven’t really been actively playing lately, i know a few sneaky tactics are in the bag for turtlez (purely because i do the tactics :D).

I Can see turtlez pulling off a solid 2-0 on eclipse, but lucid is likely to be 1-1 for this game, unfortantly my predtictions for this game are kinda boring, I would like to predic tactics, but iknow what turtlez willl be doing and wouldn’t like to give 250dp the chance to read up and make plans to counter the tactics, i’m sure we can expect a different use of chambers from the normal MC that we see every game in natural selection now days though.

Final Score: 3-1 Turtlez


<3 Bobot: Maxx!! (Fade/Shotgun), Saebel (Drunktard), Dracul (Super Aggresive Flash Lerking.)
250dp: Don’t know who these are :S Sorry...

Bacillus' Week 7 Preds

Ok, I've got a nasty physics exam coming up, so let's keep this one short and simple :). More coverage coming up once you've figured out who are going to play in the finals.

Saunamen - iPwn

Saunamen gave a disappointing forfeit to Russia last week. Now their place is the finals is more than contested and they defitely need score 5 points from their match against iPwn. Expect to see some well motivated saunaroll in the match.

iPwn didn't have a match last week. Considering the fact that their activity has been based on the ENSL matches and not much pcw'ing, it might be a big hurt for their play. X-man's comming seemed to breath some new life to the iPwn marine rounds, but so far the results have been all the same as before.

As neither of the teams played last week, it is really difficult to make any prediction on the fluctating shape of the teams. Nevertheless, Sauna still has a chance to get to the finals and I consider them to be more motivated to play this. Peach's commanding will be huge, since Sauna can't afford to lose any marine rounds against iPwn's good alien play. Tane and Zharp also need to be playing their A-game to secure the needed points for Sauna. iPwn on the other hand needs some solid performance from Phil and Chibi at least. Even though iPwn marine play seems a lot better than in the start of the season, I don't think Sauna is going to give them any mercy there.

To keep the league interesting, I'll call this 4 - 0 for Sauna. Lucid Marines will be a big test for Peach's comming.

Deciding Factors:

Saunamen: Peach (Comm), Zharp (Marine), Tane (Marine)
iPwn: x-man (Comm), Phil, Chibi

Russia - TTS

Team Russia got the forfeit from Saunamen. The 5 points were huge for them as they're now close to finishing in the top two and getting to the finals. There's not much to say as they haven't played any top tier teams in 3 weeks.

TTS lost to Quaxy last week. As usual, their alien rounds were full of lower lifeforms and on marines they loved their shotguns. Their alien game lacked a bit of node biting here and there and marine rounds could've been won with a little different decisions. All in all, the TTS doing the stuff they've been doing all season.

Team Russia has a big chance here and I think they're motivated to play for every round double the careful. A lot depends on Snake's ability to command against TTS' early mass nodes tactic. Another crucial thing is his ability to defend against potential baserushing. The rest of the Ru has to be extra careful on early game, both aliens and marines. Along the season TTS has had more than enough rounds they could've won and Russia can't afford to give any.

Once again, too keep thing interesting I'm going to say 3 - 1 for Russia.

Deciding Factors:

Team Russia: Snake (Comm), Morvie (Fade), MP (Marine/Lerk)
TTS: The Decisionmaking, Early Alien Game, Lifeforms

jiriki on 28 March 09 11:02

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By: Logan ( The Sproggalots ) on 28/Mar/09 12:25
* VincedotLink has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Bendix12 &#166; 2.- Dogo is a perfect leader and he is taking players atm
Bendix12 &#166; One of the main reasons to left the clan is that, make Dogo really important for the clan
Bendix12 &#166; and get the clan some autonomy of me
Bendix12 &#166; 3.- They don't have a com? You are always speaking shit about my commanding.Their marine needs more than a commander and I won't do more for that clan in Derry.

SHUT UP BUNGLE. You are speaking freely and bad informed.
By: Logan ( The Sproggalots ) on 28/Mar/09 12:26
2.- Dogo is a perfect leader and he is taking players atm
One of the main reasons to left the clan is that, make Dogo really important for the clan
and get the clan some autonomy of me
3.- They don't have a com? You are always speaking shit about my commanding.Their marine needs more than a commander and I won't do more for that clan in Derry.

SHUT UP BUNGLE. You are speaking freely and bad informed.

(without shit characters, you can delete the first)
By: TrC ( Exertus ) on 28/Mar/09 14:39
^^ yay for predicts
By: BerglunD ( Snowrollers ) on 29/Mar/09 02:07
we been abit inactive? i say we been totally inactive :D
By: lump on 29/Mar/09 02:35
nice preds bung
By: GibbZ ( 9L ) on 30/Mar/09 08:12
Beefi (Skulk/Fade)
By: Bungle on 30/Mar/09 09:23
get out my shit gibbz... :D

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