Back in action!

With the break over, ENSL will go on as planned. Matches that were not played during the break were forfeited.

But now things get interesting, it´s time for the semi-finals!

The following matches are to look forward:

Tier 1 semi-finals:
take over vs 2BALLS
NewStyleD Return vs RAMBOS

Tier 2 semi-finals:
Professors vs Russian Standard
New Team vs Stray Dogs

I expect intense and long matches, so stop reading ENSL-news and go play PCWs.
Danny on 14 April 10 01:13



Hu Miglecz++

lol SD again? hey guys u always make me mad on pcw-s, but now i know why. u all want to play and win tier2, next time please try tier1

14 April 2010, 02:08


Ar fitoX | 250 de ping

Looking forward ENSL S15

14 April 2010, 05:06


De multi | The Team

which default time?

14 April 2010, 06:09


Gb ret

i thought ensl died??? this is a bigger shock than ns2 engine test

14 April 2010, 22:51


Az sancezz | NewStyleD Return

I expect intense and long matches, so stop reading ENSL-news and go play PCWs.

Best Shit Ever :D:D

14 April 2010, 23:31


De SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

shit on semi-finals we wanna play against profs first ... NECROS GET DUDES

15 April 2010, 00:44


Es dogo

What maps for semifinals?
Can you do a "official matchs" of this to choose the time of play,please?

15 April 2010, 21:29


Es dogo

thx ;)

16 April 2010, 04:36


Pl Maxx

This should be an interesting semi-final now that 2BALLS have Peach. I DEMAND A SHOUTCAST!

16 April 2010, 06:01


Il NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

idd a shoutcast could be a good idea. though i can maybe just suggest the 40 spectators to share a teamspeak channel?

21 April 2010, 09:51


Es dogo


25 April 2010, 05:33


Il NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

decide who goes to the div2. finals first?

25 April 2010, 07:02


Es dogo

i mean semifinal prediction necros

25 April 2010, 20:32

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