Season 15: Week 4 Predictions!

TrC's Premiere Division Predictions

Saunamen vs TeaM Fantasy

Saunamen managed field up lineup with a few new members to their roster. I'm unsure how active they have been last week but their metal alien round against 9L started out pretty chaotic, decent res biting kept them in the game but the favor never turned. Tanith alien round on the other hand looked much better and while it did last quite sometime winner was clear for quite sometime. Marine play wise Saunamen started slow but sure capping the rest nodes, holding phase gates but eventually fall under the heavy rt pressure.

TeaM Fantasy has not played a single pcw since last weeks ensl match, chances are nobodys even touched the ns. Last weeks match against Trolls, TeaM Fantasy seemed have some control over the game but as the game progressed it got swept away by poor fading or map awareness. Clumsiness in both team and invidual play are still present and not fading any time soon.

I predict 3-1 to Saunamen

TROLLS vs Danny Est Gros

TROLLS took easy victory over TeaM Fantasy last week simply by playing way better, taking advantange of Fantasys lack of map control. All-around lifeforming allows TROLLs to use tactics that include high number of lifeforms but I doubt it will be necessery just yet. Their this weeks opponent DeGs has yet to get their chance to prove their skill but this might change this week.

Danny Est Gros has not gotten to play their second match just yet due Fantasy's inactivity but they did take their first match against prostokvashino without losing a round. This week should not be that easy though as it is important match for both teams that strife for the finals and it is really going to come down to team work and recent activity.

I predict 2-2

prostokvashino vs 9L

9L managed to beat Saunamen in their last match and their play simply overpowered Saunamen aliens especially. It could have been just poor scouting but 9L managed to get straight to the hive couple times in metal marines and I doubt the resistance against prostokvashino is going to be any stronger. This is pretty much top vs bottom in div1 needless to say its going to get one-sided.

prostokvashino is currectly in bottom positions with TeaM Fantasy, any points would be appeciated at this point but opponent is just too much to handle. Prostokvashino is in need of a miracle anything that can be consired normal should be out of the question but SG-rush or SC's without training could backfire as easily. I doubt we will see that miracle.

4-0 for 9L

Bacillus' Div 2 Preds

New Team vs changin THE METAGAME

New Team was forced into a disappointing 3-1 defeat against 250depinger last week. One baserush loss, one completely doomed marine round and one failure to finish off the turtling marine team certainly weren't the best we've seen from the team. The high ping probably affected their performance a bit, but they really have cope with it as they're another non-european team this week.

Changing THE METAGAME scored full 4 points against 2Ram, but I feel the result could've been a lot worse had 2Ram capitalized the chances the Americans gave them. Once the Argentinians slipped down their organised play, the gamergamers had no problem in pulling ahead with decent individual performances and some routine teamwork.

This should be one of the most even matches this week. Both teams have a strong standard gameplay oriented style. Before last week I would've ranked New Team as a slight favourite, but now I feel the Americans might be the ones with the advantage.

Too close to call. 2-2. Origin leaves potential for upsets though.

250 de ping vs 2RAM

The two Argentinian teams facing each other. It will be interesting to see how they perform on a lag-free environment.

As for the match itself, I feel 250 pingers are ahead in both skill and strategy. Snail has been very solid this season and I feel 250 de ping has finally managed to leave behind the unstable strategigal play, which has prevented the Argentinians from reaching higher ranks on previous seasons. 2Ram on the other hand still seems to struggle with their all around play. Against the Americans they failed to preserve their early game lead, especially on Tanith marines they fumbled the round after a decent early game.

With low pings, 250 de pingers really get to shine. 4-0 to 250 de ping.

Anonym Anti Anti A. vs Stray Dogs

Very little to be said about the AAAA without any demos. They apparently fielded 3 mercs, so I don't think their play is on any stable foundation at least.

The Stray Dogs are probably familiar to most of you. As always, they are fielding a decent set of midskilled NS'sers without anyone standing too high above the others. This season their marine round has struggled without the decisive lead of Doctor's commanding. On aliens they're solid as always, but nothing spectacular.

Assuming the AAAA field a team, they're probably capable of punishing the difficulties of SD marine play, but I don't think they are capable of breaking through on marines themselves.

My pred is 3-1 for SD. The AAAA take Origin Aliens.

teampol vs Laser Dick

A tough one to predict, since there are hardly any demos avaible on Laser Dick.

Teampol has played pretty solid standard play this season, but they've also always been a step behind their rivals, causing some close defeats. Especially the marine game still lacks the firepower needed for consistent victories. On aliens they seems quite comfortable, but obviously any team capable of upsetting their alien round even once is in a very good position to take the whole match.

According to the previous results, The Laser Dick seems to be in a decent position. Especially Tanith should be their game. 3-1 for the British.

Bacillus on 31 October 10 14:13



Blank Fana | Archaea

Good job writing preds. Could have a little more meat though. For instance you're really underestimating Prosto. They have a lot of good players on their roster and if they field their best six they have a chance at winning rounds against anyone.

1 November 2010, 19:09


Blank Bacillus

Yeah, at least I've been doing the preds in too much of a hurry lately. A little chaotic and incosistent demo archiving and a plenty of postponed matches make it challenging to get a proper grasp of where each team is going each week.

I'll try to work a bit harder this week now that most of the exam mess is gone again.

1 November 2010, 20:41


Blank dugi


wtf trc : DDDDDDD

1 November 2010, 20:54


Blank phone | Snoofed

hes trolling u

4 November 2010, 20:53


Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros

It's DeGz, not DeGs !
By the way, it's because degz is a word we use in French. It's actually a shortening for a very familiar word that means "pissed off" basically. ;)

5 November 2010, 00:52

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