Season 4 start March 29th, and some tid-bits of information

You are now welcome to sign up for the fourth season of ENSL!

The preliminary starting date of Season 4 is March 29th. This means, in accordance with the rules that will be updated shortly to reflect the new league set-up, that the first default match time and date will be Sunday April 2nd 20:00 cet.

Season four will last a total of six weeks, five normal weeks and one mop up week at the end for unplayed games, of normal league play before play-offs start.

Every division, starting with the premium division as base, will consist of ten teams, or as close to this as practically possible. There will be two matches played per week, one map per match. All teams will play all other teams in it's division (up to nine matches in total).

The first match of each week must be played Sunday to Wednesday, the default match time and date being Sunday 20:00 cet. The second match of each week must be played Thursday to Saturday, the default time being Thursday 20:00 cet.

The maps list will also be slightly modified for season four. More information on this and other things related to season four will be released in time for league start.

Have fun playing,


tjo on 20 March 06 17:47

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By: tjo on 20/Mar/06 17:50
Keep comments civil. Flames will either be deleted or result in locking of the comments thread.

Discuss the changes in the designated thread on the forums!
By: Cheese on 20/Mar/06 18:07
first of april hum? this date somehow...keeps me from taking you too serious ;)
By: tjo on 20/Mar/06 18:09
Is april 1st today? I didnt think so...

We're not THAT stupid you know. :(
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 20/Mar/06 19:50
Great work, lads.
By: Cheese on 21/Mar/06 04:11
tjosan doesnt like me :(

By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 21/Mar/06 08:32
When can we see the maplist?
By: anderval on 21/Mar/06 09:08
By: lump on 21/Mar/06 09:35
Just edited the post with a small update on default times and a spelling mistake.
By: UnK- on 21/Mar/06 09:38
hah :) looks nice :)
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/Mar/06 09:42
This is the first ENSL that I'm genuinely looking forwards to. Tiny divisons were so... "impersonal"... I felt there was little to no rivalry as you could usually predict the league standings with only 4/5 teams per league.
By: tjo on 21/Mar/06 10:15
What spelling mistake :(
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 21/Mar/06 11:05
lump editing spelling mistakes lololo
By: lump on 21/Mar/06 12:18
"leage", I even put a new "Sdunay" in there after but both corrected.
By: tjo on 21/Mar/06 12:26
By: cheeZ on 21/Mar/06 12:33
By: cheeZ on 21/Mar/06 12:44
By: vara on 21/Mar/06 12:48
lol matches on wednesday, some of us have to study, work,... and cannot play during the week
By: cheeZ on 21/Mar/06 12:50
vara, then forfeit. im sure its not difficult to find the time to play one match during the week, considering i see you playing publics during the week. :s
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 21/Mar/06 13:08
Especially as it's only 1 map per match now.
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 21/Mar/06 15:59
Wouldn't it be better if those matches could be played as soon as possible but those dates (weeks) would be the deadlines for them. So in first week you can play any of the matches, in 2nd you should have played 1. week matches and you could play all the other matches. It'd be make predicting kinda difficult but I think its better than people quiting the league.
By: lump on 21/Mar/06 17:54
Why are people posting suggestions before they know the system we have planned..
By: cheeZ on 21/Mar/06 18:50
they asked the oracle
By: lump on 21/Mar/06 19:56
The oracle doesn't know the future, she is more like a guide.
By: lump on 21/Mar/06 19:58
Jiriki, you have to think about the organisational side of the league, server use, enforcement of rules based on clan activity.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 22/Mar/06 06:40
Didn't the oracle turn out to be a robot?
By: anderval on 22/Mar/06 10:09
By: ReD on 22/Mar/06 10:34
orbital gonna be played?
By: enigmatic ( 9L ) on 22/Mar/06 11:44
hopefully not
By: Iots ( el'pheer ) on 22/Mar/06 11:52
lets hope it will
By: cream on 22/Mar/06 16:24
orbital ftw
By: aA on 22/Mar/06 16:34
yeah orbital ftw
By: B1 ( iMAGINE ) on 22/Mar/06 17:05
By: jiriki ( old people ) on 22/Mar/06 17:15
"Why are people posting suggestions before they know the system we have planned.."
The news post was quite a detailed plan and tjosan asked people to give some comments and suggestions, before somebody removed that line.

"Jiriki, you have to think about the organisational side of the league, server use, enforcement of rules based on clan activity."
Well you could code such thing, you couldn't arrange more than x matches at the same time (period). Then I don't know what you actually mean by organisational side of the league and the rules base on clan activity.

I think it would still lower the number of clans quitting the league.
By: tjo on 22/Mar/06 17:36
Since nothing has been made public yet, I feel I should state that I have left the ENSL staff due to irregularities in how it was run.

I wont comment it any further until the current administration of ENSL have made their announcement.
By: danster ( Keen Edge ) on 22/Mar/06 17:47
By: C11H17NO3 on 23/Mar/06 03:35
levitacus got a 24 man roster again :>
By: vara on 23/Mar/06 07:25
By: weezer on 23/Mar/06 07:25
pcw ~ 16v16 ~ now
By: lump on 23/Mar/06 08:23
Coders for the league are not in abundance jiriki >_<

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