NSGN opens its doors!

My first post as admin is to plug NSGN which has just opened in an attempt to revive the NS-community.

visit us @ http://www.nsgamingnetwork.org

or using irc #nsgn on quakenet.

NS 6v6 classic ladder coming soon to nsgn!

BOB out.
m0nk3h on 23 March 06 19:13



Gb lump

Always good to see more life in the EU NS scene, got a lot of potential here.

23 March 2006, 19:35


Az danster | Keen Edge

yeh nsgn ftw

23 March 2006, 20:32


Fi Iots | el'pheer

ladders ftl

23 March 2006, 23:03


Pl crt

ensl, nsgn, nswc... wow!

24 March 2006, 04:02


Gb lump

there needs to be an nswtf

24 March 2006, 07:48


Az m0nk3h

nah own wud win that too easily :P

24 March 2006, 12:52

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