Don't forget to apply!

Clan leaders- don't forgot to check the "Want to play next season" box on your team's details page. Even if you played in previous seasons, you still have to check this box.

A quick look over the clan list shows at least two active clans who haven't applied; and twenty clans with at least six players who haven't applied.

sherpa on 30 March 06 02:46

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By: tjo on 30/Mar/06 06:19
Where are the divisions?
By: qin on 30/Mar/06 09:45
Division Wikingarna. :C
By: lump on 30/Mar/06 15:17
We are waiting on an update of the site to allow the changes we wish to impliment next season, this shouldn't take long but was brought back because of IRL busyness with coders. Please be patient and we will announce all very shortly.
By: oma ( vetus ) on 30/Mar/06 17:31
Looking for clan to join ;&
By: vara on 30/Mar/06 18:48
this is what happens when the databases are fucked:

Each season should have their table, with their clans and division.

If a new season starts a new table is created, and the clans are given the possibility to join.

Another table for the users, just like now i think.

This allows that if i want to check ENSL season 1, i dont get a bunch of crap divisions with one clan or clans without players. Or if i go to the clans page, i dont get a list of clans dead since season 1 or 2, or even 3 (twenty clans that havent applied, two of them active, that makes 18 inactive or dead?). This also would allow to check all the matches that a clan has played, in which season they were, in what divisions did they play, etc
By: vara on 30/Mar/06 18:49
btw in the last season the upcoming/played matches in the menu did not show up correctly. I think that if we post all the bugs we have found somewhere, maybe they will be corrected.

If you find out a bug, and dont mention it, it will never be fixed.
By: frG ( TROLLS ) on 30/Mar/06 20:37
i cleaned up the clan list for this season, but i will not delete clans that i didnt get a confirmation from that they are dead.

Bugs can be posted on the forum(even the forum is bugged lol), and we will look into it.
By: tjo on 31/Mar/06 09:29
So we need to play the first game sunday, what map should we be practicing?
By: Cheese on 31/Mar/06 13:35
it would be great to know which divisions we will play in before we start practicing ;)
By: Cheese on 31/Mar/06 13:36
btw...third post reminds me of statements :D
By: qin on 31/Mar/06 14:16
lol indeed
By: lump on 31/Mar/06 16:15
tjosan, you'll be informed on the schedule when it is arranged.
By: sherpa ( cisequaltothree ) on 31/Mar/06 21:17
What the FUCK, Tom, you KNOW how I feel about the Irish...
By: lump on 01/Apr/06 07:23
That's fightin' talk!
By: Skyice on 01/Apr/06 17:09

only just seen that.

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