NS2 Server setup guide

List of mods / maps workshop ModIDs:

  • NSL Mod                A2DDAE8
  • ns2_nsl_summit     735cebc
  • ns2_nsl_tram         7741098
  • ns2_nsl_veil           78ac3ed
  • ns2_nsl_descent     7d527cc
  • ns2_caged             63c559c
  • ns2_nsl_jambi        9d2eabc
  • ns2_tanith             a2e8799
  • ns2_turtle              486CEF9
  • ns2_nsl_biodome   A8C04E7

Add this to your server command-line, and change the map or restart the server to create the mod files:

 -mods "735cebc 7741098 78ac3ed 7d527cc 7b986f5 63c559c 486CEF9 A2DDAE8 a2e8799 A8C04E7"

Then edit your "ServerConfig.json" to look like this:

        "rookie_friendly": false,
        "auto_team_balance": false
    "tags": [ "NSL" ]

Edit your "MapCycle.json" to look like this:

  "time": 999,
  "mode": "random",
  "maps": [
      "map": "ns2_nsl_biodome",
      "mods": [ "A8C04E7" ]
      "map": "ns2_nsl_summit",
      "mods": [ "735cebc" ]
      "map": "ns2_nsl_tram",
      "mods": [ "7741098" ]
      "map": "ns2_nsl_descent",
      "mods": [ "7d527cc" ]
      "map": "ns2_nsl_veil",
      "mods": [ "78ac3ed" ]
      "map": "ns2_turtle",
      "mods": [ "486CEF9" ]
      "map": "ns2_caged",
      "mods": [ "63c559c" ]
      "map": "ns2_tanith",
      "mods": [ "a2e8799" ]
      "map": "ns2_nsl_jambi",
      "mods": [ "9d2eabc" ]
    } ],
  "mods": [ "A2DDAE8" ]

Edit your "ConsistencyConfig.json" to look like this:


"restrict": [ "lua/entry/*.entry" ],
"check": [ "game_setup.xml", "*.lua", "*.hlsl", "*.shader", "*.screenfx", "*.surface_shader", "*.fxh", "*.render_setup", "*.shader_template", "*.level", "*.dds", "*.jpg", "*.png", "*.cinematic", "*.material", "*.model", "*.animation_graph", "*.polygons", "*.fev", "*.fsb", "*.entry" ],

"ignore": [ "ui/crosshairs.dds", "ui/crosshairs-hit.dds", "ui/exosuit_HUD1.dds", "ui/exosuit_HUD4.dds", "ui/marine_minimap_blip.dds", "ui/minimap_blip.dds" ]

NS2Stats is not required anymore, since it is included in the NSL Mod.

Remember to change the map or restart your server after you make the changes, so the server will apply the changes and download all of the mods. But, you may have to enable NS2Stats and No close spawns mods in the web admin.

Note: Thanks to semihandy for making this guide and letting us use it in an article!

[GK] I updated parts of this guide (11.09.2013).

swalk on 15 February 13 07:10



Blank Mulk | Ant

the consistency file gives out client and server differ.
What gives?

3 March 2013, 16:45


Blank gamerkatze

i updated it to the new version. you can always text me about this too ^^

4 March 2013, 00:01


Blank swalk | Xeon

Yeah, as far as I understand it's because the game thinks it got some files that it doesn't(because they are only in the dev build and not in the official build) and it causes the server to give the client and server differ error unless these files are added to the ignore list.

4 March 2013, 16:25


Blank cccorp | Cheesecake

do we need anything different for the balance mod cup set up

9 June 2013, 19:59


Blank gamerkatze

i updated this list partly. please tell me if you find typos :)

5 September 2013, 22:40


Blank Syknik | Skill Issue

Not sure if its been happening to anyone else, but for some of us, we tend to crash on the ns2_nsl_veil map. We aren't sure why, but t'is been happening. Or perhaps it has to do with NSL mod, but it just so happens that its always on nsl_veil :P

6 September 2013, 13:45


Blank Mega | pubstars

apprently we had yesterday the exact same thingon veil (where playing on the hard.day server with nsl mode) on the spawn 4 aliens went out and all died on the engagment then they all crashed in the same moment GG :O

el'pheer saw it asswell killed the second round of training for us :(

6 September 2013, 13:54


Blank gamerkatze

Maybe you should post this in the forum "NSL Mod" topic ? ;)

i already posted it now

6 September 2013, 14:53


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

Just checked our server against this setup and there are a few errors/typos:

Tanith uses mod id: a2e8799 (incorrect in mapfile.json, remove 4b430cc from commandline).
Caged uses mod id: 63c559c (incorrect in mapfile.json).

ConsistencyConfig.json seems to be missing a comma at the end of the "check" argument.
The "ignore" argument needs the full path it seems, so "ui/" for crosshair and minimap blip, exos and their huds can die in a fire as far as I'm concerned so I do not know where that lives.

6 September 2013, 18:54


Blank gamerkatze

fixed now ty.

6 September 2013, 20:17


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

One more thing I overlooked, apparently we now use nsl jambi! So this one should replace/be added to command line and mapfile:
ns2_nsl_jambi (ModID: 9d2eabc)

Your also still missing that comma after the "check" argument in ConsistencyConfig too by the way. Unless the new line works the same in the json format of course :).

8 September 2013, 19:10


Blank gamerkatze

nsl_jambi is updated.
the consistency still works without the comma, dunno why ^^

8 September 2013, 19:20


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

There are problems with missing files in 257 with descent, biodome, jambi and caged, so they need to be added to the ignore list:
"ignore": [ "ui/crosshairs.dds", "ui/crosshairs-hit.dds", "ui/exosuit_HUD1.dds", "ui/exosuit_HUD4.dds", "ui/marine_minimap_blip.dds", "ui/minimap_blip.dds",
"models/props/descent/descent_tools_01.model", "models/props/descent/descent_wallmods_05a_crn_out2.model", "models/props/descent/descent_wallmods_05a_str5.model", "models/props/descent/descent_wallmods_05a_crn_in3.model",
"models/props/biodome/biodome_stair_01_test.model", "models/props/biodome/biodome_bench_01_test.model", "models/props/biodome/biodome_tree_03_01.model", "models/props/biodome/biodome_tree_03_02.model",

24 September 2013, 19:38


Blank ryssk | Ram Ranch

Is this updated? Or do i have to add in Cognito's commands on the patch 258? Need to know cause setting up a server atm.

22 October 2013, 15:06


Blank gamerkatze

last update was on 11.09.2013 afaik so no its not up to date ...

30 October 2013, 11:57


Blank ryssk | Ram Ranch

Gamerkatze, one last effort and update it? :D

30 October 2013, 14:11

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