Season 3 Playoffs - The Finals & Bronze Matches

Wow! Is all I can say about these last few weeks. We've seen teams we thought would advance and we've seen quite a few upsets. It just proves to show that anything can happen during these playoffs. We're soldiering on to the FINAL week of Season 3.

The format for the bronze matches will be a best of 5 rounds match. The format for the finals will be a best of 7 rounds match. The higher seeded team has earned the right to choose side (marines or aliens) or map first. Normal best of x rounds procedures apply afterward. If opponents finished in the same place in their groupings, a coinflip with occur and winner of that coinflip chooses side or map first.

Default time for the finals and bronze matches will be on Saturday, November 23rd @ 1200 PST / 1500 EST / 2100 CET / Sunday, November 24th @ 600 AEST. You'll have until Sunday, November 24th to complete your matches. Please schedule as soon as possible and plan accordingly, so you're able to play your match in a timely manner.

Although it's encouraged that you use Steam or whatever is the easiest to contact your opponents, PLEASE LEAVE NOTES IN THE MATCH PAGES of your record of contact, especially with confirmed times for matches.

As always, the playoff brackets are updated here. Here are the games for the final week of the season:

Premier Division

Final - Legendary Snails vs Titus Gaming casted by RedDog & Blind. Legendary Snails wins 4-0.

Bronze - Godar vs Saunamen casted by Ossified. Saunamen wins 3-1.

Division 1

Final - Radical vs priori casted by zebroe. priori wins 4-2

Bronze - Singularity vs BlueBabblerSquad casted by RedDog. BlueBabblerSquad wins 3-2.

Division 2

Final - onFire vs Virtual Selection casted by Danjio. onFire wins 4-1.

Bronze - FLASH vs RaZe. FLASH forfeits. RaZe wins 3-0.

Division 3

Final - Vexta vs el'pheer. Uncasted. Vexta wins 4-0.

Bronze - Next Level Gaming vs Gorge Busters. Next Level Gaming wins 3-2.

Division 4

Final - BOX vs Lucky Fkers casted by Vindaloo. Lucky Fkers wins 4-1.

Bronze - [karvalakki] vs Helix. Helix forfeits. [karvalakki] wins 3-0.


Check out soz's predictions for the entire playoffs. Did he get them right?

Zefram on 17 November 13 16:16



Blank Syknik | Skill Issue

Nope he didn't, needs to update the predictions to the finals list of teams. :P

18 November 2013, 01:14


Blank Iots | el'pheer

Umm.. isnt Vexta in the finals instead of gorgebusters?

18 November 2013, 01:16


Blank Zefram

Yes, I mixed up the lines. Thanks.

18 November 2013, 01:18


Blank Iots | el'pheer

npnp youre only american!

18 November 2013, 01:51


Blank Smaragor

so whats goin on with the predictions?
any word of soz? he still around?

18 November 2013, 15:06



1100 PST is 2000 cet?

18 November 2013, 16:01


Blank Bonkers | Team Work & Tactics

There seems to be an error with the Division 2 finals. You have Vs there instead of Pathogen, I mean Flash. There has to be some kind of mistake?

18 November 2013, 19:18


Blank Zefram

Don't give me a heart attack, Bonkers. I actually went back to watch the VOD from Danjio to check the score.

19 November 2013, 04:32




19 November 2013, 04:38


Blank ray

What a TWAT \o/

19 November 2013, 17:38


Blank Stagnoute

WTF is casted by TBA on TBD ? Where can I watch the replay ?

19 November 2013, 21:26


Blank Zefram

To Be Announced on a To Be Determined date. None of these matches have been played yet. I'll update the post as teams schedule their matches. Check previous posts for other playoff replay info.

19 November 2013, 21:59


Blank Stagnoute

Thanks for the info.

19 November 2013, 22:36


Blank soz

Just to be clear with everyone--I did plan to write predictions for the div2/div3 semi-finals, but real life kinda got in the way :[ I've even had to take a hiatus from comming All-In for a little bit, but I do hope to get predictions for all the divisional finals up.

Sorry to all the avid readers!

21 November 2013, 10:35


Blank Smaragor

but but but its only like 3 days left :O

21 November 2013, 14:38


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

The round up of the fixtures, links to casts and times are all very useful, but I think it would be nice if you did not put the scores there. I do not know if anyone else cares, but I do prefer watching vods without knowing the result and as your news posts have been the best place to find links to casts and vods that is kind of a shame! If people want to know the score they can follow the link through to the match anyway.
Regardless, nice work compiling all this, cheers.

25 November 2013, 18:36


Blank swalk | Xeon

@Cognito Spoiler to your face :P I didn't bother watching any of them because the scores were posted alongside the stream links. :(

2 December 2013, 17:08

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