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S13: Brackets

Sunday 13 December 2009
20:00 CET

Predictions (13)


Match Report

3-1 to sauna



Blank Fana | Archaea

One red bar away from a tie. The origin marine strat was a failure though.

Too bad about the the player who crashed on veil, but seriously, we didn't notice it and you didn't tell us until after the round was over. By then it was too late to replay.

13 December 2009, 22:56


Blank dugi


13 December 2009, 23:56


Blank frG | TROLLS


Well done Fana ;)

CU in final Saunamen

14 December 2009, 00:02


Blank Fana | Archaea

404 oops

14 December 2009, 00:04


Blank dugi

I see it perfectly!

14 December 2009, 00:27


Blank Fana | Archaea

Real clever.

14 December 2009, 00:48


Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros

I like the idea of it Fana, really didn't know someone did anything of that kind on NS :P
I wish NS2 provides us with so many different tactics that each team will have to specifically study each other's gameplay instead of going classic 99.5% of time ;o

14 December 2009, 02:18


Blank Fana | Archaea

Been doing this for a long time, although not with strats as crazy as these. This is the first time I've put them online for the team to read though, as opposed to just telling them what we're doing on Vent. Somehow frG managed to get hold of the URL (I smell a rat).

One of the biggest problems with NS is the lack of viable alternatives to the cookie cutter strats everyone uses. If you think outside the box, or just adapt some old school tactics, you can get some interesting results, but you're still very limited.

Hopefully NS2 will allow for more interesting strategizing -- I doubt it though. They don't seem to be thinking along those lines at all.

14 December 2009, 02:44


Blank multi | The Team

14 December 2009, 06:35


Blank Bacillus

I've got a few dozen insane variations and tactics in my mind. It just takes either activity or some more informative commander than me to pull them off. Most of the time it just ends up being a mess and nobody is having fun.

14 December 2009, 07:05


Blank pSyk | NewStyleD Return

How many of those insane variations revolve around loller-sieges? :D

14 December 2009, 07:23


Blank Bacillus

A few. Nova has more lollersiege oriented mind than I do.

14 December 2009, 07:25


Blank Miglecz++

ensl the gathering = few tacs variations
and UWE cares about money more than competitive play
where is the source code of NS??? its a free game

14 December 2009, 09:49


Blank Tane | HasBeens & NeverWas

At current state of NS tactics which are focused for first 2 minutes are highly questionable. Sure I would have done same thing 3 years ago and I also did if we face clearly stronger opponent but I don't play anymore just for win. I doubt you will play just for win either maybe you want to have fun at playing the game and not just the euphoria which come from winning rounds?
It really weird season. We played one normal and good game before finals. In other match, time between rounds took longer than actual playtime maybe this is why most of our players felt rather upset after this match.

14 December 2009, 12:08


Blank Fana | Archaea

If we were to do normal strats, we might as well have forfeited. It would've been pointless. Instead of doing that we challenged you with some innovative tactics that played on the weaknesses of your tactics.

14 December 2009, 17:26


Blank Fana | Archaea

I should also take this opportunity to apologize for the comments Sub made during the match. He doesn't speak for the rest of the team.

14 December 2009, 19:26


Blank sublime

Who the hell would think I do speak for the rest of the team?

14 December 2009, 20:01


Blank beefcake

You are a bit chubby here and there, so some might think there is 2 persons in one maybe?

14 December 2009, 20:09


Blank mu

doing strats is fun :D

14 December 2009, 21:19


Blank Peacham | Saunamen

mop sg+pekka comm=everyone down!

15 December 2009, 11:01


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

its like saying RAUTAKANKI = epic win

15 December 2009, 13:09

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