ProgMod Tournament Replay, Build 327 & CompMod

ProgMod Tournament

EDIT: Thanks to all the teams that participated, I hope you enjoyed it! You can join the Legendary Workshop discord server if you want to leave a feedback on ProgMod and watch the replays, you can click on the following links:



ProgMod matches will be casted by Jackson on this Sunday 5th May - 11 PDT - 14 EDT - 20 CEST. You will be able to watch 2 or 3 teams fighting with these balance changes. It is also the opportunity to see the faces of some old players again, so make sure to watch the stream! If you’re interested to know about the changes this mod makes to vanilla, check out the changelog here.

A more traditional event is planned be run on CompMod soon, so stay tuned!

Build 327 and CompMod

For those who haven’t seen them here’s a link to the new patch notes! There’s lots of interesting changes to shake up the meta.

CompMod is currently working and released in a stripped down form, to allow us to get gametime with the new patch changes (although we will work fast to tweak potential major issues that really hinder fun and balanced games). A new list of competitive changes is to come soon.

While we’re already aware of some potential problem spots for balance changes (notably babblers as the biggest issue being raised), feedback can be posted here or discussed on Discord.


Our Sunday Funday gathers continue! We hope you’re able to make it and help continue the fun! Servers will be running the new version of CompMod so make sure to join and voice your feedback.

Also a special thanks to everybody involved in our showmatch on Unearthed! It was a great event and was a lot of fun. An additional note of thanks to Ironhorse, Jackson, Kash and Pelargir, as well as the players who put on a good show.

asdfg on 03 May 19 11:58



Blank Grissi | eyjafjallajökull

gg's wp

6 May 2019, 00:19


Blank Kash | For The Lolz

You guys put on a good show, nice job to all involved!

6 May 2019, 00:50

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