Week 1 Predictions

Hi all, sherpa here. For those who don't know me- I've been playing NS since 1.00. My competitive history includes BCK (dead), Periodic (dead) and Config (dead!). As I have a poor connection and stayed inactive after config's death, yet still want to be involved in EU NS, I'm going to be the predictor for the ENSL and WW3. So let's get started with the ENSL week 1 prediction, and coverage of the new-look teams:

Levitacus – Insane (Match of the week)

Levitacus have come back strong as ever after a summer of inactivity once the WoW fad ended, and realising they will forever be rocked by Koreans on GW. They have re-recruited most of their members from rivals Saunamen. Levi have been a top team in the last 12 months, and gave knife a run for their money in the GO finals. Big name players include uber-Skulk Tommi "tmk" R. and turbo-Fade Sakke "Invasion" Somerma. One negative is the disappearance of Henri “Talis” Junttila (the one who beds his shotguns) and commander Illegrian. Nevertheless, a top 3 finish in this league is a definite possibility for the best Finnish team in the league.

Although I've yet to see post-Summer Levitacus play on caged, they have (as you would expect from a top team) a strong tanith round. Expect some refreshing original tactics from the Finns on caged- as could be witnessed on veil in the NSNC3 finals.

Insane are the top team in France, and probably aren't far off having a “team France” setup. Although a relative new team, their best aspect is their amazing team-work. Add to that some awesome players such as Clem “tutu-” and their Lerk, "Frigg"; and you can understand why they gave NSNC2 winners (the ill-fated Newrope) such a hard time, narrowly losing 3-1.

With their great team-work, Insane can't have a weak map, per se, and probably have an advantage on the less-popular maps, such as caged. Insane also have the flexible option of using a 2-Lerk, 1-Fade tactic during their Kharaa round. They are also unique in their ability to get fast HA trains. Keep their armoury down, or you will get dominated!

This will surely be match of the week; I am confident that the winner of this match will be the biggest challengers to favourites Storm.

Suggested player-cam;

Levitacus: Hopeanuoli (marine), tmk (Skulk), Invasion (Fade).
Insane: tutu- (marine), Cortex (Fade).

Prediction : 2-2 draw. Both teams have solid Kharaa rounds.
Otherwise, 3-1 win to Insane, thanks to their slightly stronger marine round.

rage.ns – Saunamen

rage.ns are one of the four new teams in this years Premier League. A team full of quality players, I have been impressed with their friendly matches. Already they have played some ENSL opponents, and come away with decent results. Led by “f”, the marine team is commanded by ex-.BM member onosendai. The resident aimbotter of the squad is Hickz. On the Kharaa side of things, the Scandinavians take over- watch out for the Tomas “pantsu” Ekholm and Pasi “Fera” M. Fade combo. Seeing a wltrs-Fade is a possibility, too. Finally there is the old school adrenaline Lerk of Görgen "mst" Andersson.

I wouldn't expect any fruity marine tactics from rage.ns, but their Kharaa round differs somewhat due to their use of adrenaline Lerk. The disadvantage is that the introduction of this type of Lerk won't swing the balance in favour of the Kharaa (as you may expect from a celerity Lerk), but it has the advantages of a Lerk less likely to die, and more able to act as a support unit- giving the fades and skulks an easier job.

I have a feeling that their Kharaa round will impress many of you, and so I think the difference between a top 3 or mid-table finish will come down to onosendai's organisation of his grunts on the marine round.

Although Saunamen didn't take part in last years ENSL, they have been active for a couple of months. Unfortunately, the exodus of players back to Levitacus will have hit them hard. A Finnish team; the Saunamen are led by Naxu- a great shooter; Backed up by star player zaCK and commanded by Peach (I'm assured he is good at yelling), these guys have a great marine round.

I feel that their Kharaa round has been undercut due to their loss of players. They may well be in the rare position of being stronger as marines than Kharaa. My best prediction is ernos to Lerk, and Walzi and Naxu to fade.

Although a new team, the Saunamen have already won a tournament in the shape of NSNC1.

Suggested player-cam;

rage.ns: Hickz (marine), mst (Lerk), wltrs (Fade).
Saunamen: Naxu (marine), zaCK (marine), Walzi (marine)

Prediction : 3-1 to rage.ns. They will surprise many in this league, fulfilling the potential that BoonSquad had.

storm – born to eat

The storm web-site will tell you that they aren't striving for Euro domination- but no-one would expect anything less from them. With the demise of Team Newrope, storm are the favourites in the Premier League. Led by veteran Bobby “b1” Jonsson, the storm roster is a top-quality one, including house-hold names such as Skulk-on-crack “aA”, stealth-Fade “n44bj” and all-rounder Alexander “zaiko” Bolstad.

They have already racked up a NSNC victory, and will be looking to add ENSL2 to the trophy cabinet.

born to eat. A German clan, if you hadn't guessed. I've played against every Euro clan, and to this date, never have I had quite the mauling that the German squad “ariadne” gave me a couple of years back. 2005 sees born to eat as this years German pro squad. They may not have the strongest marine game, but their Kharaa game is something for their opponents to worry about. A mid-table finish is possible.

Suggested player-cam;

storm: n44bj (marine), zaiko (all-round), aA (Skulk).
bte: iMpeCCaBle (Fade), Avex (Fade).

Prediction : 4-0 to storm. The favourites will want to start strong.

Evolve or Die – el'pheer

This years Spanish Premier League squad goes by the old name of Evolve or Die. Almost identical to last years netpoint; this is the team that had spectators riveted in the last OpenCup final against knife. The marine side is solid if unspectacular, but as expected it will be the Kharaa round that gives opponents problems. Probable Lerk is JaIv0l, with kArtmAn as main fade.

el'pheer are one of the last old, great teams alive in EU NS. The original Finnish team hasn't got quite the same roster that it had a year or two ago, but they still have some good players- such as co-leader ContagiouS and one of the best Lerks in the game- Trigu. A decent squad, but they may struggle in this league.

Suggested player-cam;

EoD: jaIv0l (Lerk).
el'pheer: Citrus (marine/Fade), Trigu (Lerk).

Prediction : 4-0 EoD :ninja edit:


- CMs and PTs- please check your respective channels on GameSurge. There's some interesting news in the topic =)

- Don't read too much into Nemo's readyroom.org interview about a lack of dev progress. Only yesterday, it was suggested to the PTs that a new graphical gizmo could be introduced for 3.2- the dev's are still working hard. We survived the infamous Xmas outage, we can survive this one!

- Too mature to blow his own trumpet, so I'll do it for him. Team Newrope folded a week ago- this led to Fana quitting NS. We all know Fana- he'll be sorely missed. I for one hope he “does a b1” and comes back to his senses!
sherpa on 12 October 05 00:53



Blank FreeZe

Many little mistakes to my mind, but good for a first one.

12 October 2005, 01:18


Blank Naxu


12 October 2005, 01:21


Blank Iots | el'pheer

I havent laughed as much in like a month. Thanks.

12 October 2005, 01:25


Blank zaiko

well done

i didn't expect any predictions for this season, so i was gladly suprised

12 October 2005, 03:11


Blank aA

hehe nice predictions :).

12 October 2005, 03:23


Blank Fana | Archaea

I hope you have some kevlar protection prepared, sherpa.

On a totally unrelated note: DoD:S is still fun.

12 October 2005, 03:52


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

Indeed, within 3 minutes (you lads read fast!) of spamming the update, half of my IRC channels lit up with highlights. It seems that very few people realise that this is an opinion- I've had a flame for not predicting an EoD domination over el'pheer, and I guess tos' post above is the reversal...

On a more formal note- apologies if I got any roles incorrect. PM me on IRC and I'll do my best to keep it up-to-date. Tried my best- I did most of this on my own :S

12 October 2005, 05:01


Blank GibbZ | 9L

tbh EoD only just got back up together really... this gives El pheer a teamwork advantage.

Although El Pheer do possess some major flaws in there tactics. Im sure if EoD play a good game they should take atleast 3 rounds.

But it could still well be a draw.

12 October 2005, 10:47


Blank dema

the people who are going to rant about his predictions should stfu cos at least apparantly a couple of lads still seem to care about ns eu.

12 October 2005, 11:16


Blank Iots | el'pheer

Yeah some of us actually play dema, or even better.. making predictions on a web page half of the people playing in this league wont even visit is sooo crucial to the survival of euro ns scene.

12 October 2005, 11:34


Blank Disqo

Good job. Predictions are always fun to read :)

12 October 2005, 12:30


Blank C11H17NO3

good initiative keep on writing :>

12 October 2005, 13:04


Blank dema

I'd say in this state of the ns eu scene it's better then nothing - anyway....... gj sherpa

12 October 2005, 13:04


Blank frost

"the scene" is no worse of than it ever has been. 2.0 was going to "kill" ns remember.

Truth be told, player count, clan count and league activity, has always been roughly the same.

But of course, by all means abuse each other, thats a sure fire way of keeping the community alive! >_>

12 October 2005, 13:32


Blank Iots | el'pheer


12 October 2005, 14:27


Blank jiriki | old people

But not the skill level..

12 October 2005, 15:31


Blank Tmajor

yeah n1


12 October 2005, 17:39


Blank bp

Good job sherbert :x

12 October 2005, 19:08


Blank Bboy

Thibault "Frigg" Tamaman


12 October 2005, 20:48


Blank dema

noticed that too Bboy ;>

12 October 2005, 22:42


Blank Disqo

I miss the quest predictors :(

13 October 2005, 15:33


Blank email

another huge-assed prediction post

13 October 2005, 16:28


Blank narimer | Saunamen

make some short predictions to some random lower divsion matches too :

13 October 2005, 22:33


Blank Nirgal

Nice to see a new predictor.

stfu those who don't think about the work that it needs.

13 October 2005, 23:27


Blank weezer

comments & criticism is cool but flaming at peoples opinions is retarted and doesnt help anything. if youve got nothing productive to say then shut the fuck up and use #ns.search.

gj sherpa, but seriously just use aliases when referring to people :

14 October 2005, 02:02


Blank ben

The potential that boonsquad had... ahahahha

14 October 2005, 03:15


Blank lump


14 October 2005, 04:26


Blank sherpa | cisequaltothree

I might do a prediction for one match of each of the lower divisions; starting next week.

Truth be told- for the most part I'm only aware of the UK players and a select few of the other European lads in those leagues.

e.g. Any coverage of FRP wouldn't be much more than "Pizza owns you, lompo supports Chelsea F.C."

14 October 2005, 17:19


Blank anderval

ben sucks penis

16 October 2005, 20:09


Blank B1 | iMAGINE

the clan scene looks better now than it did when knife was around. there arent that 1 clan dominating anymore, theres like 5-6 clans that are fairly equal in skill / teamplay.

gj sherpa btw.

17 October 2005, 15:15


Blank Iots | el'pheer

kinda whats happening in cal too

17 October 2005, 19:11


Blank CoveR

To be honest there where good predictions and no offence to El'pheer but they aint on the same form as they where which is a shame :(. Ya do some lower perdictions as well.

17 October 2005, 20:52


Blank ben

Yeh because when knife was around they won ENSL easily oh wait

17 October 2005, 22:25

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