NightCup 17 - What you need to know

The NightCup will start at 18:00 CET today (hopefully this wont be too early for Americans, if so i want to hear complaints and suggestions about this to me for the next cup!). It is also my fault for not mentioning times much earlier, but I lost my backup admin and have had to deal with this Cup alone. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused for our american players.

Rules will not surprise anyone during the rounds, the only thing diffrently in this NightCup is that we are, as a test, forcing people to use 126fps or less.

What system we use will depend greatly on number of teams, and it is my understanding that we will have some incoming teams during the day. I have a couple of systems ready and thought out (thanks to eg. Gibbz), but focus on having fun and playing alot of NS and let me sort this out.

The current teams

Stray Dogs

take over


Team Fantasy


TEAM ENSL (mix team, might, and probably will, change name)


PAGA ALPHAS (hello quake!)

kK Kim


Comments: Teams are rolling in these last moments.

All for now, this news will probably be updated alot during the day.


Danny on 25 July 10 13:42



Blank eleet

do we know which teams play first, cuz im eating at 8:30~9 pm :D

25 July 2010, 14:40


Blank Danny | Patphat

we dont know, but i think i will make a system where times arent that critical

25 July 2010, 14:45


Blank Danny | Patphat

eleet have you joined the team? sign up

25 July 2010, 14:48


Blank eleet

dunno how to join

25 July 2010, 14:55


Blank NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

click agenda, then choose a team from that very long list.

25 July 2010, 15:07


Blank eleet

thanks, i was looking on the main menu :<

25 July 2010, 15:11

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