NS2 Gather

NS2 gathers have moved to gathers.ensl.org. This page is for the real game.

Gather finished, join the Server and TeamSpeak 3.

Maps: ns2_tram, ns2_veil
Server: ENSL | SE | by Thirsty Onos ( ; password = ns2nsl)

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ADHD 00:26
me and schu and kmac were all at eachothers throats kinda too
ADHD 00:26
but then we kissed and madeup
ADHD 00:27
someone not wanna play i can merc
Nightsy 00:28
AD just join server
Nightsy 00:28
someone wont be there 100%
ADHD 00:29
server isnt even up
ADHD 00:29
not on my list
Kmacg 00:30
lol rekt