NS1 Gather

NS2 gathers have moved to gathers.ensl.org. This page is for the real game.

Gather finished, join the Server and TeamSpeak 3.

Maps: ns_tanith, ns_orbital_anslv2
Server: ENSL #02 (not in use) ( ; password = europe)

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Osku 21:17
i just love the music
jiriki 21:19
I think they are both afk
when its game time? oh ya its funny
EisTeeAT 21:20
Doc is nellyjai in steam right?
EisTeeAT 21:21
why did you replace necros .. we sure he is not here?
jiriki 21:21
cba to wait, if he shows up before both teams ready he gets to play
Bacsu 21:22
to late :(
lame 21:24
necros is her