NS1 Gather

NS2 gathers have moved to gathers.ensl.org. This page is for the real game.

Gather finished, join the Server and TeamSpeak 3.

Maps: ns_veil, ns_tanith
Server: Sputnik 1 ( ; password = europe)

Click to join Server

if anyone is missing and this doesnt start 10 minutes after the teams are picked. im out.
EisTeeAT 21:39
so like tweadle not realizing it started? .. cause it always happens ;DD
EisTeeAT 21:39
anyone have tweadle in friends?
EisTeeAT 21:40
have not played in 2 months .. dont pick me !
gobot 21:44
10 minutes and counting
lame 21:46
great teams slipknot